Burnout Sucks
No More Leadership BS
Burnout Sucks
January 12, 2022
Burnout Sucks. So it's better to learn how to prevent something than learn how to deal with it. Being aware of your mental state and first signs can help you prevent burnout. If the relentless schedule and hard work that you believe is necessary for success are looking more like sleepless nights and strained relationships, then this week's episode is speaking directly to you. Tune in as our own Dr. Sam of 360 Clarity leads us down the burnout path, why we choose it (yes, it is a choice), and how to find the strength to say "No More!"
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  • Dr. Sam Jennings II - Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Coach - provides leadership coaching for decision-makers who want to improve workplace culture. 360 Clarity also provides diversity & inclusion, training, keynote speaking, and training workshops, Owner/Founder 360 Clarity
    sam@360-clarity.com or 208-770-7701

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