Customers Who Click
Augmented Reality in Advertising with Rich Watson
October 18, 2022
In episode 133 of the Customers Who Click podcast I discuss all things AR with Rich Watson, founder of Augmented Hype. After clarifying the difference between VR, AR and mixed reality, we delve into some real-life examples of how companies have increased AOV and conversion rates with AR, and, on top of that, reduced the return rate. A lot of that is to do with reducing customer anxiety around knowing what they’re going to get and if it’s going to suit them. Want to get started with AR but don’t know where to start? Rich shares some tips to help you, even if you’re an absolute newbie. Rich is the founder of Augmented Hype, you can find him on Linkedin.
Key highlights: 

0:51 - Rich’s introduction
02:12 - What are AR ads? 
04:42 - The difference between AR and VR 
07:06 - How brands can benefit from introducing AR
09:20 - Try before you buy
13:14 - Portal Filters 
15:37 - The impact of AR on memory recall
16:36 - AR ads lower return rates
18:16 - Reducing customer anxiety with AR
19:38 - Case Study: increasing AOV in a children’s sunglasses brand
22:48 - The role of AR in alleviating sizing issues in clothing companies
24:35 - Increasing cart value with style matching
26:15 - What are the costs involved with implementing AR?
28:12 - How to implement AR well 
30:57 - Don’t wait for AR glasses to become a thing!
32:08 - How to get started and test AR for your business 
33:36 - Improving conversion rate with 3D & AR 
34:40 - Seeing the potential of AR with Polycam & 3D Scanning
36:52 - Rich’s ideal lunch guest
40:12 - Rich’s recommended marketing tools

If you’d like to hear more from Rich and Augmented Hype you can connect with him on Linkedin.