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Delving into current business challenges - two Digital Transformation experts discuss topics of interest for those companies seeking answers to business transformation challenges covering: Systems and Frameworks People and careers Business and Finance processes Digital and technology This podcast is presented by Dante Healy and John Byrne!
EP 63 Tool Review and Analysis: Evaluating Smartsheet for Project Management
July 21, 2024 • 50 MIN
Welcome to Business Breaks, the podcast where practical business tools and software solutions are put to the test. In today's episode, hosts John Byrne and Dante Healy dive into the world of project management tools with a detailed review of Smartsheet. Dante, an experienced user in digital transformation projects, shares his insights on the tool's integration capabilities, update frequency, subscription model and overall functionality. With a comprehensive breakdown of Smartsheet's strengths and weaknesses, this episode provides valuable insights for anyone considering this tool for their project management needs. Tune in as we explore the features, reliability, security, and scalability of Smartsheet and how it stacks up against other industry players in the market.
EP 62 Tool Review and Analysis: a Zoom vs Microsoft Teams comparison
May 26, 2024 • 62 MIN
Welcome to "Business Breaks," where we dive into the tools that can make or break your business success. In today's episode, hosts Dante Healy and John Byrne engage in a lively discussion on the battle of the communication giants: Zoom versus Microsoft Teams. They compare these platforms across various criteria, from integration capabilities to user experience, shedding light on the strengths and weaknesses of each. Join us as we explore the key differences between Zoom and Teams, providing valuable insights for businesses navigating the remote working landscape.
EP 61 Ron Martey on AI's Impact on Cybersecurity
April 13, 2024 • 40 MIN
Welcome to Business Breaks. In this episode, we explore the world of AI in cybersecurity with an interview featuring renowned cybersecurity expert Ronald (Ron) Martey. Join host Dante Healy as he engages Ron in a thought-provoking discussion about the impact of AI on cybersecurity, the challenges and opportunities it presents and the innovative strategies being employed to enhance security in the digital landscape. Ron shares his insights into the integration of AI in cybersecurity, the role of technology in shaping security culture, and the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity defense mechanisms. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of AI and cybersecurity, as well as those seeking a deeper understanding of the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Tune in as we explore the cutting-edge insights and valuable perspectives from a distinguished leader in the field of cybersecurity.
EP 60 Felipe Chaves on Successful Business Relationships and AI's Impact on Productivity
March 30, 2024 • 67 MIN
Welcome to the Business Breaks podcast! In this special episode, we dive into the world of AI, productivity, and entrepreneurship with the insightful and accomplished Felipe Chaves. Join host Dante Healy as he conducts a fascinating conversation with Felipe, who is the founder of Triplo AI, a powerful AI-powered assistant designed to enhance productivity and creativity. Listen as Felipe shares his journey from the corporate world to the realm of technology and AI startups, and learn how he developed the innovative Triplo AI tool in just one week. Discover Felipe's passion for fostering trust and values in business partnerships, and gain valuable insights into the potential pitfalls of overreliance on AI. Tune in for an engaging discussion on productivity methods, the need for human control over AI, and the challenges and rewards of finding what works best for you. Join us as we explore the intersection of AI, business, and personal philosophy with the inspirational Felipe Chaves.
EP 59 Tool Review and Analysis: Exploring ChatGPT
March 23, 2024 • 73 MIN
Welcome to Business Breaks, the podcast where we tackle the latest tools, strategies, and challenges in the world of business. In this episode, hosts John Byrne and Dante Healy dive into the world of AI with a close look at ChatGPT. Their candid review covers everything from usability and integration to pricing and security. Join us as we explore the potential impact of AI on job markets, the limitations and possibilities of current AI technology, and the ethical considerations surrounding data management in AI learning models. Get ready for an in-depth discussion on the promises and pitfalls of AI as a business tool.
EP 58 PJ Milani on Unlocking Imagination through Visual Metaphors
March 16, 2024 • 48 MIN
Welcome to Business Breaks, where we explore the world of creativity and business with inspiring guests and thought-provoking conversations. In today's episode, host Dante Healy sits down with the talented PJ Milani, known for his expertise in turning complex ideas into simple visual metaphors. PJ shares his insights on the importance of visual thinking, capturing ideas in physical notebooks, and the balance between internal motivation and external validation. He also emphasizes the significance of imperfections and quirkiness in creative expression and the need to stay true to oneself in the face of social media success. Join us as PJ delves into the intricacies of visual storytelling and shares his personal journey of turning theoretical concepts into engaging visual metaphors. Get ready for an enlightening discussion that will challenge your perceptions of creativity and business.
EP 57 Featured Tool: Amplify Your Podcast Using Cast Magic's AI Tools for 10X Content
March 5, 2024 • 42 MIN
Welcome to "Business Breaks," where we explore the ins and outs of podcast production to help you level up your content game. In this episode, we're diving into the world of AI-powered content creation and distribution with a special focus on a game-changing tool: Castmagic. Our host, Dante Healy, takes us through his process of using AI tools for every stage of podcast production. Joined by industry expert Greg Wasserman, we uncover the power of leveraging AI to 10x your podcast content and engage your audience in groundbreaking ways. Stay tuned for invaluable insights and tips on how to revolutionize your podcasting journey with cutting-edge technology.
EP 56 Tool Review and Analysis: Microsoft Excel for Business
February 24, 2024 • 63 MIN
Welcome to Season 2 of Business Breaks! In this episode, hosts John Byrne and Dante Healy delve into the world of data analysis and project management as they review the powerful tool that is Microsoft Excel. They discuss its strengths and limitations, offering insights on its impact, integration capabilities, ease of implementation, pricing, and support. Join them as they dissect Excel’s usefulness for small businesses and evaluate its value in today’s dynamic business landscape. Stay tuned as they unravel the complexities of Excel and its role in driving success in business.
Ep. 55 Season 2: Exploring Business Tools and Systems
January 22, 2024 • 3 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, where we're gearing up for an exciting new season packed with valuable insights and engaging content. In season 2, hosts Dante Healy and John Byrne will delve into the realm of business tools and systems, offering in-depth reviews and insightful interviews with the minds behind innovative technology and business solutions. The hosts are committed to fostering a community of engagement and connection, as they venture to unravel the evolving landscape of business. Join us as we explore, evaluate, and embrace the tools that will drive your business to new heights!
Ep. 054 Interview Series: Adam Shilton's on Uncovering the Potential of AI in Finance
January 6, 2024 • 77 MIN
Welcome to Business Breaks, where we dive into the world of business, technology, and innovation. In this episode, we sit down with Adam Shilton, the founder of Tech For Finance, to explore his unconventional journey from music production to mastering AI in finance. Adam's expertise in music has heavily influenced his approach to technology and finance, leading to a unique blend of creativity and technical acumen. Throughout this insightful conversation, we'll uncover Adam's insights on leveraging AI, the impact of biased training data on AI results, and the importance of balancing tech skills with soft skills for career development. Join us as we explore the ever-changing landscape of finance technology and the ethical considerations of implementing AI in the business world.
Ep. 053 Interview Series: Harry Moser on Unlocking US Manufacturing Opportunity
December 16, 2023 • 62 MIN
Welcome to Business Breaks, your go-to podcast for all things related to business, entrepreneurship, and economics. In this episode we have the privilege of interviewing Harry Moser, a trailblazer in American manufacturing and the founder of The ReShoring Initiative. Throughout this captivating conversation, Harry delves into the intricacies of reshoring and the impact it has on the US manufacturing industry. From discussing the implications of tariffs based on the environmental load of imported products to highlighting the importance of a skilled and qualified workforce in the manufacturing sector, Harry provides invaluable insights into the complexities of reshoring. Join us as we explore Harry's perspective on the future of reshoring and the critical role it plays in shifting the trade deficit and creating millions of manufacturing jobs. From the challenges of convincing suppliers to relocate to the benefits of localized supply chains, this episode uncovers the multifaceted world of reshoring and its potential impact on the business landscape. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to dive into an eye-opening discussion on reshoring, as Harry Moser shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise on this pressing topic.
Ep. 052 Interview Series: David Safeer on Maximising ROI and Cash Flow in Digital Transformation
December 9, 2023 • 67 MIN
Welcome to a special episode of Business Breaks! In this final episode of Season 1, our host Dante Healy engages in an in-depth conversation with the esteemed David Safeer, a renowned expert in cash flow optimisation and digital transformation. Together, they unravel the intricacies of digital transformation, its profound impact on productivity and cash flow and the challenges it presents for businesses and employees. They delve into the critical importance of cash flow management, tangible ROI in project management, and the human element in driving successful transformations. David also shares his insights from 35 years of practical experience and his mission to revolutionise cash flow and profit maximisation strategies. Join us as we explore the intersection of finance, digitalisation, and leadership in this compelling and insightful episode.
Ep. 51 Interview Series: The Tao of Tech and Achieving Systems Harmony with Darryl Kanouse
December 2, 2023 • 50 MIN
Welcome to Business Breaks, where we dive deep into the world of business and technology. In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Darryl Kanouse, an expert in consumer engagement technology and the author of "The Architect Way". Darryl shares his insights on the application of Taoist principles to corporate cultures and technology systems, emphasizing interconnectedness, adaptability, balance, and simplicity. He delves into the importance of understanding the interplay between corporate culture and technology teams and offers practical philosophy for making business decisions in the tech industry. Join us as we explore the fusion of timeless philosophies with modern technology and its impact on corporate cultures and business success.
Ep. 50 Interview Series: Remote Work Success with Shane Spraggs
November 26, 2023 • 50 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, the podcast where we dive into the world of remote work and the strategies that drive success. In today's episode, we have a special guest joining us, Shane Spraggs, the CEO of Vertura and coauthor of the bestselling book "The Power of Remote." With over 25 years of experience in operations management and collaboration with companies such as Disney, Shane brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. In our interview, we discuss the critical aspects of balance and motivation for remote workers, highlighting the importance of onboarding and setting goals. Additionally, Shane shares valuable insights on fostering team cohesion, maintaining company culture, and overcoming career advancement challenges faced by remote workers. Join us as we explore the world of remote work with Shane Spraggs on this exciting episode of Business Breaks.
Ep. 49 Interview Series: Unpacking Midlife Transitions through Mindfulness and Intention with Billy Lahr
November 19, 2023 • 41 MIN
Welcome back to another episode of Business Breaks and today we have a very special guest joining us: Billy Lahr! Billy is an intentional living and mindfulness coach, certified personal trainer, and former educator who has experienced the transformative power of mindfulness firsthand. In this episode, Billy shares his insights on the importance of being present, practicing mindfulness, and finding purpose in both our personal and professional lives. From reducing stress and making better decisions to unpacking our resources and embracing change, Billy provides valuable advice for navigating midlife crises and unlocking our full potential. Join us as we delve into the world of intentional living and discover how mindfulness can elevate our businesses and our lives. Let's dive in!
Ep. 48 Fireside Chat: Exploring the the Inner-Game of Business Success
October 28, 2023 • 56 MIN
Welcome to another episode of "Business Breaks"! Today, we dive deep into the fascinating realm of the inner game of business. I'm your host Dante Healy and joining me is my co-host John Byrne. Together, we'll explore the psychology behind business decisions and achievements, uncovering what sets apart successful individuals who turn challenges into opportunities. So, get ready to unlock the power of the mind in the world of entrepreneurship, corporate leadership, and business success. Grab your favorite cup of coffee, sit back, and join us as we delve into "The Inner Game of Business"!
Ep. 47 Interview Series: Barry Mulholland on How AI-driven Data Quality Improves Patient Care
October 21, 2023 • 40 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, the podcast that dives into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation in the business world! In today's episode, we have a fascinating interview with Barry Mulholland, co-founder of MBI, a pioneer in operational excellence in the NHS through precision data. Barry is here to share his insights on how their revolutionary AI platform, LUNA, is transforming the patient experience in hospitals by improving data quality and streamlining the referral to treatment process. Join us as we delve into the power of AI, the challenges faced in healthcare data management, and how MBI is making a significant impact on healthcare outcomes. Get ready for an informative and engaging conversation with Barry Mulholland on this episode of Business Breaks. Let's dive in!
Ep. 46 Interview Series: Fabrice El Gohary on Balancing Growth and Environmental Responsibility
October 14, 2023 • 36 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, where we bring you the latest insights and discussions on all things business and entrepreneurship. In today's episode, we have a captivating conversation with Fabrice El Gohary, a seasoned executive and the head of business development at DOTT, a rapidly growing mobility company. Fabrice takes us on a journey through his career, sharing invaluable insights gained from his experiences in strategy, general management, and business development. With operations spanning over 50 cities and 10 countries across Europe, Fabrice guides us through the intricacies of managing a mobility company, optimizing customer experience, and navigating the balance between hypergrowth and controlled growth. Join us as we dive deep into the world of micro mobility, the evolving landscape of public transportation, and the importance of sustainability in our post-pandemic world. So grab your headphones and get ready for an episode packed with expert advice and thought-provoking discussion. Let's jump right in!
Ep. 45 Dante's Transformation Talks: Dante's backstory transitioning from Finance to Digital Transformation
October 8, 2023 • 17 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, the show that takes you on a journey through the world of business, careers, growth, and transformation. In today's special episode our host, Dante Healy shares his personal stories of overcoming obstacles, embracing change and achieving career transformation. Dante begins by discussing his struggle as a Finance transformation Project Manager and the pivotal moments that led him to realize the power of mentorship, support and self-investment. With determination and newfound confidence, Dante successfully transitioned to a career as an IT Project Manager, focusing on transforming data analytics within a finance function. But it wasn't always smooth sailing for Dante. He recounts the challenges he faced in his accounting and finance career and the turning point that forced him to reevaluate his path. Witnessing the emotional distress of displaced senior individuals affected him deeply, pushing him to adapt and stay ahead in his field. Dante opens up about his internal struggles with the fear of becoming obsolete in an organisation going through consistent restructuring. He shares his journey of self-guided learning through webinars, articles and books on innovation, technology and digital transformation. Overcoming external challenges, such as presenting confidently in meetings and dealing with project complexities, proved to be emotional and exhausting. However, Dante's perseverance and resilience paid off. He shares how a mental health awareness program became the turning point in his career, providing a safe space for admitting his struggles and prioritizing self-care. By investing his own time and resources into upskilling and understanding change management and project management fundamentals, Dante gained the confidence and knowledge necessary for his transformation journey. Throughout his story, Dante highlights the importance of mental health in the workplace and the significance of taking breaks from the pressures of your career. His experiences and triumphs inspire us to embrace change, invest in ourselves, and overcome any obstacles on our path to success. So, get ready for a truly transformative episode as Dante opens up about the twists and turns that led him to where he is today!
Ep. 44 Interview Series: Lynn Whitbeck on Building Client Relationships with Worthy Intent
September 30, 2023 • 37 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, the podcast where we explore the world of entrepreneurship, sales, and business strategies. In today's episode, we have a special guest joining us: Lynn Whitbeck, an expert in sales and client relationships. Lynn shares invaluable insights on embracing client thinking, nurturing relationships, and delivering value. From her early days of selling girl scout cookies to building lifelong connections with clients, Lynn reveals the secrets to creating impactful sales experiences. We also delve into the realm of emotional repair, cultivating meaningful connections, and effective follow-up strategies. Stay tuned as Lynn shares her expertise on leveraging AI in the digital marketing space and engaging clients through tailored approaches. Get ready for an episode packed with practical tips and inspiring stories that will help take your business to new heights. Let's dive in!
Ep. 43 Interview Series: David Ketchen Sheds Light on Energy Management in Digital Transformation
September 23, 2023 • 63 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, the podcast where we dive deep into the world of business and explore the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation. In today's episode, I am thrilled to have a returning guest, David Ketchen, joining me, Dante Healy, to share his insights on energy management in digital transformation teams. David brings a unique perspective to the table, emphasizing the importance of avoiding organizational stagnation by continuously introducing new products or reinventing oneself, drawing inspiration from none other than the legendary David Bowie. He delves into the concept of static friction, discussing how it can hold people in place, making them resistant to change. David sheds light on the critical role that early adopters and advocates play in creating momentum for change within an organization. He introduces the bell curve model when explaining moving interested individuals to become early adopters who will then influence their peers. Furthermore, David emphasizes that successful transformation goes beyond technology alone. People and process must be considered as integral factors in achieving meaningful and lasting change. He suggests a slower, more deliberate approach to transformation, where building momentum and celebrating small wins along the way are essential. But it doesn't stop there, we also delve into the fascinating world of AI and its potential impact on business transformation. From powerful AI tools that could potentially solve complex problems to the necessary adaptation and pivot of service-integrating companies, we explore how the landscape of business will be transformed in the coming years. Join us for an insightful and thought-provoking conversation as David Ketchen shares his knowledge and experiences, guiding us through the challenges, possibilities, and key strategies for successful energy management in digital transformation teams. Get ready for an awe-inspiring episode of Business Breaks!
Ep. 42 Fireside Chat: Being Smarter with Data for Business Value
September 16, 2023 • 58 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, the podcast where we delve into the world of data and its impact on business. In today's episode our hosts John Byrne and Dante Healy explore the importance of data and how it affects decision-making and business performance. But it's not just about large-scale businesses - in this episode, we'll also discuss the relevance of data analysis for smaller companies and how they can optimize their spreadsheets for better efficiency. So whether you're a small business owner or a data enthusiast, join us in this insightful episode as we unlock the secrets of data value. Stay tuned for another episode packed with valuable insights and practical tips, right here on Business Breaks.
Ep. 41 Interview Series: Chris Hood on Business Innovation and Adapting to Consumer Demands
September 9, 2023 • 57 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks! In today's episode, I have a special interview with Chris Hood, a leading expert in digital acceleration and innovation. Join us as we dive into the final part of this insightful conversation. Chris shares valuable insights on leveraging data for innovation, the role of leadership in driving adaptability, and the importance of understanding the customer in today's fast-paced business landscape. From the impact of technology disruptions to the power of consumer demands, get ready for a deep dive into the strategies and mindset needed to thrive in the digital age. So grab your headphones and get ready for another engaging episode of Business Breaks!
Ep. 40 Fireside Chat: Uncovering the Root Causes of Project Failure Beyond Surface Symptoms
September 2, 2023 • 68 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, the podcast where we delve into the world of business management and share valuable insights to help you navigate the complexities of project management. In today's episode, titled "Avoiding Project Failure," we have an enlightening conversation with our hosts, John Byrne and Dante Healy. Together, they explore the common pitfalls and best practices to ensure your projects are successful from start to finish. Join us as we uncover the importance of thorough planning and analysis during the preparation phase of a project. Discover how anecdotal evidence and surface symptoms can lead to ineffective solutions, and why it's crucial to properly identify and address the root cause of a problem. We also discuss the significance of considering input from all team members, including introverts and those resistant to change. Learn from our hosts' experiences as they discuss the common challenges they've encountered, such as poor communication between business and IT departments and the detrimental effects of sticking with familiar partners or brands out of loyalty or comfort. They also share personal anecdotes of managing complex projects, overcoming last-minute pressures, and adapting to unforeseen circumstances. Tune in as we explore the importance of adding contingency time and budget in project planning, the risks of not reviewing the business case throughout the project, and the value of building trust with executive sponsors. Discover how effective project management skills can not only ensure the success of your current project but also open doors to future opportunities. So grab your coffee, get comfortable, and join us on this insightful journey to uncover valuable strategies for avoiding project failure. Let's break it down, right here on Business Breaks.
Ep. 39 Interview Series: Blake Burch on Driving Business Value from Data Orchestration
August 26, 2023 • 61 MIN
Join Dante and special guest Blake Burch, co-founder of Shipyard, on this episode of Business Breaks as they discuss the world of data analytics and how it revolutionises businesses. Don't miss out on these valuable insights and strategies for effective data management, automation, and unlocking the power of machine learning and AI. In today's episode, we dive into the fascinating world of data analytics with our expert guest, Blake Burch. Blake takes us on a journey, sharing his self-taught path in data and how he utilized their skills to revolutionise data management and automation. We uncover insights on building standardised datasets, the importance of data security plus the valuable role of clean and consistent data sets in machine learning. Blake also takes us into the realm of AI-driven tools, the power of generative AI in analytics, and the importance of understanding the true goals and outcomes of data projects. We explore the secrets behind building a modern data stack for businesses, emphasising centralised analytics databases, efficient data ingestion and the crucial role of data orchestration. Get ready for a data-packed episode that will leave you inspired and equipped with valuable insights to propel your business to new heights. So grab your notebook, drink your coffee, and let's dive into the world of data analytics with Blake!
Ep. 38 Fireside Chat: Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Navigating the Promotion Process
August 13, 2023 • 73 MIN
Welcome back to Business Breaks, the podcast that provides valuable insights to help you climb the corporate ladder. In today's episode, "Climbing the Corporate Ladder" hosts John Byrne and Dante Healy dive into the strategies and techniques you need to advance in your career. From networking and making a good impression to gaining managerial skills and effectively communicating with senior teams, this episode covers it all. Join us as we explore the steps to achieving a promotion, overcoming gender imbalances, and adapting to a rapidly changing work landscape. Get ready to level up your career and conquer the corporate ladder with our expert advice. Let's dive in!
Ep. 37 Interview Series: Channa Wijesinghe on the Role of ESG in Balancing Profit with Purpose
August 6, 2023 • 57 MIN
Welcome to a new episode of Business Breaks! In today's installment, we have a fascinating interview with Channa Wisjesinghe, a prominent expert in the realm of ESG, which stands for environmental, social, and governance considerations. We dive deep into the critical importance of integrating ESG into financial disclosures and how it poses a challenge for finance professionals. Channa explores the complexity of sustainability reporting, the need for a global reporting framework, and the gaps created by multiple existing frameworks. We also explore the establishment of a new sustainability assurance standard, ISS 5000, and its role in providing different levels of assurance. Furthermore, we address the ethical dimensions of business decisions, the potential trade-offs, and the repercussions of unethical behavior. Join us for this thought-provoking conversation on ESG, accountability, and the role of businesses in creating a sustainable future. Let's get started!
Ep. 36 Fireside Chat: The Art of Strategic Negotiation for Building Relationships and Winning Outcomes
July 29, 2023 • 57 MIN
Welcome to another episode of Business Breaks! In today's fireside chat, we delve into the captivating world of negotiation. Join your hosts, John Byrne and Dante Healy, as they explore the art and science of negotiating in the realm of business. From uncovering essential negotiation tactics to understanding the motivations of the other party, we'll provide you with invaluable insights and practical advice for navigating successful negotiations. Get ready to enhance your negotiation skills, build relationships, and achieve strategic outcomes. Whether you're a seasoned negotiator or just starting out, this episode is a must-listen. So grab a cozy seat by the fireside, and let's dive into the intriguing world of negotiation on Business Breaks!
Ep. 35 Interview Series: David Shaw on Navigating Digital Transformation
July 23, 2023 • 50 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, Dante sits down with guest David Shaw to dive deep into the world of digital transformation, sales, marketing, and technology. David is a seasoned professional who has worked in various IT companies in sales and marketing and shares his journey of discovering the need to adapt to the changing business landscape. Throughout the episode, David emphasizes the importance of holistic understanding of the business for successful digital transformation, effective communication between stakeholders and staff, and providing value rather than just implementing technology. He also highlights the significance of understanding client personas, personalized marketing experiences, and differentiation from competitors. The conversation continues with insights into automation, personalized outreach, and activity-based marketing. David shares his observations of the shift in traditional marketers embracing technology and the need to balance compliance, ethics, and profitability in business. He addresses concerns about big companies handling personal data and the potential for businesses to offer transparency and honesty in data practices. We also delve into the challenges faced by small businesses in adopting new technologies and the importance of embracing change. David discusses the potential impact of technologies like ChatGPT, AI, and blockchain on various industries and advises businesses to regularly evaluate and incorporate new technologies into their models. He emphasizes the need to find a balance between personalization and privacy in marketing efforts and recommends permission-based marketing as the way forward. The conversation wraps up with a focus on customer journey mapping, assessing the value of technology in the client's journey, and the importance of businesses disrupting themselves before being disrupted by others. David's book, "Devolve and become obsolete," is highlighted as a valuable resource for understanding how technology can disrupt value delivery and the need for businesses to regularly assess their own potential for disruption. Tune in to this episode of Business Breaks to gain valuable insights into the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology and how businesses can adapt and thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.
Ep. 34 Interview Series: Joe Aurilia on Effective Communication and Collaboration in Distributed Teams
July 16, 2023 • 62 MIN
In this episode Dante interviews Joe Aurilia, a multi-faceted Executive leader on remote work and building successful teams. They delve into the challenges of remote relationships and the various methods to mitigate these challenges. Joe shares insights on how self-starters can thrive in remote work, while others may require more guidance. He emphasises the importance of educating employees on communication methods and expectations within the company. Joe discusses the importance of writing things down, documenting meeting points, actions, and decisions to enhance productivity and stay on track. He also stress the significance of assigning tasks, setting due dates, and managing dependencies to accomplish goals. Responsibility for productivity and task completion lies with both employees and managers and Joe emphasises the need for open conversations and addressing issues when expectations are not met. Shifting the focus, the conversation turns to our current knowledge society and navigating the vast amount of information available. Joe shares their techniques for finding accurate knowledge and determining the shortest path to an answer. They discuss how experience plays a role in quickly identifying the most important aspects of a task and filtering through information effectively. Joe also shares his experiences in building and scaling a remote team and creating a HR system from scratch. He covers the challenges of hiring for cultural fit in a startup environment, emphasizing the value of embracing the fast-paced learning and professional growth that comes with working in a startup. The conversation moves on to the importance of understanding how individual tasks contribute to larger goals and the challenges of integrating different applications and technologies. He also stresses the importance of a respectful recruitment process, accurate job descriptions, and effective onboarding for a positive candidate experience. Joe shares insights on leading teams and emphasises the importance of open communication, proactive ownership, and trusting professionals to manage their workload effectively. He also discuss the value of looking at all facets of a business simultaneously to bring value and solve problems. Throughout this engaging episode, Joe provides a lot of valuable insights and practical advice for remote work, team building, and experiencing professional growth across a diverse range of functions.
Ep. 33 Interview Series: Armel Beaudry on Technology's Role in Amplifying Voices and Stories
July 9, 2023 • 55 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, Dante interviews Armel Beaudry, a CEO who values people and prioritises user-focused decision-making. Armel shares his experience in enterprise software and the audio/podcast industry, highlighting the importance of understanding the user's experience and needs. He learned valuable insights while working as an engineer on a music sharing platform, understanding the motivations and sentimental value behind content creation. Armel emphasizes the role of technology in empowering creators to express themselves and share their message. Armel also reveals his journey in building an AI enabled audio editor, which aims to make it easy for people to express themselves and share their stories. He believes that understanding the motive behind content creation is crucial in creating a great product. As an entrepreneur, Armel sees potential for growth in the podcasting industry and believes that podcasting is slowly maturing, gaining recognition for its professionalism. He is excited about the untold stories from Africa and other parts of the world that can be shared through podcasting. In addition, Armel compares podcasting to TV shows, mentioning its unique audio format with different frequencies and topics. He believes there are many unexplored formats around audio and is excited about the possibilities. Armel envisions travel as a way to expand and open up possibilities for audio, providing a tool for people to express their ideas. This episode also covers the foundation of building a successful business, including understanding motivations, identifying clear problems, and developing sustainable solutions. Armel shares his experience as a founder and engineer, emphasizing the importance of a supportive and team-oriented culture in a working environment. He acknowledges the challenges of growing a product in the podcasting industry but sees them as both opportunities and obstacles. Overall, this episode delves into Armel Beaudry's insights, experiences, and vision for the future of audio editing and podcasting. Join us on this episode of Business Breaks to learn more about his journey and the evolving landscape of the podcasting industry.
Ep. 32 Interview Series: Tony Kitchens on Embracing Pain, Building Resilience and Helping Others
July 2, 2023 • 56 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, our host Dante Healy interviews Tony Kitchens, a successful business person and entrepreneur. Tony Kitchens shares insights into the connection between entrepreneurship, building a healthy business, and making a positive impact on communities. He discusses his involvement in various philanthropic projects and stress the importance of active involvement beyond just financial contributions. The conversation also touches on the value of having a support system and seeking guidance from peers, especially during challenging times as an entrepreneur. Tony reflects on his own experiences, including the difficulties of closing a business and finding strength in painful situations. They challenge the loss of human connection in the business world due to automation and technology, emphasizing the importance of maintaining strong personal relationships with suppliers, partners, and employees. Throughout the episode, Tony Kitchens emphasizes the importance of resilience, never giving up on one's dreams, and finding the right vehicle or product/service for financial success. He also shares personal experiences and the influence of upbringing on his entrepreneurial journey. Tune in to this episode of Business Breaks to gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship, personal growth, and the importance of human connection in the business world.
Ep. 31 Fireside Chat: Career Pivoting: Balancing Risk and Opportunity
June 25, 2023 • 65 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks John Byrne and Dante Healy discuss career pivoting and share their own experiences with shifting between various fields such as Finance and Accounting, Archaeology, IT and Management Consulting. They offers tips and advice on how to make lateral moves within a career rather than up the ladder, stressing the importance of knowing why you're making the shift and considering the qualifications and skills needed. They also discuss the difference between pivoting to start your own business versus pivoting to a new career as an employee, emphasising the importance of networking, marketing oneself and building a strong brand. They discuss the difficulty of turning hobbies into a career and suggests finding a career that aligns with one's passions and natural strengths. Lastly, they also offer advice on rethinking one's career path, being open to learning and development, and finding successful role models to emulate.
Ep. 30 Interview Series: Sean Atkinson on How to Thrive in a Competitive Job Market
June 18, 2023 • 81 MIN
On this episode Dante interviews Sean Atkinson, a seasoned entrepreneur and branding consultant. Sean shares valuable insights about navigating job transitions and the importance of having a consultant's mindset, citing past experiences of both betrayal and opportunity during layoffs. Throughout the episode, Sean emphasises the need to be strategic, flexible and to continuously build diverse sets of skills in preparation for unexpected career changes. He also covers the importance of researching a company's job board and looking beyond job descriptions during the interview process. Listen in to learn more about strengthening your position as a job seeker as well as advancing your career.
Ep. 029 Interview Series: Osman Okumus on Transforming Mindsets
June 11, 2023 • 52 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, host Dante talks to business mindset coach and mentor Osman Okumus. Osman shares his experience of leaving his previous company due to conflicting expectations and the importance of honest coaching sessions. He also discusses his system for helping clients achieve clarity, confidence, and continuity. Additionally, Osman shares insights on optimal sleep patterns, the psychology of colors, and the significance of shifting perspective. Lastly, he talks about his struggles and distractions while obtaining his education but encourages listeners to have confidence in their skills. Tune in to discover valuable tips for personal growth and career success.
Ep. 028 Fireside Chat: Making Sense of Accounting Metrics through Profit Measurement
June 4, 2023 • 51 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, we dive into the importance of understanding both profits and cash flow in a company's financial health. We speak with experts about how fast-growing companies can get too excited about growth and fail to pay attention to finances, leading to bankruptcy. We also discuss the confusion around accounting metrics and the importance of maximizing gross profit. Additionally, we explore the risks small suppliers face when dealing with big customers and the importance of maintaining a healthy profit margin. Finally, John shares his experiences as a consultant who simplifies financial goals into revenue, gross profit, and net profit and recommends maximizing gross profit as the easiest way to increase net profit. Tune in to learn more about the nuances of business finances and how to effectively manage them.
Ep. 027 Interview Series: Don Trone on Behavioral Governance and Exemplary Leadership
May 28, 2023 • 50 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, I talk to Don Trone, the CEO of 3ethos a leadership training company based on a recent body of research that examines the interrelationships between Leadership, Stewardship, and Governance. Behavioral Governance is based on the groundbreaking research in Neuro-leadership and it's effect on leadership behavior. Don discusses his research on identifying the right leadership behaviors and characteristics. He also shares his journey to becoming known as the "Father of Fiduciary", discovering his passion with the importance of fiduciary responsibility and how his military experience serving in the Coast Guard shaped his views. We also dive into the concept of how behavioral governance applies to any industry, as well as the critical traits that form trust between professionals and clients. Listen to this episode to uncover the key leadership behaviors and characteristics that correlate to exemplary leaders.
Ep. 026 Interview Series: Adil Amarsi on Storytelling and Emotional Connection in Copywriting
May 21, 2023 • 56 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, we explore the art of copywriting with copywriting master Adil Amarsi. Adil shares his formula for writing sales letters that connect with the reader and compel them to take action. He also discusses his journey to becoming a successful copywriter and how AI is changing the industry. We also delve into the importance of understanding your ideal customer, social media strategies, and recommended reading for aspiring copywriters. Tune in and learn how to write copy that sells.
Ep. 025 Interview Series: Haris Reis on the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Passion, Hard Work and Continual Learning
May 14, 2023 • 41 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, we dive into the mind of a successful entrepreneur who believes in giving more than he receives in every relationship. He generously connects people with those who can help them, even investing his time and effort to help others without expecting anything in return. He learned through his journey that creating a proof of concept is essential before setting up a business, and selling and making customers happy is a priority over upgrading. He shares valuable insights into the business world and offers tips on how to grow a successful business. Additionally, we explore the story of his medical device company, Carpal Aid and how he solved a real-world problem with a natural cure. We also discuss how he immigrated to the US as a refugee and created a successful online shopping mall before transitioning to the world of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, he gives advice on how to stay focused, train in combat sports, and surround yourself with successful people. Tune in to learn from a successful entrepreneur who had experienced many challenges and learned valuable lessons along the way.
Ep. 024 Interview Series: Sander Belaen on Unlocking the Power of Authentic Social Proof
May 7, 2023 • 38 MIN
Sander Belaen is an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity in the world of online reviews. After seeing how a simple testimonial on Instagram led to a new customer for his friend's catering company, Sander began researching review software and found that there was no dominant player in the market. He saw a chance to make a real difference and started building his own review platform. With a focus on organic growth and improving upon current tools, Sander is passionate about making online reviews more useful for businesses and customers alike. What else I like about Sander is the fact that he's also a "coffee enthusiast" - Here I'm giving a shout out to my very first expert guest David Ketchen!
Ep. 023 Interview Series: Bernard Kates on Life Coach Skills for Leaders
April 30, 2023 • 59 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, we dive into the topic of effective leadership and team management. Our guest speaker shares his personal experiences in leading a team and discusses timeless principles that can be applied in any leadership style. We cover topics such as creating a positive culture, coaching your team, effective communication, and building trust. We also explore the differences between leadership and management and how neglecting leadership can lead to failure. Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out, this episode provides valuable insights and practical tips to help you become a more effective leader and cultivate a successful team.
Ep. 022 Interview Series: David Safeer on How to Uncover the Real Problem with Cash Flow Issues
April 23, 2023 • 45 MIN
Mastering Cash Flow: Myths, Mindsets, and Strategies for Business Success. In this episode, we interview David Safeer, the founder of "Cash Is Clear", a company that specialises in helping businesses manage their cash flow. David shares his journey, starting from his early days as a technician, to his global marketing position, and ultimately becoming an expert in cash flow management. David debunks two common myths surrounding accounting and finance: that accountants should know how to manage cash flow and that it's all about the money. He stresses the importance of commercial awareness, sales, marketing, operations, and predicting and managing the future. David has developed a system with six pillars to teach accountants how to help their clients with cash flow problems. The first pillar is mindset, which is the most critical issue. He emphasises that it's not enough to analyse the past; it's also crucial to be proactive in creating the future. The goal is to help companies stay in business and grow as much as they can. David also talks about the importance of bookkeeping and clean set of books for understanding costs, margins, and predicting cash flow in the future. He explains that changing the mindset of traditional accountants who are trained to think and behave in a certain way takes time, but it's crucial. The conversation also focuses on the challenges of working with lenders who want to lend to companies that have a decent cash flow but waste the finances on unnecessary expenses. They discuss the role of data analytics in the evolution of cash flow modeling and how fintech can offer solutions but won't solve the problem entirely.
Ep. 021 Interview Series: Stephen Rosenberg & Doug Lutkus on ERISA Compliance and Tackling Litigation Risk
April 16, 2023 • 56 MIN
In the US, 87 million employee participants put aside money for retirement. This represents an incredible $6.3 trillion in assets, which is managed by a few organizations covering approximately 635,000 plans. So, have you ever wondered if you're getting the right story on your retirement investments? It's typical to have the Treasurer or CFO as plan Fiduciary take on the responsibility for running the retirement plans, but many CFO's are often surprised to learn that by doing that, they've actually taken on personal liability if things go wrong with the plans. If an employee submits a legal claim that their plan has been mismanaged the onus is on the Fiduciary to navigate the complex legal traps to prove sufficient safeguards were in place. On this episode of Business Breaks, Steve Rosenberg and Doug Lutkus discuss important topics related to 401(k) disclosures and the implications of holding fiduciary responsibilities. Our experts provide recommendations for CFOs and plan fiduciaries to reduce the risk of litigation challenges. Steve Rosenberg shares his experience as a highly accomplished litigation lawyer specializing in ERISA and insurance coverage disputes, while Doug Lutkus provides expertise in fiduciary liability training and guidance to stay compliant with retirement plan regulations. Tune in for valuable insights on how to navigate complex retirement plan regulations to protect yourself and your business from the legal consequences!
Ep. 020 Interview Series: Chris Cownden on Collaboration over Competition to Build a Podcasting Community
April 9, 2023 • 26 MIN
On this episode of Business Breaks, we're joined by Chris Cownden, a technology enthusiast and successful podcast mentor known as the Expert Whisperer. Chris discusses his unique approach to extracting valuable insights from his guests and mentoring others on how to successfully launch their own podcast. Along the way, we explore the similarities between podcasting and being a chef, the key ingredients to a successful podcast, and the AI tools available for podcasters. As Dante's mentor Chris shares his favorite podcasts and provides tips for fellow podcasters on launching a successful show. The episode ends with a call for greater collaboration and cooperation within the podcast industry for the greater good. Whether you're an aspiring podcaster or simply interested in the future of podcasting, this episode is a must-listen!
Ep. 019 Interview series: Andy Cristin on Building Successful Businesses as a part-time CFO
April 2, 2023 • 38 MIN
Our guest today is Andy Cristin, a Virtual Finance Director or Fractional CFO who has over a decade of experience working with owner-managed businesses. Andy shares how he became a fractional CFO after realizing he preferred making quick decisions and working closely with entrepreneurs to determine business goals and exit strategies. As an author, finance director, and qualified accountant, Andy knows the ins and outs of running and building a successful small or medium-sized business. We learn how Andy's successful exit from his own business taught him valuable lessons such as fine-tuning profitability, hiring people better than yourself, and relying on automation to reduce costs per unit. We also discuss the importance of cash flow management and how a fractional CFO can help small business owners develop a financial strategy by analyzing financial data and creating a plan that aligns with the business's overall goals. Andy shares his expertise on industry trends, predicting revenue and costs, and the impact of changes in consumer behavior. He emphasizes the importance of getting financial specialists in early and sticking to a focused strategy to avoid common mistakes in small businesses. Finally, we delve into the complexities of preparing for an exit through a merger or acquisition and the need to make oneself redundant as the business owner. Tune in for a fascinating conversation with Andy Cristin and gain valuable insights into financial strategy and planning for early stage businesses.
Ep. 018 Interview series: Christopher Chin on Data Storytelling and Career shifts
March 26, 2023 • 49 MIN
Dante interviews data storytelling expert Christopher Chin who shares his journey from music composition to data analytics and data visualization. His core motivation has always been to tell impactful stories, and he found that data storytelling was a satisfying way to achieve this goal. Christopher's career pivots demonstrate how transferable skills, such as creativity and problem-solving, can be applied across different fields. Data analytics involves examining and interpreting data to extract insights that can help businesses make informed decisions. Effective data storytelling goes beyond visualizing data; it involves understanding the context and using the data to tell a story that resonates with the audience. Christopher found that data visualization allowed him to be creative in a visual sense while also exercising his scientific and logical sides. He recommends using a default color palette, leaving breathing room in slides, and tailoring the data visualization to the audience's needs and interests. This episode provides valuable insights into how transferable skills, combined with online learning and project creation, can lead to fulfilling careers in fields such as data analytics and data visualization. Through data storytelling, we can communicate insights from data in a compelling and understandable way, enabling businesses to optimize their operations, improve their products and services, and gain a competitive advantage.
Ep. 017 Interview series: Kevin McCarthy on How to Unlock Your Life's Purpose and Achieve True Fulfilment
March 19, 2023 • 59 MIN
Get ready for an insightful podcast episode with Kevin McCarthy, author of 'The On-Purpose Person.' Kevin shares valuable insights on finding your life purpose and how it can transform your personal and professional life. Discover why people feel stuck and out of control in their life and how to combat it with self-awareness and introspection. Kevin emphasizes the importance of aligning your purpose, vision, mission, and values with your career and personal life, and exploring different options before making any significant changes. Learn how to trust your instincts and emotions, make peaceful decisions, and apply the same methodology to other areas of life. Kevin suggests various ways to identify your life purpose, such as brain dumping, identifying patterns in what brings you joy, seeking guidance from mentors, and being open to new experiences. Don't miss out on this podcast episode packed with actionable tips and insights on finding your life purpose and being on purpose in personal and professional life. Get ready to take charge of your life and live with purpose!
Ep. 016 Interview series: Pete Mohr on Serial Entrepreneurship and the 5 P’s of Successful Business
March 12, 2023 • 50 MIN
In this episode Dante interviews serial entrepreneur and expert business coach Pete Mohr for an insightful conversation where he covers the "Five P's" of business success - People, Process, Product, Profit and Promise. While most people are aware of the first four P's, the Promise piece is often overlooked. Pete emphasises that the key to achieving success in business is to find the right balance between People and Process, which ultimately leads to improved Performance. Why those looking to start a business may either buy an existing business or start from scratch, depending on their goals and budget? He also stresses the importance of understanding the parameters of business ownership, including the potential risks and frustrations, and advised talking to other business owners to gain insights into what to expect. Ultimately, Pete emphasises that loving what you do is crucial to success in business and that it's okay to change course if your passions change!
Ep. 015 Interview series: Brandon Leibowitz on SEO and Digital Marketing Mastery
March 5, 2023 • 25 MIN
Looking to boost your business's online presence and attract more leads? Look no further than Brandon Leibowitz, a top digital marketing strategist with expertise in social media, SEO, and Google Ads. In this episode, Brandon shares his insider knowledge on how to optimise your website and leverage the latest SEO trends to drive more traffic and generate more leads. Drawing on his extensive experience as a social media marketing consultant, Brandon also offers valuable lessons on how to craft a winning social media strategy that engages your audience and drives conversions. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business!
Ep. 014 Interview series: John Ladaga on Finding Success by Embracing Failure
February 26, 2023 • 35 MIN
In this episode we dive into John Ladaga's journey from sales at IBM to entrepreneurship and the creation of Sturppy, a financial modeling software for startups. With Sturppy, John aims to simplify the financial modeling process for early-stage founders without Excel or finance experience. Discover the challenges John and his co-founder faced in creating a platform that accommodates various business types while ensuring robustness and flexibility. Tune in for valuable insights on entrepreneurship, including reframing failure, perseverance, vulnerability, and the importance of customer feedback.
Ep. 013 Interview series: Glenn Gardone, from Finance to Chocolate; The Journey of an Entrepreneurial Leader
February 19, 2023 • 63 MIN
Dante interviews Glenn Gardone, President of RED Chocolate, knows that passion and success don't happen overnight. From humble beginnings, he worked for four top CPG companies, winning multiple awards. His message to entrepreneurs? "Punch through the mud." Listen to his entertaining and inspiring stories on our podcast and learn the importance of building strong teams and persevering through stress. Get ready for takeoff because this will be one hell of an adventure.
Ep. 012 Fireside Chat: Team Productivity
February 12, 2023 • 56 MIN
In this episode John and I discuss tips and strategies for maximizing team productivity based on our personal experiences leading various Finance and cross-functional Project teams. We cover how to ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts when managing team dynamics for optimum performance.
Ep. 011 Interview series: Gordon Tredgold on avoiding Digital Transformation failure, Leadership, Soft skills and Coaching!
February 5, 2023 • 54 MIN
In this episode, Dante sits down with one of his mentors, Gordon Tredgold, to discuss the skills that have made him a successful business transformation leader, executive coach, and award-winning motivational speaker. Gordon shares his journey from being a technical leader who led from the front, to becoming a transformational leader who focused on growing and developing his team members. He talks about the challenges he faced and the strategies he used to turn around failing IT programs and lead transformation project teams of over 1,000 people. Gordon’s insights and experiences make for an engaging and enlightening conversation, and listeners will come away with practical tips and inspiration for their own careers. So tune in to learn from one of the best in the business!
Ep. 010 Interview series: Zachary Italian on Successfully Transforming the Customer Experience
January 29, 2023 • 41 MIN
Dante interviews Zachary Italian, entrepreneur and founder of Village Helpdesk, delivering excellent customer experience through outsource "Support-as-a-Service". He talks about his personal entrepreneurship journey and transforming customer experiences through leveraging technology to enhance service performance levels whilst simultaneously not losing that important human connection with the customer.
Ep. 009 Interview series: James Perry, Expert Finance Trainer on the Mindset for Career Success
January 15, 2023 • 37 MIN
In this episode Dante Healy interviews James Perry, a renowned speaker, lecturer & executive coach who assists those in the accounting & finance space from around the globe in creating the life they want, from obtaining world-class professional qualifications, to achieving dynamic personal and career development. While holding a BSc in Accounting with First-Class honours, MSc in Advanced Accounting & Certificate in Executive Coaching, James is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Authority and a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland. He was also included in N. Ireland's Top 40 Under 40 twice, in 2018 & 2019. In this episode we cover the mindsets and strategies needed for career success in Finance as James shares his insights and experiences transitioning from Audit Director to a trainer of Chartered Accountancy.
Ep 008 Fireside Chat: Clash of cultures
January 8, 2023 • 60 MIN
This episode is about when cultures clash as a follow on topic from Ep 7 on Efficient Business Growth where the matter of Elon's acquisition of Twitter was brought up so we agreed to delve into culture as it relates to business acquisitions. We start by sharing our views on the impact of culture with respect to Twitter and Elon then share our own experiences of what has worked versus what hasn't in respect to cultural transformation and disruption.
Ep 007 Fireside Chat: Efficient Business Growth
January 2, 2023 • 47 MIN
Growing a business efficiently requires careful consideration of a few key elements. - Outsourcing can be an effective way for businesses to scale, but there are both pros and cons to consider. - Automation can help businesses scale by reducing repetitive manual tasks, streamlining processes and enabling businesses to quickly respond to customer and market needs. - Having a clear direction and vision for the business is essential to ensure that the business is growing in the right direction. - Finally, culture is an important factor in scaling a business through acquisition. A shared culture creates harmony and understanding between teams coming from separate companies. This ensures colleagues work together towards shared goals and reduces friction so teams are more likely to be productive. Note: we decided to save the conversation of culture clashes for the next Fireside episode.
Ep 006 Fireside Chat: How passive is passive income?
December 18, 2022 • 51 MIN
In the episode John and I discuss how much effort is needed to create passive income. Passive income has become an increasingly popular idea as people strive to find new ways to make money without having to work long hours. It involves setting up streams of income, often through investments or various creative business models that can generate regular money with minimal effort. However, many people considering this as an option are unsure how passive income actually works and what steps they need to consider in order to begin benefitting from the available options. We’ll also go over the advantages and potential pitfalls you may encounter when considering the options available to you!
Ep 005 Fireside Chat: Saving Money with External Consultants
November 26, 2022 • 69 MIN
In this episode John and I discuss efficiency opportunities when using external consultants having both freelanced on external consulting engagements. Understanding why you have engaged outside support and ensuring the outcomes you are seeking are aligned you can leverage the value of the knowledge and expertise that external consultants can offer your business. We also cover the pitfalls of poorly managed engagements, leading to wasted expenses that could significantly impact your bottom line resulting in little to no return based on both our own experiences as well as case studies which caught our interest.
Ep. 004 Interview series: Herding Cats with David Ketchen discussing Digital Transformation
August 21, 2022 • 39 MIN
In this episode Dante Healy interviews his friend and mentor David Ketchen, a Digital Cat Herder who has successfully delivered large scale, highly complex digital transformation projects. David brings a wealth of real world insight and expertise into this conversation including what does successful digital transformation look like?, what are the key traps to avoid? and how to position your talent to thrive where change is the only constant? David is multi-talented as demonstrated by his latest pivot as a pastel paint artist!
Ep. 003 Fireside Chat: Strategic Partnerships
August 14, 2022 • 39 MIN
John and I discuss competition versus collaboration and things to consider when growing your business through strategic partnerships to accelerate growth through pooling resources and expertise. What compels businesses to go into strategic partnerships? What makes a partnership or joint venture successful as well as the potential pitfalls?
Ep. 002 Fireside Chat: Too Big to Fail?
July 18, 2022 • 18 MIN
John and I discuss ideas about why no company is too big to fail!
Ep. 001 Fireside Chat: Entrepreneurship
June 26, 2022 • 67 MIN
John and I discuss our views on entrepreneurship and what does the term itself mean?