Stress Management for Leaders: Finding Balance in a Demanding World with Jeff Geier
No More Leadership BS
Stress Management for Leaders: Finding Balance in a Demanding World with Jeff Geier
November 1, 2023
I'm so stressed! There's so much! Too much! Stress can be bad, unhealthy. Too much of anything can be negative. Stress can also be very good. Stress on our muscles can cause damage AND growth. So stress is not going anywhere, what in the world can we do? 1️⃣ We can react or we can respond. Usually reacting is less measured than responding. 2️⃣ Stress is necessary and we can manage how we engage it. 3️⃣ It is more effective if stress represents a brief peak rather than a constant state. Leaders face all kinds of stress. The decisions they have to make for big picture issues impact many others. Negotiating how to address a difficult conversation with another person is not everyone's favorite task. We've pinpointed the issue... now what? The No More Leadership BS team addresses stress, stressors, and how we respond. SPOILER: our recommendation is NOT to avoid stress. We're not advocating for hermitism. As a leader, you have the ability to engage in meaningful behaviors to appropriately manage the stressors in your life. You also have the responsibility to do so in order to serve those who look to you for leadership.
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