Mid-Air Meatloaf Over the Dinner Table and Other Ways to Assess Culture with Jeff Geier
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Mid-Air Meatloaf Over the Dinner Table and Other Ways to Assess Culture with Jeff Geier
November 29, 2023
There are right ways and wrong ways to argue, debate, and fight. It is very easy to be polite when the stakes are low. When life is good, strife is low. When there is a really rough decision to make based on deadlines, scarcity, or even windfall, culture is exposed. The question is; is the exposed culture something you're proud of, or something you'd rather not claim? During Q4, people are pressed to get end-of-year numbers in, projects done, engage in company celebrations, and maybe, just maybe, have a little more family time. The combination of high stress and less time will show some true colors. For example, the holidays can expose an organization's culture, highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses. It's an opportunity for leaders to observe their team's dynamics and the effectiveness of their culture. But culture is not a Q4 issue. Leaders should proactively work on their company culture throughout the year, not just during the holiday season. Building a strong and consistent culture requires continuous effort and preparation. For leaders who aren't ready to add Work Culture to their holiday card list, the time to change it starts now. And, it's not only now. How much you appreciate and value your work culture in Q4 is a direct result of how it is grown, developed, and fostered in Q's 1 through 3. The No More Leadership BS team has a wide array of experiences and observations that will help you reconsider our work culture, how it is exposed, and what you can do to tweak or celebrate as is appropriate.
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