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Goodbye Technophobia (Mary Williams)
June 29, 2022
Email and platforms and apps, oh my! Sure, technology can streamline your business and make you look more professional, but the tech fear struggle is real. Never fear. We have an expert for that. Find out why clients call Mary Williams a technology therapist.
 Mary Williams is the founder of Sensible Woo, a company that helps business owners find harmonious balance with technology. She is also an integral part of the Education team at Mirasee. Mary specializes in human-computer interaction and knows just how to soothe technophobia. 

In this episode, Melinda and Mary simplify the most common tech barriers and untangle the chaos. 

In this episode we discuss:

“When you're just sort of desperately grabbing at things to try to make something happen, that's when you know you're in a dangerous spot.”
– Mary Williams

Mary is the Chief Technology Therapist at Sensible Woo, where she teaches highly sensitive & neuro-divergent online business owners how to replace technological chaos with a harmonious system. Through programs like Digital Feng Shui, her clients optimize their business foundation from an emotional and intuitive perspective so that they can delegate and automate without wasting time, money, or energy.

Mary is an accredited librarian with her Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan School of Information. She started her career as a digital archivist in Los Angeles for big brands like Disney Animation and Guthy-Renker. After overseeing technology for a library system in Austin, Texas, she leapt out of the 9-to-5 with consulting contracts for technology start-ups and entertainment firms like Fandango.
Working in diverse environments on software development teams and digital asset management projects, Mary earned the nicknames "The Glue" and "The Translator" and discovered her talent & passion for helping humans connect with the digital world in greater harmony.  She's now the Chief Technology Therapist of her own coaching & education business and empowers her clients to become their own best tech gurus.
After experiencing Business Ignition Bootcamp, Mary jumped right into the Expert Business Launchpad, and then went full out in the ACES program with Mirasee.  She found stability in her business as a Mirasee student and is thrilled to be part of the coaching family that nurtures so many entrepreneurs into reaching their dreams & goals.


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