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Presenting Soul Savvy Business
September 30, 2022
In this bonus episode, Melinda introduces a new show to the Mirasee FM podcast network. In Soul Savvy Business, Katy Valentine explores the intersection of business and spirituality. Her guest in this episode is holistic healer and coach, Dr. De'Nicea Hilton Harper.
Just Between Coaches presents the new Mirasee FM Network podcast.

Welcome to Soul Savvy Business. This podcast aims to help entrepreneurs find balance and harmony at the intersection of business and spirituality.

Katy Valentine

Host Katy Valentine is a soul-minded spiritual entrepreneur. She empowers other entrepreneurs to thrive, creating a global ripple effect. Grab your free meditation at soulsavvybusiness.com.

“That was my first time really going in where I saw that there was a practice of medicine that saw the whole person.” – De'Nicea Harper

Dr. De'Nicea Hilton Harper
Dr. De’Nicea Hilton Harper of Hilton Holistic Health and Wellness likes to play at the intersection of holistic health and leadership, creating practical and playful experiences for female executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders. De’Nicea (Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Well-Being Consultant) “connects the dots'' of what’s playing a role in her clients’ holistic health and well being that could be negatively affecting their life both personally and professionally. Together, De'Nicea and her clients begin to intentionally design a life of purpose, authenticity and individual perfection. 

De’Nicea also founded and personally designed tea blends for Teas of Perfect(ion), a company that makes  premium teas that highlight and incorporate the spiritual, emotional and mental healing properties of herbs, spices and flowers.

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