Customers Who Click
Managing Subscription Models Effectively with Harvey Hodd
October 11, 2022
In episode 132 of the Customers Who Click podcast I caught up with Harvey Hodd, co-founder and CEO of Relo by Blueprint. With a background in building and running successful Shopify stores, Harvey witnessed first-hand some of the issues in the customer journey - specifically post-order. We’ll be discussing Harvey’s thoughts about these issues, and how best to solve them. Ultimately struggling with subscription churn prompted Harvey and his business partner to launch an app specifically to help with this problem, so you can expect plenty of practical advice on optimising and managing subscription models effectively. Harvey is CEO and co-founder at Relo by Blueprint, you can connect with him on Linkedin.
Key highlights:

0:10 - Harvey’s intro
1:03 - The catalyst for creating Blueprint
4:25 - Making the reorder process personalised, quick & easy
6:44 - Reordering for non-standard use cases
11:43 - The logic behind Relo 
13:37 - Keeping customers subscribed 
15:00 - Making subscriptions flexible
18:45 - Updating payment details
19:23 - Subscribe and Save
24:06 - Customer Gifts 
25:54 - Offering increased experiences for subscribers
29:43 - “One and done” customers
33:35 - Customer Feedback
35:56 - Managing & preventing Cancellations
41:20 - Harvey’s recommended marketing tools 

If you’d like to find out more about Harvey, you connect with him on Linkedin or head over to