Don't Make it Weird, Relationships at Work Help Everyone Thrive
No More Leadership BS
Don't Make it Weird, Relationships at Work Help Everyone Thrive
February 8, 2023
"You've got a job to do; frickin' do it." Or... "I know you are usually diligent and focused, but not today. What's going on?" Leaders are expected to help a team reach their goals. Goals can be reached through force and cajoling. Goals can also be achieved through treating people like whole humans. The benefit of fostering quality relationships means that after the goal is attained, the team is ready for the next goal rather than ready to quit and walk into the ocean. We use the word 'relationships' and often conjure up a dating situation. Quality leadership and teamwork require effective relationships. Relationships require give, take, understanding, accountability, and compassion. Leaders might envision leadership as someone who drops the hammer. The No More Leadership BS team sets that myth aside and demonstrate how people can create, maintain, and grow relationships to help teams and entire organizations thrive. This isn't positive psychology feel-goodiness; this is backed by research. What you need to decide is whether you're going to move closer to effective work relationships or lead by noise.
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