Customers Who Click
Optimizing Conversion Rates in the Sofa Industry
December 13, 2022
In episode 141 of the Customers Who Click podcast, Will spoke with James Robinson, the Head of CRO at Sofology. We explored a range of topics including CRO for high ticket products, the importance of measuring impact throughout the funnel, and how to provide customisation without overwhelming and confusing customers. Understanding what a business need was, understanding what a user need was, understanding what could be achieved from a digital perspective, and helping kind of create those experiences. Trust is essential for any business, and it comes about through social proof, and the way the company acts and behaves. If a company treats its customers well, gives them a great experience on top of a great product, they’ll see conversion and retention. James is the Head of CRO at Sofology, you can find him on LinkedIn or head over to
Will and James Robinson, the head of CRO at Sophology, discussed conversion rate optimisation for high ticket products. They discussed their experiences in user research, analytics, conversion optimization, and marketing, focusing on the importance of measuring the impact of changes made to improve conversions.

They discussed a process of researching and understanding customers, prioritizing what should be done next, testing tactics that may require developer input or strategic changes, and bookending tests with post-user research. They also discussed tracking website activity to determine if people are likely to go into a store as a result of a test. The conversation then shifted to helping customers find the right product from a large selection.

Finally, they highlighted the importance of QA testing for websites to identify browsers and devices that are driving revenue as well as any potential bugs that could be hindering customer experience. Will and James discussed the approach to CRO at Sophology, focusing on the online e-commerce store.