How is it Possible to be an Effective Leader if your Team Doesn't Like You with Jeff Geier
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How is it Possible to be an Effective Leader if your Team Doesn't Like You with Jeff Geier
April 24, 2024
"If you want to make everybody happy, sell ice cream." - unless you work for minimum wage at a franchise "If everybody's upset, I must be doing something right." - unless your competence is such a mystery that no one sees the upside Your responsibility as a leader is multifaceted. Yes, you have responsibility up the chain of command. Also, you have responsibility to those you're entrusted to lead. Pointing this out highlights that relationships have to go in several directions with functional effectiveness. In short, relationships are important and likeability is a component of that. As you listen, grab your own phrases and concepts that land for you and also listen for: ✅ **Trust and Respect Over Popularity** – While likability can smooth the leadership journey, the crux of effective leadership is garnering trust and respect. ✅ **Culture Echoes Leadership** – The way a team interacts internally is often a reflection of their interactions with customers. Toxicity at the top can trickle down to every aspect of the organization. ✅ **Awareness & Learning** – Self-awareness and an ongoing commitment to learning are foundational for becoming an influential leader, regardless of popularity stakes. If you're questioning whether you can be an effective leader because your team doesn't presently like you, consider why you believe that to be true. Attempt to decouple "like" from "besties" as you consider your relationships. If you believe your team does or does not like you; how do you know? If you DID have solid relationships, what would that look like? What would it feel like? As this episode is assembled in real time, the No More Leadership BS team shares experiences and observations regarding the likeability of a leader and how much that affects their ability to BE a leader. Imagine the type of leader you want to be and what kind of relationships have to exist to get you there.
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