Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Can Look Like a Counting Exercise Unless We Value Diversity of Ideas and Personalities with Myra Hall
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Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Can Look Like a Counting Exercise Unless We Value Diversity of Ideas and Personalities with Myra Hall
December 27, 2023
The No More Leadership BS team has a wide range of diversity, inclusion, and equity training and experience. The view of DEI can look different from each of our perspectives. Sometimes it starts with the more clear observations of skin tone, physical ability, or assumptions about gender. This type of diversity is valuable and an incredibly important foundation for thinking about and engaging in meaningful DEI conversations. The next step is to appreciate that beyond what the book presents on its cover, is a wildly diverse array of thoughts, ideas, and personalities. Once we demonstrate a value of the person, we are able to get into WHO they are beyond the role they hold in the organization. Getting to that point takes work. Once we create a great space for people to say what's on their mind, great things can happen. 1. **Self-Reflection Is Key:** As a leader, it's crucial to start with introspection when faced with team challenges. Recognize that fostering diversity and inclusion starts with your own mindset. Be open to change and growth within yourself to create a more inclusive environment for your team. 2. **Open Communication Is Critical:** Gossip and rumors within an organization can indicate a lack of communication and information. Effective leaders prioritize transparency and overcommunication to minimize rumors and keep the team aligned and informed. 3. **Conflict Can Lead to Growth:** Conflict, when managed constructively, can lead to massive growth within teams. Embracing healthy conflict can spark innovation and passionate debate, ultimately driving the team towards its goals. When a team or work culture is one of the boss always being right, there is no diversity of thought, ideas, interpretations, and maybe no opportunity to disagree at all. When effective leaders create supportive and engaging cultures that value diversity in the humans that show up AND the ideas they bring, the organization will thrive above and beyond the teams that would rather agree with the boss than debate to get to the best answer. The No More Leadership BS team brings their diverse views on a few of the various angles of DEI in work cultures and organizations. Each of us come with our stories of successes, fumbles, observations, and growth moments. As you interpret the stories and observations, what is your next opportunity to get a little stronger in the diversity space?
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