We Know the Holiday Season Will Impact our Operations; Are We Planning Ahead or Reacting with Jeff Conroy
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We Know the Holiday Season Will Impact our Operations; Are We Planning Ahead or Reacting with Jeff Conroy
December 6, 2023
The calendar says that 2023 is coming to a close. This is true, every year. And, every year, so many of us behave as though December, end of year, Q4, however you describe it, is a surprise. Behavior looks like panicking to get things done that have been on the to-do list for the last 6 months, forgetting that the last 4 weeks of the year is closer to 2 and a half to 3 weeks, and just having not much left in the tank. As long as you're in a position in an organization of any kind, the holiday season will have an impact. This is known and can be addressed WAY in advance. One way is to try to front-load the work so December is less like spinning plates on flaming sticks and much more enjoyable. When the close to the calendar year is less panic-inducing, there are some great things that can be done with your team: 🌟 Balancing Business and Holiday Enjoyment: Understand the need to navigate reduced staffing and client demands while allowing employees time to celebrate the holidays. 🌟 Building Team Morale: Engage employees with enjoyable activities such as games, contests, and team-building exercises to foster a positive workplace culture. 🌟 Supporting Nonprofits: Encourage team members to volunteer at local nonprofits and support those in need during the holiday season. Overall, organizations need to fulfill their mission and also build teams of people who can do that. December is absolutely a "both and" situation. Yes, the work can get done and yes people can honor and respect the holiday celebrations. One main way is to ensure that planning and preparation is done to make the close of the year not such a frazzled experience. The No More Leadership BS team offers experiences, insights, and expertise regarding your team culture and how to address this during already stressful times of year. There's a right way, but not only one right way. Caring for your people and keeping your eye on the company dashboard will help you have a successful close to the calendar year.
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