How to Mean What You Say and Listen for Depth with Geoff McLachlan
No More Leadership BS
How to Mean What You Say and Listen for Depth with Geoff McLachlan
May 3, 2023
Your brain can only handle so much! No matter who you are or how you operate, no one has infinite capacity for their brain to do stuff. This is one example in conventional wisdom why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day; no mental energy spent on deciding what to wear to save that energy for more important decisions. Another example is, "Hey, how are you?" "Good, thanks, how about you?" "Doing great!" No depth, no meaning, no energy spent. This might be good. We can't spend all the energy on all the things all the time. Every "hey, how are ya" cannot be a deep dive on how a person REALLY is doing. But when we're ready for true understanding, we need to be prepared with time, energy, and resilience for the conversation, we can make true and meaningful connections. This doesn't have to be a deep dive, it can be as simple as asking one question, "Good job on that presentation!" "Thanks! Did anything stand out to you?" What will be learned is if something stuck with the listener or if it was a general "good job" without depth. This is very handy when we crank up our EQ to listen for what's said, what's not, and how the face and body communicates the rest of the message. You even have the ability to have EQ on retainer ready to launch once you notice something that seems irregular and then launch into understanding. Being able to fully communicate is an essential leadership skill. Being an effective communicator and effective leader are inextricably conjoined. Please join the No More Leadership BS team on the journey from superficial through deep conversation.
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