How Can We Invite People to the Conversation and Welcome them to Join in with Geoff McLachlan
No More Leadership BS
How Can We Invite People to the Conversation and Welcome them to Join in with Geoff McLachlan
December 13, 2023
Happy Holidays! This can be interpreted as a stand-in for a particular single holiday or as a phrase to include all of the holidays of the season. The train gets off the tracks when someone hears a phrase, assumes or interprets meaning, then acts accordingly. If a person is not more thoughtful or curious about what is being said, they might wind up in a place the speaker did not intend. This shows up in many leadership roles where we expect a particular person to always complain, or another to always recommend we "look on the bright side." There is more to a message than the words used OR the person sharing their point of view. Everything has a context and is generally more meaningful than the few words used to describe the concept. When we strive to understand, we get a better sense of what is being communicated and how to create a space where each person believes they are heard. Some highlights you can look forward to: 1. Building Trust and Belonging: create a trusting culture where everyone assumes the best of one another. 2. Adapting Communication Styles: communication is nuanced based on the medium (report, email, text) and the participants. Effective leaders can appropriately adjust to meet the moment. 3. Embracing Change: In today's dynamic world, leadership involves continuously learning and adapting to new expectations and social dynamics. There is no one answer for creating an inclusive culture. There is one approach and that starts with listening to understand. A leader who is willing to ask more questions will be more effective, have fewer conflicts, and will demonstrate a higher capacity for engagement for anyone in the organization. The No More Leadership BS team takes an intentional stroll through various ways we humans don't get along or don't communicate well and offer insights on how to minimize those miscues. What is your most effective way of demonstrating that your culture is inclusive and wants employees to be fully engaged?
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