That Feeling When You Set Your Intentions and then Wander Off in the Opposite Direction
No More Leadership BS
That Feeling When You Set Your Intentions and then Wander Off in the Opposite Direction
June 21, 2023
There are bosses who have titles and like to be in charge, bark orders, pass the blame, and take all the credit. Effective leaders have particular superpowers that help them engage people and move toward the goals of the organization as a unit, not an individual. This superpower is intention. What's the difference between saying you'll do something and actually doing it? Saying it is good because it can create the tension to move you to action; but it's not enough. Once the tension is set, without accountability, the tension will wind up within the leader until it comes out in a negative way such as frustration, demoralization, and damaged relationships. Effective leaders set the tension and then take action to ensure that the tension is utilized in a constructive way. Set a goal, make a plan, and take action. Ah, if it was just that easy! The No More Leadership BS team addresses the concept of setting intentions, transitioning them into action, and how the outcome can be realized. From long-term goals to episodic explosive production, the team approaches a wide array of engagement, leadership, and productivity all with specific intention.
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