Building Biotechs
Grit & Motivation: The Key Components for Startups with Joe Daccache & Carl Schoellhammer of DeciBio
November 1, 2023
This time on Building Biotechs: A Podcast by Recruitomics Consulting, we’re joined by two brilliant (and funny) people: Joe Daccache, Project Leader at DeciBio, and Carl Schoellhammer, Principal at DeciBio and Founder of Suono Bio. Join us as we explore the sheer grit and motivation it takes to build a startup and what it takes to discover potential client's in that early phase of start-up.
Welcome to Building Biotechs: A Podcast by Recruitomics Consulting! Here, we offer a behind-the-scenes look into the strategy for launching and scaling successful biotech and life science companies. 

Today, we chat with two figures at DeciBio: Joe Daccache, PhD, Project Leader, and Carl Schoellhammer, Principal. DeciBio is a boutique strategy consulting firm focusing on the life science industry, whose mission is to provide the strategic insights that accelerate the development, adoption, and accessibility of personalized medicine. 

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