We Don't Have Time For This
Two full-time working mums with lots of opinions and no time. Featuring childhood besties Gemma Peanut and Kate Reeves.
Dare You To Write Out The Stay At Home Mum Job Description
February 8, 2021 • 57 MIN
What's the hardest, most undervalued job in the world? Staying home with your kids. End of. We discuss when we knew it was time to head back to work and what we'd do differently if there was a next time. We also get into some woo woo theories on full moons and kids sleep and somehow end up at how we met our husbands. WHAT A RIDE!
Can We Be Mum-Friends?
February 2, 2021 • 60 MIN
Kate reveals how hard Gem's wedding was for her and Gem reveals how hard it was to lose her bestie to Motherhood #grouptherapy. Plus! Shocker, there's more sh*t talk, like literally, as well as a plan to get more botox. For more, join our Gram Fam @wedonthavetimeforthis. We would love to hear from you! Leave us a review to help us include more babes in the #extendedmothersgroup and keep the poddy LOLing along.
Being An Actor is a Continual Punch in the Guts
January 25, 2021 • 60 MIN
What’s it really like to be in a soap like Neighbours? What do actors get paid? How do you get auditions and what do you do while you’re waiting around to be “picked”? Gem is feeling major feelings about her “slashie” career this week and she needs to talk about it. Also, making new Mum friends and why oh why must your kids out you for drinking too much? (No points for guessing who that happened to). For more, join our Gram Fam @wedonthavetimeforthis. We would love to hear from you! Leave us a review to help us include more babes in the #extendedmothersgroup and keep the poddy LOLing along.
But Can You Really Trust Your Nanny?
January 18, 2021 • 44 MIN
The moral dilemma of witnessing some shady Nanny behaviour when you know the mum. To meddle or not to meddle, that is the question. Kate does not have time for the school holidays this year. Oh and whoops, more stories of shitting in public, brought to you by the Northern Beaches Defecators. For more, join our Gram Fam @wedonthavetimeforthis
What Comes After the Before And After Photo?
January 11, 2021 • 54 MIN
What comes after crippling self-consciousness and before radical self-love? No fkn idea?! It's a messy, contradictory, fraught and necessary chat about diets, exercise, body image and how instagram can trigger it all. For more, join our Gram Fam @wedonthavetimeforthis.
Never Tell Your Mum Your Baby Name
January 5, 2021 • 62 MIN
To find out or not to find out, that's a silly question! Gem and Kate discuss finding out the "gender" of your unborn baby and whether a gender reveal is cool, fun or on the nose. Also Bridgerton. Sexy, sexy Bridgerton. For more juice, join our Gram Fam @wedonthavetimeforthis.
Twenty Twenty One-der How This Will Go?
December 29, 2020 • 48 MIN
After a mixed bag Christmas, we're crawling to the New Year! Gem does not have time for resolutions and Kate is over being asked about her living situation. Ready to roll the dice and see how this next year is going to pan out… To catch up on more or to throw episode suggestions our way, head to our instagram @wedonthavetimeforthis
You're Doing Christmas Wrong!
December 22, 2020 • 55 MIN
Well, it's lockdown again, just in time for Christmas. Gem and Kate compare Santa's role in their families and process a Troll from Christmas Past.
Husbands and Schedules and Gifts, Oh My!
December 19, 2020 • 46 MIN
How do we "do it all"? Spoiler alert: WE DON'T. We talk schedules, the mental load and making time for your husband... with a side helping of mum guilt, just in time for the holidays.
Talking shit, like, literally.
December 16, 2020 • 40 MIN
Have Kids, they said! Gem and Kate discuss getting ready with kids up in your biz and a serious power wee by a toddler on a slide. Nuff said.
Christmas and Quarantine!
December 15, 2020 • 45 MIN
Imagine doing 2 weeks of Hotel Quarantine as a solo parent with your pre schooler and toddler *Insert scream emoji*. Well Kate did it, and she's giving us the brutal blow by blow.
We bought a mic!
December 14, 2020 • 55 MIN
Welcome to our maiden voyage episode! This first ep sets the scene about how this podcast came to be: Who are we? What are we? And why we don't have time for this. So tune in, grab a wine but be gentle, we're new to this.
December 14, 2020 • 1 MIN
Welcome to the 'We don't have time for this' podcast. Featuring Gemma Peanut and Kate Reeves.