Business Launch Podcast
Interviewing Legends with Bevan 'Bevo' Jones
February 21, 2023
I delve into Bevan 'Bevo' Jones life on how he got started as a Podcaster interviewing Sports Legends and has a this is your life episodes for his Podcast. Bevo got started in the Radio scene in Adelaide where he host Breakfast Radio shows in the country which led him into starting his Video Podcast Legends with Bevo.
Interviewing Sports Legends with Bevan 'Bevo' Jones

[00:00:00] Carlo Selorio: Hey guys, it's Carlo here from the Business Launch Podcast. I am, it's a really nice day here in Sydney, but I'm here with a special guest guest. Um, they, uh, I think a lot of people who's in on Facebook, in YouTube or in social media might see him interviewing legends.

[00:00:16] So he, he wants. A podcast called Legends with Bevo. So welcome to the show, Bevin Jones. How you

[00:00:25] Bevan Jones: doing? Carlo? Great to be with you, mate. What an absolute pleasure, . Yeah, thanks.

[00:00:30] Carlo Selorio: Thanks for jumping on. I know that you are you. Um, Your time is very precious. You've got a little one now, so I know how hard that is.

[00:00:38] Um, no. All good. So tell us about a bit of your background. So where did you grow up? I know I'm here in Sydney. You are in Adelaide. So yeah. What's, tell us about a bit of your background.

[00:00:49] Bevan Jones: Yeah, sure. So I've been in Adelaide most of my life, uh, other than in late 2013 to about April, 2015. I lived in Melbourne, so around about 14 months and, and that was a lot of fun.

[00:00:59] Almost, almost wanted to [00:01:00] stay there, but I came back to Adelaide, uh, to finish studies so that at that stage I was doing a media and communications degree. Nice. And came back to Adelaide and situation was that you can get a lot more credit, uh, when in your own home state. Even though I got into a degree over there in Melbourne and so thought, well, it made more sense to come back to Adelaide, not, not my degree off quicker.

[00:01:16] And then I'll plan to move back to Melbourne in the future. But now here I am still in Adelaide and , um, about seven. It's a beautiful city, mate. It's beautiful city. A beautiful city. And now I've got a young daughter, as you mentioned, seven month old daughter, and I'm married and being my wife now for, well, November last year would've been seven years.

[00:01:31] So seven years. Yeah. Crazy. Seven years strong. Yeah. Crazy how time goes and, and how, how life works sometimes because I had every intention of moving back to Melbourne and I, I miss it a lot. But yeah, Adelaide is, uh, where I am at the moment and who knows what's gonna happen in the future. So, yeah. So

[00:01:46] Carlo Selorio: tell us how you got started in like, um, broadcast radio, or how did your, what did you do first when you first started in your career, in your working.

[00:01:55] Bevan Jones: Yes, it's a really good question. I'm one of those people that decided in my thirties to make a pretty [00:02:00] big career change. And, um, when I finished school, I, I, I sort of look back now and think, Carlo, if I had my time again and could go back in time, I would've definitely got into media and put more of an effort in at school.

[00:02:09] Um, basically, In school, I thought, I just wanna get into tourism for some reason. So you didn't really need the best marks to get into that. So I didn't try too hard in year 12. Got an okay mark just to pass, and then I went to TAFE and did a certificate three, uh, certificate four in tourism, and then also advanced diploma in tourism.

[00:02:26] And um, but I found I couldn't get a job in that area, so I ended up finding myself in government. I was in government for about probably 11 or 12 years and, and as I mentioned before in my early thirties, I thought, I can't, can't do this anymore. I need a change. So decided to do a media and communications degree and then I finished that in, in 2016 and absolutely like no regrets whatsoever because I love being involved in the media and, um, even though I'm not in the media at the moment from a full-time perspective, I've just recently finished up.

[00:02:53] It is my first full-time gig as a journalist, um, which I did for just under a a year, a year and a half, which is lots of fun in, in the Adelaide Hills that a place called [00:03:00] the Matt Bark Courier, which I learned a hell of a lot from. And also, um, had a probably another dream or actually was my, my biggest dream and most enjoyable role was, was back in late 2017 to about April, 2018, I was a solo breakfast announcer in regional South Australia.

[00:03:16] Nice. And that was, that was so much. Big challenge because I was throw in the deep end, and I'm not sure if you know regional radio, but um, on regional radio, you don't have all the support that you do on metro stations. So you basically, when you're a solo announcer, you're it, so you're producing, you're paddling, you're, you're the announcer.

[00:03:32] So it's a, it was a big challenge and you are the sink or swim. But I did that for six months and, and learned so much and chatted with so many incredible people. And, uh, yeah. So that was that. And then, Came back to Adelaide in about April, 2018 and thought, what, what next? And I started a, well back then it was a footy tipping online weekly footy tipping thing where just get different people on each week and we'd have a yarn about, or we'd get different guests on sporting players passing and present what [00:04:00] have you.

[00:04:00] And we'd have a yarn about their careers and then they'd give their footing tips. And I really enjoyed that. Had a lot of fun. And at the end of the footing season when, so back in 2018, So this is actually really cool. I wanna keep this going. So end up being a bit of a mini, this is your life. So, uh, and now here I am, what's, um, close to almost five years now since starting it.

[00:04:18] And I've interviewed over 200 amazing people, you know, passing present sports people and entertainment icons, people doing incredible things in the community. And, um, as we spike about off air. It's amazing now I've actually got my episodes on community television in Adelaide and which, which is yeah, a really big achievement and something I'm quite proud of Carlos.

[00:04:36] So yeah, that's pretty much my, my story in a nutshell so far. Yeah,

[00:04:40] Carlo Selorio: you are, you are definitely, um, getting your, your content out there, especially in, um, in, in community tv. Yeah. I know that I've, I've seen a lot of your content on, I think Facebook. I think in Facebook, Facebook's the main one. Yeah. And YouTube as well.

[00:04:54] So, um, no, thank you, . Yeah. And it's, the guests that you have are incredible, so, oh, it's very kind. And [00:05:00] who's, who is your, who's the best guest that you

[00:05:02] Bevan Jones: have? Yeah, I'll get that question a bit actually, but, uh, it's, I have to probably say that, and I actually got to meet him last week, which is unbelievable.

[00:05:10] His name's Phil Liggett, and for those people that don't follow sport, he's one of the, the biggest sports broadcasters, in my opinion, one of the best sports, sports broadcasters of all time. He's, he's called over 50 Tour De Francis, uh, 16 Olympic Games. Uh, now over 22 at AD Andrews, which is, uh, the big race in Adelaide that we had recently.

[00:05:26] Yeah. Uh, and that's what he was here for while I caught up with him last week. And, um, yeah, so I'd actually get to meet him last week and interview him a couple of years ago. Uh, I I have to say, that was, yeah, that was definitely, uh, up there with Pro probably the best interview I've, I've had so far. And yeah, another one is a little bit, I know it's a little bit unusual.

[00:05:42] I'd have to say Irene from home and away. So Li Oh, nice. . Um, cause just because like I'd watch home and Away ever since I was a kid every night. And you know, my mates are gonna stand me up about that saying this, but, um, I still watch the odd episode here and there, , and she, she was such a lovely lady and so happy to give up her time and, and, and yeah, it was an absolute [00:06:00] blast chatting with her.

[00:06:01] And uh, and and then I guess another one that was really cool. Uh, was Johnny Diesel? I had a Zoom chat with him a couple of years ago, right? I think it was 2020, right in the heart of Covid and yeah. not literally, but I had him playing, you know, crying shame live. Via Zoom. You my own lounge room. So I thought this is, this is definitely Yeah.

[00:06:17] Concert . Yeah. Yeah. . I thought this is pretty cool. So, um, yeah, so that, there're probably a few of the, the real big ones. There's been so many of I could go, oh yeah, you had

[00:06:25] Carlo Selorio: so many. I think you had, I was looking at the guy from Pat Fat Pizza, um, what's his name?

[00:06:30] Bevan Jones: Oh, to here. Yes. To hear. Yeah. Yeah. Aib Aib aib. He was, he was hilarious.

[00:06:34] And George Caps as well. They're, they're good mate. Those two guys. And, uh, you know, Chris Franklin, the guy who sang the, the bloke. And, you know, I'm the bloke on a Yaba. My best mate's name is Robert. You know that one? Yeah. So, yeah, there's just. I could talk all day. I'm very fortunate. There's been so many and it's, it's really hard to choose your favorite, but I, yeah, again, back, getting back to what you said before, I'd have to say Phil, just because he's just done so much for not only cycling, but just sport in general and, and like, I [00:07:00] got to meet him last week.

[00:07:01] He's just such a gentleman, and so giving of his time for someone who is so, so busy and. So, such a big name to, to be able to catch up and have a coffee with a little man like me. It's, um, in terms of my profile, it was a very fortunate color and that was definitely one. Yeah, tick, tick that off the bucket list.

[00:07:15] So

[00:07:15] Carlo Selorio: yeah, I think it's, um, having your own platform just, um, gives you. That a lot of, a lot more recognition I guess, in the, you get a bit more kudos so people come in wanna be in your platform in, in

[00:07:29] Bevan Jones: a sense. Yeah. Yeah. And I I guess, I guess, and you can vouch for this, this is a perfect example now cause we're on Zoom as we speak.

[00:07:34] Yeah. One of the. Even though Covid has been, uh, horrible for so many of us, one of the real positives I guess is now the introduction of Zoom because we can do this, we can chat from interstate, we can chat from overseas anywhere. And, and I actually had, I'd feel when he was in the uk, so I've had so many guests the last few years that have been interstate and it's just been an absolute blessing from that perspective.

[00:07:55] And, um, cuz ob obviously before. To be able to interview these guests. They'd have to be in, in the [00:08:00] state or I'd have to go interstate or overseas. And yeah, so a lot of them were, were South Australians to start off with for that reason. Yeah, so that's been, and a lot of people could probably agree with that as well.

[00:08:09] And you see it now, all the TV stations, when you have your, say you got a Sunday footage show with your rugby over there in Sydney or over here in Adelaide with the A F L show and basically all the guests are on Zoom. Yeah. You know, like yourself, color, just got the earphones in and you know, like, it's just, it's amazing how technology's changed so much.

[00:08:27] It's so, it's,

[00:08:27] Carlo Selorio: it's been, um, it's been a blessing for, for people who actually want to get on in the media circuit, I guess. Yeah. And you, especially with Covid, everyone got hit with Covid. A lot of businesses I've spoken to have got hit with Covid and. Speaking on Zoom is probably the easiest, or in other recording platforms.

[00:08:47] It has been. Really, you are really easy to reach people now. Yeah. But you did a lot of yours for face-to-face. So that was, that, that was, um, awesome. So

[00:08:57] Bevan Jones: yeah. Yeah, that's, and I'm, I give bit of a shout out to, [00:09:00] to ro from Pod Booth. So Pod Booth, for those people out there, uh, that are from instate looking to come to ad.

[00:09:05] Pod booth are based in the Adelaide c b d on Hyde Street. And, uh, Rory and his team do such a wonderful job and they've looked after me so well since, you know, I I started there a few years back. Uh, I was doing my Zoom interviews at home and you couldn't even hardly see my face and the quality was, was garbage.

[00:09:19] So, you know, to be able to then got this amazing studio set up that's, As, as good as like a channel nine or channel seven. Um, yeah. So I have to be very thankful to Rory for that. . Yeah,

[00:09:30] Carlo Selorio: it's, it was a really good setup for if it, if it was just a, a small studio. Is it a small or a bigger studio?

[00:09:35] Bevan Jones: Uh, it's a.

[00:09:36] It's, that's sort of a sort of a medium size, I suppose, but they've got lots of different cameras in there and microphones and yeah. It's, it's just unbelievable. If you ever in Adelaide color, you have to come over and have a look. Yeah,

[00:09:45] Carlo Selorio: for sure. For sure. I definitely would love to go visit, visit that studio. Yeah.

[00:09:49] Um, being in, in media, um, what was, what was the hardships that you went, you went through at the, at the, when you first.

[00:09:59] Bevan Jones: Yeah, so [00:10:00] I guess that the, the biggest hardship for me was losing my job when I was working in, in in regional radio, in the river lands, uh, in South Australia because as I mentioned to you previously, I was in that role for six months and felt as I felt as I was starting to get the hang of it.

[00:10:12] But, uh, As we know with media, it's a pretty brutal industry and if you some rub someone the wrong way and someone doesn't like it, that's just the way it goes sometimes. And whilst that was horrific and and horrible and you know, shattering to leave, to lose that job, I could have gone I, well, I could have gone either two different ways, one completely get out the media or together and had to go back to boring.

[00:10:31] I've been work again or how I am today. Keep on plugging away and forget about that. That's one setback that everyone goes through, setbacks in life. And I'll look back and think, yeah, that was an incredible six months. I learned so much from that. But, uh, you can't change the past Kenya. So here I am today.

[00:10:47] Carlo Selorio: Yeah. In terms of your actual podcast, because I think it's one of really successful podcasts that not many people are seeing that they haven't seen. The, the quality of guests that you have in there, [00:11:00] because there's, there's some legends, like real, real legends in that, in the Australian sporting industry.

[00:11:05] So, um,

[00:11:05] Bevan Jones: thank you. That's really kind.

[00:11:06] Carlo Selorio: Yeah. How, how did you get ahold of them in the first

[00:11:09] Bevan Jones: place? Yeah. A lot of it's, I guess through connections and also through, you know, having that, having that breakfast show in the Riverland again, because I already had those existing contacts. Yeah. Um, plus like I mentioned earlier, During that Covid period, I just, everyone was on, you know, at home board.

[00:11:24] So people were just happy to just jump on Zoom and have a chat from their lounge room. So a lot of people were through word of mouth, through LinkedIn, um, Facebook, Instagram. You know, I've never been a, you'll learn this very quickly, Carlo, if you are a, you know, you wanna be a successful podcaster, you've gotta.

[00:11:39] Not afraid to just reach out to people. And that's afraid of rejection because, so I've had so many people that just never got back to me, or, you know, they say they're too busy and, and there's a lot that has said yes. And I was like, you've gotta be kidding me. You know, like Paulus George Kaan, like Ricky Nixon, worry Warrior capa, these sort of guys.

[00:11:54] And, um, you know, there's some of the, the biggest names in sport and, and the, the media side of things. And, um, I guess Lynn Mcg. I got her [00:12:00] because she was a guest on my breakfast radio show. So yes, there's a bit of overlap there and, and, and through a whole different range of things. Yeah. Reaching out to people, PR companies now contact me a little bit as well.

[00:12:11] Yeah. Which is really nice. So I've,

[00:12:12] Carlo Selorio: I've, for some reason, a lot of, I've, I've had I think four or five different PR companies reach chat and wanting to get

[00:12:19] Bevan Jones: on my show as well. It's nice isn. Because you don't have to chase them, so . Yeah.

[00:12:23] Carlo Selorio: I, I had to learn how to have a thick skin trying to reach out with people and not, not get back to you.

[00:12:28] I think that that's one of the things that you learn, having your own show and, and producing your own show, I guess, you know. Yeah.

[00:12:34] Bevan Jones: E exactly right. Just gotta have such thick skin and, and not be afraid to reach out to the people. At the end of the day, they're all human and, and they're all busy. If they don't get back to you, don't take it personally.

[00:12:43] It's not that they don't like you or they're bad people, it's just that they, they just don't get time or, yeah. And they probably get thousands of requests. So yeah, move on to the next one. And, and then you, you look at the, the people you do get to chat with and think, wow, this is really cool. Like, uh, so yeah, just gotta take the, the good with the bad, I I suppose.

[00:12:57] Yeah, it's true.

[00:12:58] Carlo Selorio: Um, in, in, um, growing [00:13:00] up, who were your. Inspirational. Who, who did you look up to?

[00:13:06] Bevan Jones: Yeah, it's, again, it's a really good question and I suppose I've been so fortunate to, to ha to call Phil Smart for one of my, one of my good mates and a mentor and yeah, he was one of my, was growing up when I. I love playing basketball as a lot of people did, and yourself included, you know, like remember watching him playing for the boomers and then coaching our home team here, the Adelaide 36 s and playing for the 36 s and, and the Canberra Cannons.

[00:13:32] And yeah, he was always one of Australia's greatest basketball players as well as, and there's always that argument between who's better outta him and Andrew Gays. But, um, yeah, I'd, I'd have to say smarty cause cause he is a friend, so , . But, uh, yeah, but. In terms of, yeah, that's from basketball perspective and then from a footy perspective, I have to say Gary Ablo Sr.

[00:13:49] Yeah. I, I just love watching him play. I know you're over there in Sydney, you're more about the rugby and I can tell you my, my favorite rugby player has growing up in a minute. But yeah, just the, a ffl side of things, I, I just love watching Gary Abbott Sr. Play [00:14:00] nine and 89, that grand final and kick nine goals.

[00:14:02] And it's like, this guy's just unbelievable what he does. And I, I I think the greatest grand final of all time between the hawks and the cats. And he single Hanley nearly got his team over the line. Yeah. With nine goals. And it's like you'll never see that again now in modern footy. So yeah, he was just did freakish things and I just love watching him play and, and as a guy here in Adelaide as well, called Tony Mora back in the day from the Adelaide Crows, who every week just take hangers.

[00:14:26] Get mark of the week and Mark of the year every year, and he was just unbelievable to watch as well. So yes, being in my forties the same as yourself. So fortunate to grow up in an era where there was just so many exciting guys would kick bags of goals every week and there'd be 13, 14 goals in a game by one player.

[00:14:43] Now you don't even see that for teams individually, you Yeah. So, Yeah, it's, it's a bit sad how it's all changed. But, uh, and then from a cricket's perspective, unfortunately he passed away a couple of years ago. But that was Dean Jones. Yeah, Dean Jones. Love, love, love the way he went about it. And, um, and of, of course, how, how can I not say Michael Bevin as well with my name being [00:15:00] Bevin as a first name.

[00:15:01] Not the same surname, but, uh, I I love Michael

[00:15:02] Carlo Selorio: Bevin. He's a new South Welshman.

[00:15:04] Bevan Jones: Yes, I, that's why I had to, I had to mention him, mate, so I gotta mention that. Gotta mention the new South. We, yeah. I

[00:15:10] Carlo Selorio: love his Chinaman bowling. And he, uh, And his left hand batsman

[00:15:13] Bevan Jones: so sensational, wasn't it? Yeah, exactly. So, um, and I have to say, I know it's probably not gonna be a popular thing cuz it's a cause you're from New South Wales, but, uh, I have to say Wally Lewis is probably one of my ultimate favorites.

[00:15:23] I know he is from a queen from the Queenslanders, which is the ultimate rivals. But I love watching Wally grow up and, and that's sort of why I back for Queensland over New South Wales in the state of origin. But, um, one thing I must say, We're over here in, um, south Australia. I think we're very jealous that you have that Queensland New South Wales rivalry every year, state of origins.

[00:15:41] Oh, it's the best, isn't it? And yeah, we, we've got a game here, I think game one's here this year, and we're very fortunate to have it, but saw my bucket list to get to Queensland, a New South Wales one year and, and watch the state origin game. It's

[00:15:53] Carlo Selorio: done. It's, I've, I've I've gone to a couple of state of origin games, so it's, yeah.

[00:15:57] The atmosphere is, um, really good, really, [00:16:00] really good. So it's, it's just a matter of like getting in there. You can see a lot of blues, blue uniforms and like wigs and then , but there's always, uh, maroons as well. But it's the maroons. I love the way the maroons, um, have the attitude of. Well, underdog attitudes.

[00:16:16] Uh, that's why playing basketball, being five foot seven, I'm always, always, uh, I have the underdog mentality. . .

[00:16:25] Bevan Jones: Oh, good on you, mate. That's

[00:16:26] Carlo Selorio: fantastic. Yeah. Um, Phil Smart. He's like, I think I, I play Juniors junior basketball in, um, in, in

[00:16:33] Bevan Jones: Canberra, so. so you'd know, you'd know Phil then. Yeah, for sure. I, I wouldn't,

[00:16:36] Carlo Selorio: I don't know him personally, so, But he, I know his coach when, uh, coached me when he was, um, when I was.

[00:16:43] Juniors Jerry Lee, who coached the Cannons at the time. Oh, right. right. So it's, yeah. Would love to have Phil. Phil, what's he doing nowadays?

[00:16:52] Bevan Jones: Uh, nowadays he's involved with, with mentoring, uh, footy clubs, actually. So he's involved with Oh, wow. With the North Adelaide Football Pub, which is in the S N F L over [00:17:00] here, and, and also with the Brisbane Lions as well.

[00:17:02] So, yeah, so he keeps himself pretty active and, um, from a coaching perspective, a mentoring perspective. And, and even though, I know there's difference between footy and basketball. There is a lot of similarity as well. Very similar. And so he's very well, very sought after , like a lot of clubs, you know, reach out to him and that sort of thing.

[00:17:18] Like he helped out Richmond a couple years ago as well, so Yeah, yeah,

[00:17:21] Carlo Selorio: yeah. It's, um, he's, he's definitely one of the biggest legends of basketball in Australia, so, yes. No,

[00:17:25] Bevan Jones: he is, yes. Um,

[00:17:26] Carlo Selorio: with. With starting a podcast or starting your own show, um, what's your three, three tips for people who wants to start getting media as well?

[00:17:39] Yeah,

[00:17:40] Bevan Jones: I a hundred percent agree. A hundred percent have to reemphasize what we were just talking about before. And you gotta have a thick skin. If you don't have a thick skin as a, as a podcaster, then you might as well not bother because you, you gotta, obviously, you gotta get guests on your show, right? So if you wanna reach out to people and you wanna get the best guests, then you, you have to just [00:18:00] keep on trying and not be afraid of rejection because, yeah, there's so many podcasts out there as well.

[00:18:05] There's so many podcasters now, and I guess I was lucky in. Coming up to five years now, is one, one of the first that started the podcast and now that's right. Every man, the dog has one. So, um, which is a good and bad thing, I suppose. But yeah, I think that's one of the, the first tips is, yeah, definitely have a thick skin.

[00:18:19] The second one is, you know, be. Be confident in what you're doing and be prepared and do a lot of research as well. Yeah, every, every interview that I do when I'm interviewing my guests, I always make sure I spend, you know, lots of time coming up with really good questions and researching the guests that I've got on and try and think of questions that they might not have been asked before as well.

[00:18:39] Cuz just makes, obviously viewer, viewer slash listener enjoy it a lot more and the guests enjoy it too because it's like a question. But what, you know, might be not necessarily expecting. So, and it shows, it shows that you care. So by doing that research that's true. And doing that preparation. And it's quite funny because I, with my interviews, I've got this ability, and I suppose it's something that I'm very fortunate about, Carlo, [00:19:00] I've got this ability to be able to remember all my questions off the top of my head without him looking at my notes.

[00:19:06] And it's the, the guests like, they, they just can't believe it. And I've had a few of them comment and say it. Where's your notes and how'd you remember all that stuff? All those stats and everything. But I guess it's like, if you're passionate about it and you spend your time doing your preparation and you get, you get it in your head and yeah, it it looks, looks really cool.

[00:19:21] And then you see people being interviewed on, or people doing interviews on TV and they look down their notes all the time and Yeah. It's just so unprofessional. I think so. Yeah. So they, that's probably the second tip. Yeah. Research slash prep slash preparation. Yeah. Um, thick skin's. Thick skin's. The first one and the third one.

[00:19:37] Good tip. I suppose just be yourself and, and be a nice person. And I think that's what I've been really lucky as well, by just building a reputation of knowing, knowing that, um, I, yeah, doing, doing the preparation, doing the research, um, doing good interviews. Because what happens is it's very quickly becomes like a word of mouth thing.

[00:19:58] So yeah, [00:20:00] because trust me, if I had like, reach out to someone, this has happened quite a bit, then they'll straight up like, and say, look, I've had, I'll reach out to a, a footy footy legend, and then I'll say, I've had such and such on, they'll contact this person and, you know, find out more about me and they'll do their research.

[00:20:13] So yeah, you've gotta, you've gotta make sure that you're, you're a good person, positive person, and, I guess that, yeah, that's um, probably the three biggest tips. Nice. Be, be nice, nice, be nice to people, thick skin and do your research and preparation, so Excellent. Yeah. Yeah. I think you might wanna, might wanna edit that mate.

[00:20:28] Sorry, I had no idea with that one. So.

[00:20:30] Carlo Selorio: No, it's, it's, it's really good. I think whatever. , you can actually have that in if people want to put it in business. I think all those three qualities people need to have as well. You know what I mean? Yeah,

[00:20:43] Bevan Jones: a hundred percent. Totally agree with you. Yeah.

[00:20:46] Carlo Selorio: Um, for you daily, what, what motivates you daily?

[00:20:50] Bevan Jones: I think just doing something that I really enjoy and I wouldn't be. Coming up to nearly five years of doing legends at Beba if I wasn't enjoying it. And [00:21:00] whilst there's been times where it's a lot of work, and yeah, there's been times where it's like, oh, this is really difficult and really not worth it because I'm not making any money off it.

[00:21:09] And you're seeing other people making lots of profits and getting lots of sponsors. And so it's been times where it's been tough, but then I look back and think, wow, you know, all these people I've been able to chat with. When I'm actually in the studio getting to meet these people, it's just a bit of a kid in a candy shop sort of thing.

[00:21:24] And yeah. Um, so that's probably been the really cool thing from legends bevo perspective, but just life in general, I think doing something that you really enjoy and mentioned before about working in government for a long time and just hating my job and just waiting for that clock to turn till five o'clock.

[00:21:40] That, yeah. And you know, you've spoken about your own situation as well. It's just nothing worse. So I think. And, and there's people out there that are happy to just go about their nine to five job and do a mundane job cuz they've got other things outside their life, which is fine. But I'm the sort of person where I really want to enjoy what I'm doing.

[00:21:55] And I guess that's why I decided to go from that admin job perspective to the media side of [00:22:00] things. Um, and yeah, my last job that I was in, in the country radio. It was cool cause I was getting to go out and meet lots of great people and go to call events on weekends and things like that. So, uh, and learn, learn so much as well.

[00:22:11] Like I'd learned how to use a proper camera, you know, one of those fancy nickon. And before then I was absolutely hopeless. So , now, now I know how to take a decent photo. So, uh, yeah. Now there's, they're some of the, the things I suppose. What, what I like and what values I have from work and just general life is cuz life's so short, you just want to enjoy life.

[00:22:27] Right. And, and and do stuff that you find interesting and fun.

[00:22:31] Carlo Selorio: Excellent. Um, I think those, uh, a lot of people would, our listeners would hear that and I think, wow, that's, I can put that in my life and, and change the way I think about life in itself, right? ? Yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah. Um, in. With your, with your legacy, BE'S legacy, um, how do you, how do you want to impact the world and what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

[00:22:54] Bevan Jones: Yeah, so I guess like, I just want to continue to show that, that everyone has a story to [00:23:00] tell, and I mean, both I'd love, I'd love to interview like. Idols people like Michael Jordan or Usain Bolt, that's Prob or Dave Gro and the Foo Fighters, you know, they're, they're probably other people I idolized and would love to interview.

[00:23:11] That's probably not gonna happen, to be honest. Like, because that, that's impossible to chat with those sort of people unless you're like, um, you know, someone like Howie from Howie Games or something like that who can infuse Shaq , um, because of his profile. But that's, that would be the, that's the ultimate.

[00:23:23] But, uh, in terms of, suppose, legends of bebo, Just going forward, just to continue to show people stories and, um, give people great content to, to listen to and watch. Yeah. And if in terms of a goal, I'm on community television at the moment, so if I can get it onto, Free to air like Channel seven or Channel nine or something like that then, or commercial radio, like listener or, that would be amazing.

[00:23:46] But, again, it's got a long way to go and there's just so much competition out there. So it's really tough, but we'll just keep plugging away and, and see what happens. Mate, that's, yeah, I'm, I'm kind of a glass half full person, you know, like, just gotta keep. giving things a go and see what happens. Yeah.

[00:23:59] Carlo Selorio: I think that's, that's [00:24:00] the way you need to, to approach life. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think there's, there's always a way if you really want something bad enough, you, you, you make it happen. Yeah,

[00:24:08] Bevan Jones: exactly. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:24:09] Carlo Selorio: Um, A fun question, and I'm not sure, um, how you're gonna answer this, but Sure. , it's not, it's not too, it's not too, um, too bad.

[00:24:17] So if you had a book, what would, um, a book that you, you you've read in the past or you want to read in the future, what would it be? And.

[00:24:29] Bevan Jones: Yeah, I have to say that the Jason McCartney Bali bombing story because, nice. Yeah. I've been to Bali a few times with the family and, and most recently with my wife, and it's just such an amazing place and had so many great memories there. And I, I I watched the, the recent documentaries about Bali. And it's just, yeah, just really blew me away how horrible that was with the, with with the terrorism attacks over there and, and just his story of survival and the things that he did to help others.

[00:24:57] And, and then being able to come out and play that [00:25:00] final game for the ros, like, man to play a game of a f l Woody, that's just next level after what he went through with his, his burns and everything else, like, so that, that book just blew me away. I've never actually interviewed Jason. He, he'd be one. I'd love to interview him.

[00:25:12] I'll have to put him on the bucket list for this year, but, nice. Yeah. Uh, I, I think definitely his, his autobiography was, was just next level and stuff. Carlo, and again, because my own experiences with Bali. And just what they, what they went through with those terrorism attacks and, and just the amount of heroes and people that were just so selfless on that night, just putting their lives on the line to help out others and Nice.

[00:25:34] And you know, you hear about that through, through that book and yeah. So definitely that would be mine, I reckon. Nice. That'll,

[00:25:39] Carlo Selorio: that'll be, One book that I'd like to read in a bucket list in my bucket list of books that I'm going to start reading. So yeah,

[00:25:47] Bevan Jones: should, um, yeah, should be able to get us an audio book already.

[00:25:49] Yeah.

[00:25:50] Carlo Selorio: Nice. I, I get a lot of, a lot of my books are read are audio books. Um, oh, how good

[00:25:54] Bevan Jones: is it? ?

[00:25:54] Carlo Selorio: I can, I can listen to it while I'm on my way to work, so, which is, yeah. Yeah, definitely. Um, if the [00:26:00] listeners need to need some help from you or want to reach out to you or wanna work with you, Any kind of capacity, how can they reach you?

[00:26:09] Bevan Jones: Yeah, so just via social media is always a good one. They can send me a message to my legends at Bevo Facebook page. Yeah. Um, or reach out to me personally on, you know, Bevan Jones, on Messenger, on Facebook as well. Or, or send me a message on Instagram. I'm just at Legends with Bevo Nice and easy. Um, so, so yeah.

[00:26:25] And, or I've got an email address as well, which people can certainly reach out, which is info legends of Bevo dot. Nice.

[00:26:33] Carlo Selorio: Thank you very much again, Bevo. It's been a pleasure to, to hear your story. Thank you for sharing it and, and, um, inspire people in the media or people who want to be in podcasting as well.

[00:26:44] Um, and I know that it's your time is precious and thank you again for jumping on the show. And hopefully we can some ca catch up face to base sometime. Either I'll go there or you come here in, in Sydney. .

[00:26:58] Bevan Jones: Sounds amazing mate. Absolute pleasure. Thanks [00:27:00] so much for, for thinking of me and, and I really enjoyed the chat and, and hopefully I gave you some good answers and, and like I said before him I would edit out some of those but, uh, ,

[00:27:06] Carlo Selorio: no, it was a good, definitely a good chat and thank you for the insights of your, your life as well.

[00:27:12] Thank you again.

[00:27:12] Bevan Jones: Any, any time mate. My pleasure. Thanks so much. Okay,

[00:27:15] Carlo Selorio: sweet. Thanks