Talent Talks
Leveraging Talent Relationships
January 12, 2017
This podcast episode features a short QA with CEO Keith Mullin, of Mullin International, a global outplacement redeployment firm. Based in New York City, Mullin is a trusted leader in assisting companies engaged in critical management changes. Under Keith’s stewardship, Mullin brings a multi-dimensional approach to workforce redeployment, weaving 36 years of experience with 21st century proprietary technology. Mullin International is known for its innovation, passion and high standards when transitioning departing employees. The way companies and their employees part ways has completely changed. Job-hopping may be at an all-time high, but employers today understand that loyalty doesn't go away when employees walk out the door. In fact, according to just-released analytics from Mullin International, leveraging talent relationships is now seen as critical to the job search process, and even more so to a company's brand. Mullin has been collecting data on thousands of transitioning employees. We’re here today with Keith to break it all down - to better understand the employer-employee relationship.