How to Help When a Person Has a Ton of Confidence, but is Shy on Competence with Dr. Sam Jennings
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How to Help When a Person Has a Ton of Confidence, but is Shy on Competence with Dr. Sam Jennings
February 21, 2024
A baby taking their first steps is not a competent walker. They're also not a confident walker. After getting some practice, the baby becomes a toddler and has more competence walking and more confidence. Then they start running because they've got high confidence, but they don't quite have the competence so they have some crashes and spills. Leaders aren't babies or toddlers, but effective leaders are absolutely learning all the time. Some days they may have a lot to learn. Confidence in the new information may be low, but confidence to learn it is high based on prior experience. Once they know more, the confidence with the material goes up, and they may also realize they need to know more. Earning confidence and competence are in the same cycle. When someone has consistent confidence or consistent competence, it's possible they're no longer being challenged. Keep yourself sharp and aware by: 1. Earning Confidence Through Competence: Building confidence in a new role or task starts with acknowledging what you don't know, then actively seeking knowledge and guidance from others. Education and patience play a crucial role in developing the necessary competence, which in turn boosts confidence. 2. Taking Action That Breeds Confidence: Taking incremental steps while being aware of your progress is essential. Striving for perfection at the expense of action can be counterproductive. It's about learning, taking action, adjusting, and continuing to grow that builds true confidence. 3. Staying Appropriately Humble: Confidence and competence are essential, but so is humility. Arrogance can hinder personal and professional growth. Strive to be both confident and competent, yet remain humble and open to continuous learning. There is no leader of people who has been 100% confident and 100% competent, 100% of the time. Each person on the No More Leadership BS team has been through various learning processes in leadership. Sometimes we learn through being taught, teaching, or just falling flat on our face. In every case, understanding what worked and what didn't helps make the next opportunity more likely to succeed. As you examine your competence with your job and your confidence, where do you feel particularly strong with both? Where could you use a little more support? If you're up for learning and growing, please let us know!
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Exploring Confidence, Competence and Leadership

In this episode of 'No More Leadership BS', the team discusses leadership, focusing on earning confidence through competence. They break down the importance of adopting a proactive and experimental approach, acquiring new skills, and learning from past experiences. The talk blends into how leaders can ensure they do not overstep the line between confidence and arrogance. Personal anecdotes and experiences from the coaches feed into the discussion, alongside reflections on stepping out of comfort zones, pre-planning, and the necessity of practice and repetition for confidence and competence.

00:00 Introduction to the Leadership Discussion
00:25 Understanding Confidence through Competence
01:21 Sharing Personal Experiences and Insights
02:11 The Importance of Patience and Trust in Leadership
03:53 Learning from Past Successes
06:08 The Role of Confidence in Leadership
06:36 The Journey of Becoming a Competent Leader
09:33 The Impact of Confidence and Competence on Leadership
12:10 The Importance of Trying New Things
14:05 Balancing Confidence and Competence in Leadership
21:46 Avoiding Arrogance in Leadership
24:07 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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