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Claim Your Voice (Michelle Kopper)
November 9, 2022
It can not only be difficult but completely terrifying to put yourself out there and market with vulnerability. Fortunately, Michelle Kopper, leading voice expert has a ton of experience, ideas and techniques to help you get there.
Michelle Kopper is the CEO of The Inspired Voice Business Coaching and a leading voice, video and visibility expert. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs to claim their voice in their business and clarify their message.

In this episode we discuss:

“I became a professional performer and had a long journey of finding and freeing my divine right to self-express.”  – Michelle Kopper

Michelle Kopper

Michelle Kopper, a leading Voice, Video, & Visibility expert, has inspired
thousands from business to Broadway to find and free their voice and unlock their
Transformational message to move audiences online, on stage, and on camera.
Her proven programs help entrepreneurs and creatives get clear, get confident and get clients while creating a life and business of fulfillment, impact and prosperity.

She's the author of Your Powerful Presence: 7 Steps to Get Clients, Gain Influence & Become a Leader Online and CEO of The Inspired Voice Business Coaching. Michelle, intuits highly aligned marketing language and helps clients heal blocks and fears of being seen and heard. Her unique method combines these gifts with her performance experience to make her approach highly effective at helping clients share their message with passion & presence to amplify their sales & impact.

A professional actor, singer & songwriter for 25+ years who healed paralyzing stage fright of her own, Michelle’s interactive and enthusiastic style moves audiences to heal visibility fears & discover the power of their voice. Given the chance, she will sing for you—because today… she can.

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