We Are Human Leaders
Welcome to We Are Human Leaders - big conversations around human-centred leadership at work and beyond. This is a story about you, as a Human, and a Leader. It doesn’t matter your industry, your geography, the products you sell or the services that you offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a corporation, or a small business, it doesn’t matter your profit margins or your official job title. Our common denominator is the same, we are humans first and leaders second. This is a call to everyone who prioritizes learning and growth to truly put Humans first in business. Human Leaders is a movement of leaders changing how we work to ensure business and humans can thrive through work. Human Leaders create workplaces where every single person feels seen, their contributions valued and their voice heard. We’re mobilizing the global leadership community to reimagine what work looks like and we’re glad you’re on this journey with us.
A Human-Centred Global Leader in Action with WD40 CEO Garry Ridge
September 21, 2022 • 43 MIN
Welcome to the We Are Human Leaders podcast. Today we’re taking a deep dive into what being a human centred leader looks like in action. Today’s guest is the CEO of a Global Company, one that you all know. Rather than give you the name of the company, I’ll give you a riddle. What’s blue and yellow and lives in your garage? It tackles rust and grease, without a qualm. Transforming squeaks and squeals Into houses of calm It comes in a compact can That fits right in your palm. Can you guess? Today’s guest is none other than CEO of Global Company WD40, Mr Garry Ridge. Garry is nothing short of an incredible Leader having lead WD40 since 1997 and transforming the companies revenue into a multi-billion dollar publicly listed company whilst keeping human beings at the central core of the companies priorities. This conversation was nothing short of awe-inspiring as Garry left both Sally and myself with a multitude of learning moments. We’re so excited to share this conversation with you, let’s dive in!
Heart Intelligence in Leadership with Hema Vyas
September 7, 2022 • 48 MIN
Welcome to We Are Human Leaders. Today we are speaking with Hema Vyas on Heart Intelligence in Leadership. We discuss in depth the impact of Heart Intelligence on how we lead, how we communicate, how we evolve and how we live, as humans and leaders. Hema Vyas is The Omnipreneurial Psychologist, and an international speaker and mentor. Hema guides the path to commercial success, evolutionary and inclusive leadership, wellbeing and positive impact for diverse global audiences. Her work is centred on connecting with ancient wisdom to solve the problems of modern times, especially by understanding the significance of the heart. Hema helps leaders connect to their own personal truth and build towards a life of joy, love, mindfulness, and prosperity. She is trusted by clients from Deloitte, EY, Google, Guardian News & Media, Parliamentary Digital Services and Visa. Her vision closely aligns with the core components of Human Leadership.
Overcoming Self-Sabotage to Embrace Your Power with Iman Oubou
August 24, 2022 • 53 MIN
Welcome to the We Are Human Leaders podcast. Today we're speaking with Iman Oubou, a Moroccan America self-made entrepreneur, former beauty queen, and published scientist on a mission to change the women's media landscape. Author of The Glass Ledge: How to Break Through Self-Sabotage, Embrace Your Power, and Create Your Success, in this conversation we explore Iman's experience and expertise around how we can overcome self-sabotage and embrace our power which is the central focus of her latest internationally available book.
Navigating Stress with Nutrition & Neuroscience with Dr Delia McCabe
August 10, 2022 • 59 MIN
Welcome to We are Human Leaders. In today's episode we're diving into a topic that every single human being on earth has experience with - stress. In our wide ranging conversation with Dr Delia McCabe, we explore how to navigate stress using nutrition and neuroscience and the intersection of the two.
Mindful Leadership & the Business of Peace with Mandar Apte
July 27, 2022 • 65 MIN
Welcome to the We are Human Leaders Podcast, I’m Alexis Zahner and together with my Co-Host Sally Clarke today we’re exploring the concept of Mindful Leadership with Mandar Apte. This conversation shares a new perspective of the power Leadership can have in creating positively impactful organisations that can act as vehicles for change and peace in our world. As Leaders tune into their purpose and align with a more empathic and mindful leadership style, business can shift focus from being profit centred to true drivers of positive global change - it all begins with us. At Human Leaders this speaks to our pillar of Human Leaders called Leading Others, an opportunity for Leaders to become more aware of their impact on those around them, choose mindful communication over reactivity to drive more connection in their teams. BONUS: At the end of this conversation we invite you to take a moment and delve into a Mindful Breathing Practice with Mandar and Sally. Breathing Practice begins at [56:46].
Quietly Powerful Leadership with Megumi Miki
June 29, 2022 • 39 MIN
Welcome to the We are Human Leaders podcast. In this episode we are talking to Megumi Miki about the superpowers we have which lie beyond the traditional lens of leadership and how as leaders we can step into our power and own our voice, through the framework of Quietly Powerful Leadership. Megumi is an author, speaker and consultant in leadership, culture and diversity and inclusion, with a background in strategy, economics and finance. Megumi challenges the status quo in leadership to unlock the hidden talent and collective potential. She is the author of Start inspiring, stop driving: Unlock your team's potential to outperform and grow and Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength, which received the Australian Career Book Award for 2020 and Best Leadership Book of 2020. This episode is a real invitation to tap into the power of our unique authenticity as leaders at work and beyond. Welcome, and enjoy.
Mastering your Triggers for Effective Communication with Louise Evans
June 29, 2022 • 47 MIN
Welcome to the We are Human Leaders podcast. In this episode we're talking to a global leader in servant leadership and non-violent communication, Louise Evans. Louise Evans is Founder and Director of The 5 Chairs project, a Behavioural Coach, Corporate Trainer and Facilitator, Speaker, and Author of 5 Chairs 5 Choices. Her TEDtalk has garnered over 4.5 million views, and for good reason. Her powerful framework for non-violent communication - the 5 Chairs - uplevels our self-awareness to transform how we communicate at workplaces, schools and homes around the world. This conversation is peppered with practical tips and relatable stories - welcome in.
Meeting your Ego to Unlock Co-Creation & Collaboration with Eitan Sharir - PART ONE
June 29, 2022 • 25 MIN
Welcome to the We are Human Leaders podcast. Today is the first part of our conversation with Eitan Sharir of Dynamic Achievement on Ego and the role it plays in Leadership. This episode is candid, enlightening and uncomfortable, all in one! Welcome in, and enjoy.
Meeting your Ego to Unlock Co-Creation & Collaboration with Eitan Sharir - PART TWO
June 29, 2022 • 32 MIN
Welcome to the We are Human Leaders podcast. Join us today for the second half of Alexis’ conversation with Eitan Sharir on understanding our ego to create true co-creation in our workplaces. In this episode Alexis finds out more about how we begin to imbue Co-Creation into our organisational culture’s through becoming a truly aligned and ego-less Leader. If you haven’t listened to part one yet, we really encourage you to go back and give it a listen so you get the most out of this often uncomfortable confrontation with ego and our ego-driven behaviours.
The Power of Peer Support in tackling Mental Health with Dr Tahnee Bridson
June 29, 2022 • 45 MIN
Welcome to the We are Human Leaders podcast. In this episode we’re taking a very raw and candid deep dive in this conversation with Dr Tahnee Bridson around mental health and the power of peer support in the workplace. Content warning: this episode contains sensitive topics such as suicide, mental illness, eating disorders, and other personal struggles which may be triggering and distressing for some listeners.