Customers Who Click
Conversion Rate Optimisation with Carl Weische
November 22, 2022
In episode 138 of the Customers Who Click podcast, we’re exploring one of my favourite topics - conversion rate optimisation. One of the things that led Carl to working in CRO is his love for psychology. We’ll be discussing how important it is to meet customers at their current awareness stage, and what that means for the messaging and experience they should receive. We’ll cover what CRO is and isn’t (hint: not just AB tests) and some best practices to discover more about your customers, and use that information to make changes that will improve conversion rate. Carl Weische is the founder of Accelerated Agency, you can find him on Linkedin or visit his website
Key highlights:

0:51 - Carl’s introduction
02:08 - How Carl gets customers clicking 
03:40- Introduction to CRO
06:07 - How to adjust your messaging style for your target audience
09:22 - How to use the decision-driving factors behind purchases to tailor the customer experience
11:40 - When social proof doesn’t work
17:48 - Seeing CRO as the driver for customer feedback
21:06 - AB Testing Strategy at different times of year
27:59 - Analysing conversion triggers
31:02 - CRO tips for the check-out page
33:36 - Using customer surveys to improve copywriting
37:07 - Carl’s ideal lunch guests 
37:50 - Carl’s recommended marketing tools 

If you’d like to connect with Carl, you can connect with him on Linkedin or check out his agency at