Customers Who Click
Automate Your Ecommerce Business For Success
June 7, 2022
In episode 114 of the Customers Who Click podcast I sat down with Kaus Majita, Co-Founder of Mason, to talk about how brands can use automation to grow their business. Not just your standard marketing automation emails though, there’s a wealth of opportunity out there for brands to automate areas of their business and become more efficient. About 25,000 stores set up on Shopify every month, thats a crazy amount of choice for customers. Brands are going to succeed by doing 2 things well, standing out, and creating efficient businesses. Think of all the tasks you spend hours doing each week, realistically how many of those could be automated to save you time? Thats what Kaus and Mason are here to help with. Kaus is the Co-Founder of Mason, a content automation platform for ecommerce brands. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or head over to
Key highlights:

01:05 - 02:25 - Biggest Opportunities for D2C Growth - Real time customer experiences, and how you present yourself as a brand are two of the biggest for sure. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect product on a website then discovering its out of stock, especially if you only find out after you purchase it (yes this still happens).

Being able to update shopping feeds externally and internally, automatically, is crucial to a good customer experience. But it also creates efficiencies for your brand. If you have perishable products about to go out of stock, instead of manually updating your clearance page, get automation to do it for you.

At the same time you can update your website with various messaging, automatically, about shipping times or delays, products that are looking like going out of stock, and a variety of other opportunities.

22:29 - 25:30 - Access to Data - Not every brand has a team of data scientists behind them, so a key thing with automation is do you have the data to do it? Can you get the data linked up. Because if you can’t you’re going to be limited in what you can do. But automation can also just apply to reporting, can you get a daily ecom report sent to you with key metrics, so you dont have to worry about logging in and looking over things yourself.

In a previous role we had alerts set up to go to managers if certain KPIs spiked, whether it was a good or bad spike. This allowed us to react quickly, and not rely on someone looking into a dashboard first.

33:14 - 22:08 - What Mistakes Do Brands Make With Automation? - Not testing enough is a huge mistake. You should always be running tests not only to improve current automations, but also to see if there are new opportunities being missed. 

Having too many tools can also be an issue. It’s really important that you have 1 clear view on your automation setup to avoid clashes and multiple messages hitting customers from various tools all at the same time.

Don’t be siloed. Silos are so damaging, because theres absolutely so much crossover between what teams and tools do, but if they’re siloed it doesnt mean theres no interaction, it means there’s uncoordinated interaction.

42:52 -  Who Would Kaus Like to Take For Lunch in the D2C Marketing World?

Julie Channing, ex head of global marketing at Allbirds. She really nailed the science of linking sustainability in with marketing, which is really tough to do.

58:15 - Kaus’s Must-Have Ecommerce Tools:

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