Author to Authority
From The Vault - Fearless & Focused: Overcoming Your Own Fear to Reach New Heights with Olympic Coach Ram Nayyar"
March 14, 2023
Experience an inspiring journey on Author to Authority, a weekly show hosted by Kim Thompson-Pinder featuring special guest Ram Nayyar from Fearlessness Consulting Inc. Ram is the author of 'The Sport of Life', available on Amazon, and shares his wisdom from his Olympic coaching experience. On the show, Ram and Kim discuss overcoming fears and recognizing the power of creativity. Ram reminds us of the importance of examining our fears and being fearless. Kim supports inspiring creativity, whilst Coach Ram reinforces the need to practice it to help us grow. Tune in each Tuesday to catch From the Vault episodes full of empowerment and motivation. Don't forget to like, rate and review -- we look forward to hearing from you!
Discover inspiration for achieving great heights in life with Author to Authority! Hosted by Kim Thompson-Pinder, this weekly podcast shares insights from successful people, like Olympic coach and author of The Sport of Life, Ram Nayyar from Fearlessness Consulting Inc. Ram underscores the role of fear in people's lives and how recognizing it can help overcome it. He adds that most of us are afraid of ourselves, and that acknowledging this is the first step to beating fear. Kim and Ram extend a mature invitation to trust one's intuition and act with confidence, inspiring people to pursue greatness. Ultimately, they affirm that even a single life changed in a meaningful way is a tremendous accomplishment. As the show winds up, Ram and Kim helpfully remind listeners that the creative process of writing can help one to grow, and encourage everyone to like, rate, and review the podcast. Tune in to Author to Authority for an uplifting journey of personal growth and adventure!

0:00:02.358820 - Advice from Olympic Coach Ram on Living a Fulfilling Life
0:03:59.277700 - The Path to a Fulfilling Career Beyond the Pinnacle of Achievement
0:07:17.613900 - Overcoming Fear
0:10:30.649000 - Overcoming Self-Doubt and Fear
0:13:43.119400 - The Power of One Person to Change the World
0:16:50.168760 - The Benefits of Writing Experiences to Personal Growth