Balancing Introspection and Action: The Key to Effective Leadership
No More Leadership BS
Balancing Introspection and Action: The Key to Effective Leadership
July 5, 2023
You're busy, you're stressed, you're taking action every day. Why? If your answers have to do with your responsibilities or the importance of your job, again, why? Are your daily activities demonstrating your priorities? Are you doing stuff that is important, or stuff that keeps you busy? How do you know? Effective leaders are able to pause their activity to carefully examine what they believe to be their priorities, why those are priorities, and how to reconfigure their time and resources to focus on those priorities. But this does not occur without flexing your leadership superpower of introspection. Looking in on what you believe, what you know, and your behavior is s a great way to get clarity on your actions and intentions. Looking inward isn't always easy, but it is, dare we suggest, always beneficial. Join the No More Leadership BS team on this journey of introspection, the value of looking inward, and what can happen when leaders disregard the need to slow down to go faster.
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