Talent Talks
Balancing Skills and Values: Insights into the Evolving Landscape of Private Equity Recruitment
May 10, 2023
In this episode of Talent Talks, Hunt Scanlon Media host Rob Adams is joined by Smooch Repovich Rosenberg, Founder and CEO at SmoochUnplugged, LLC. After more than 25 years as a globally recognized executive search consultant, Smooch has her finger on the pulse of global Investor Relations and Corporate Communications functions, and has had tremendous success leveraging human capital strategies to create high-octane, superior performing functions. She has the unique ability to see around corners and readily identify solutions to human capital challenges that advance company valuation. In this podcast, Smooch explores the evolving landscape of Private Equity Recruitment, sharing her insights on diversity, equity, and inclusion in private equity recruiting, operational and digital expertise, ESG issues, and soft skills assessment during the recruiting process.