Leading Remote Teams Without the Isolation with Jeff Conroy
No More Leadership BS
Leading Remote Teams Without the Isolation with Jeff Conroy
March 15, 2023
If the pandemic changed anything, it was remote working. Before 2020, everyone worked in one business that had one location. Those were the days. And, totally BS. Remote teams have been around since the first Mom and Pop store opened an "and Son" in the next town over. Having fully functioning teams away from a headquarters exists in for-profit, non-profit, and not-for-profit work. The main difference is that in addition to pockets of teams in various locations, we have individuals in various locations who make up teams who don't necessarily have their own physical space but report to a headquarters that probably has some real estate somewhere. The days of managing by walking around are over. Leaders need to take a different proactive tact to engage with their team members who may be anywhere in the world. This means leadership might get a little more difficult for building relationships, but absolutely not impossible and every bit as important as it was way back when in the 20teens. The No More Leadership BS remote-first team takes you on a journey of leadership development, engagement, and that same bugaboo that exists everywhere all at once, communication. As you listen, formulate your plan to ensure your remote teams or employees are engaged and understand how they are a part of the whole.
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