How On Earth Did Things Get In Such A Mess?
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How On Earth Did Things Get In Such A Mess?
June 22, 2022
The first episode in a series on "Saving Your Sinking Ship" we dive right in (pardon the pun) and examine the first steps and find out quickly that different organizational structures, different circumstances and different players all require a different approach. Do you need to stop the bleeding NOW? or is there a slow leak that gives a bit of time to assess what is causing the problems with a more data-driven approach. Myra Hall, of Waypoint Coaching Group heads up this disussion with years of Property Management expertise in "right-siding" distressed properties and getting them back on the books.
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  • Myra Hall - Individual and Team Coaching, Midlife Mentoring- Helping you identify and overcome the things that keep you from loving your life. - Owner/Founder Waypoint Coaching Group Reach Myra at or 765-623-9711

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