Today's Customer Service Struggle
No More Leadership BS
Today's Customer Service Struggle
September 14, 2022
We’re kind of, sort of, maybe at least mostly partially working and living in a post-pandemic environment. One of the things we still haven’t sorted out is how to treat people right so they can envision themselves working front-line jobs. If people are treated badly by customers, why would they want to have that job? Employers have responded by increasing some wages and automating some points of service. Is this something we can app our way through? Is it all on employers to figure out? Does that guy in front of me think screaming through the intercom at the poor teenager trying to take the ever-changing order think he’s accomplishing something? We tackle views on customer service with compassion, frustration, empathy, annoyance, and a heap of “well, that ain’t right.” As always, we boil an issue down to its core elements and share what we see as paths forward. With any problem, there are a lot of variables. Identifying which ones a leader can impact is the challenge and charge.
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