Optimize Profitability
Episode 2 - New Beginnings in Marriage and Entrepreneurship with Jasmine and Joe Mims
August 6, 2020
In today's 20 minute business podcast, listen in as married entrepreneurs Joe and Jasmine Mims share how they work in life and business as a married couple. You’ll hear how a simple mindset shift made Joe a lifetime learner. You’ll learn some of the steps to take if family members don’t support your decision to be in business. Make sure you tune in to part two to hear a longer discussion specifically about being married as entrepreneurs. You’ll find all the bonus materials under episode 2 at OptimizeProfitability.com. Optimize Profitability Podcast helps entrepreneurs optimize their life and optimize their business. We share stories of individuals in business. You get to hear their struggles and how they overcame as well as their wins and what's working for them now. Find out more about our parent company at https://DFWTOP.com where we share business training, business events, and business products.