Why We Never See Leaders Wear Capes and Tights with Myra Hall
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Why We Never See Leaders Wear Capes and Tights with Myra Hall
March 29, 2023
*gravelly Batman voice* I need to do this on my own. That is certainly heroic, but is it leadership? If it is leadership, who is following? On your team, who is the hero? Is the hero the person at the top of the org chart? If so, who is the mentor? Who is providing guidance? Generally, the myth of hero leadership leads to one person "doing everything" in their own eyes and everyone else just backing off and watching. If this is the approach, the ability to grow the group into a team is diminished because there is no room for more heroes; only fans. The positive side of heroism is taking the heat to empower and enable your team to thrive. The hero removes the roadblocks to help the team on their journey. In your experience, what kind of hero leadership have you seen? How did that effect your team? Where are you now and where do you want to be? Consider your experiences as the No More Leadership BS team shares some insights and pokes the heroic bear to move leaders toward continued improvement.
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