Content/SEO/Social Flywheel #3: Podcast Guesting
Confessions of a B2B Marketer | B2B Marketing & Demand Generation
Content/SEO/Social Flywheel #3: Podcast Guesting
May 16, 2022
In this episode of The Content/SEO/Social Flywheel Series, I share the exact strategy we are using to book me (Tom!) on other top podcasts in the B2B/SaaS marketing and entrepreneurship niches. I cover whether you should pitch your product, how to find perfect shows for you to appear on and then how you convince even the most protective show host... to bring you on as a guest :)

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Previous guests include: Jared Robin of RevGenius, Mike Kamo of NP Digital, Arvid Kahl of FeedbackPanda, David Heinemeier Hansson of 37signals, Chris Walker of Refine Labs, Tim Soulo of Ahrefs, Justin Jackson of Transistor, Sam Dunning of Web Choice, Sam Kuehnle of Refine Labs, Liam Bartholomew of Cognism, Brendan Hufford of Growth Sprints, Justin Rowe of Impactable, Max Altschuler of Outreach and Sales Hacker, Guillaume Moubeche of lemlist, Kieran Flanagan of HubSpot, Sujan Patel of Mailshake and Corey Haines of Swipe Files.

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