The One Thing with Lisa Byfield and Leanne Jones on Edge Radio Australia
Join us on โ€œThe One Thing," on Edge Radio Australia ~ The radio show where we delve into the transformative power of singular experiences ft Lisa Byfield and Leanne Jones ๐ŸŽ™๏ธWe are joined by our Special Guest Presenter Aaron Malloy who keeps us on our toes using his quick wit and 30+ years of experience in broadcasting ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ Lisa Byfield from Worldwide Awake Business Network and Leanne Jones from Panasea Healing explore the moments, the epiphanies, and the choices that have reshaped their lives ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ We believe that every story has the power to enlighten, motivate, and resonate with others and we want to make a difference in the world by encouraging others to keep seeking, and keep embracing the transformative moments in their own lives ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ We are on a journey of discovery and inspiration, and love to showcase our special guests who have helped shape WABN, to share their unique insights and stories ๐ŸŽ™๏ธWe invite you to join us on Edge Radio Australia, Living Life on the Edge, where critical thinking is not only valued but encouraged striving to provide balanced UNCENSORED information from here and afar ๐ŸŽ™๏ธWe broadcast live every Thursday at 5:00pm AWST (+8 hrs GMT) and replay every Sunday at 10:00AM AWST (+8 hrs GMT)
The One Thing #17 HOW TO BE MORE GRATEFUL: Tips and Stories for a Happier Life
June 21, 2024 • 36 MIN
In this episode, our hosts explore the profound impact of gratitudeโ€”a catalyst for mental wellness, stronger relationships, and heightened positivity. Through personal anecdotes and expert advice, they uncover how cultivating gratitude can profoundly enhance daily life experiences.
The One Thing #16 LIPSTICK "TALK": The Timeless Appeal of Lipstick
June 14, 2024 • 34 MIN
The Hosts Lisa, Leanne and Aaron each week are on a journey of discovery and inspiration delving into the transformative power of singular experiences and in this lively episode Lisa shares that LIPSTICK HAS TRANSFORMED HER LIFE, and the hosts go on to discuss and delve into the rich history of lipstick, tracing its origins back to ancient civilizations and highlighting its evolution over the centuries.
The One Thing #15 WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE? How Nina Found Healing Beyond the Question "Why"??
June 5, 2024 • 37 MIN
In this episode of Edge Radio Australia, Lisa, Leanne, and Aaron chat with Nina Atiya, Principal Solicitor at Amadeus Legal. Nina shares her journey of overcoming personal tragedy by stopping self-pity and building resilience, emphasising how she did this.
The One Thing #14 GOING BANANAS: Discover the "APEEL" of a Naked Banana
May 27, 2024 • 37 MIN
In this light-hearted episode, the hosts play a guessing game, leading to a fun discussion about bananas. They share amusing personal anecdotes, health benefits, recipes, and tips on bananas, blending humour and practical advice. The conversation highlights the versatility and appeal of this popular fruit.
The One Thing #13 NETWORK MARKETING: Debunking the Myths of MLM
May 24, 2024 • 35 MIN
In this episode of "The One Thing," hosts Leanne, Lisa, and Aaron discuss the impact and perceptions of network marketing. They share personal experiences, debunk myths, and highlight the benefits of MLM, emphasiSing the importance of genuine relationships and quality products in this industry.
The One Thing #12 NAVIGATING COVID - Community, Growth and Well-Being in a Post-COVID World
May 18, 2024 • 39 MIN
In this episode, the hosts discuss the profound impact of COVID-19 on their lives and society. They explore its physical, emotional, and spiritual effects, the controversial responses to the pandemic, and how it led to personal growth and new community connections despite widespread fear and disruption.
The One Thing #11 CAMPING - Reconnecting with Nature: The Transformative Power of Camping
May 7, 2024 • 38 MIN
In this episode, Lisa, Leanne, and Aaron discuss the joys of camping, sharing childhood memories, and the benefits of unplugging from technology. From snoring dads to melted Easter eggs, they explore the simple pleasures and rejuvenation found in nature's embrace.
The One Thing #10 SOUND - Soundwaves of Regeneration: Healing and Growth Through Sound
April 25, 2024 • 38 MIN
Join Lisa Byfield, Leanne Jones, and Aaron Malloy as they welcome sound therapy practitioner Kylie to their 10th podcast episode. Kylie shares her transformative journey with sound therapy, while the hosts explore its healing potential. Engaging with live audience comments, they delve into personal anecdotes and express gratitude for the enriching discussion.
The One Thing #9 SCOUTING MOVEMENT - Trailblazer Triumphs: How Brownies, Guides, and the Scouting Movement Shaped our Success
April 18, 2024 • 39 MIN
Embark on a nostalgic journey as we explore the impact of Brownies, Guides, and Scouting. Through anecdotes and reflections, discover how these activities shaped resilience, leadership, and community. Special guest Wayne, a former scout leader, shares insights into their enduring influence on personal development.
The One Thing #8 HUSBAND SUPPORT - Communication Catalyst: Kim Herman on Partner Support and Business Breakthroughs
April 11, 2024 • 37 MIN
In this episode hosts Lisa Byfield, Leanne Jones and Aaron Malloy discuss relationship investment with Guest Kim Herman, a Transformation Coach. Kim shares her journey and the role of her relationship with husband Luke in business success. They explore masculine-feminine dynamics, communication, and strategies for challenges like addiction. Kim underscores growth, healing, and relationship investment for fulfillment and business breakthroughs.
The One Thing #7 WINNING LOTTERY - Beyond Luck: A Trip down Memory Lane when you Scratch those Winning Numbers
April 4, 2024 • 40 MIN
On this Easter weekend special episode we share anecdotes and laughs, from Leanne's wedding on Easter Sunday to cryptic clues about a life-changing event from the 1980s. As they navigate through banter about favourite chocolates and playful guesses, the revelation hitsโ€”the unforgettable moment when Leanne scratched those winning lotto numbers!
The One Thing #6 PERSPECTIVE - Through Different Eyes: Exploring the Power of Perspective
March 28, 2024 • 37 MIN
We delve into the power of perspective after teasing Lisa's revelation of her life-altering "one thing." Following playful guesses, they explore how perspective shapes personal growth and happiness. Sharing anecdotes and insights, they emphasise owning one's self-image and fostering positivity. Closing with encouragement, highlighting perspective's role in shaping our lives, inspiring deeper self-understanding.
The One Thing #5 QUITTING SMOKING: My Last Resort
March 21, 2024 • 33 MIN
In this powerful episode Leanne shares her nine-year journey of quitting smoking with an impactful ebook. Despite challenges, her transformation reveals insights into habits, mindset, and self-compassion. The conversation evolves with humour and encouragement, offering hope to smokers seeking liberation.
The One Thing #4 EBIKES - Cycling Down Memory Lane: Rediscovering Joy, Freedom, and Adventure on Two Wheels
March 14, 2024 • 40 MIN
Hosts Lisa, Leanne, and Aaron journey through bicycles' transformative power, from childhood memories to present adventures. They explore bikes symbolising freedom, friendship, fitness, and cultural significance. Lisa switches to an e-bike, evoking youthful spirit. Leanne races down Welshpool Road, discussing biking's empowerment and connection.
The One Thing #3 SETTING BOUNDARIES - Somatic Psychotherapist Katie Van Heek: How to Navigate Life with Clear Boundaries
March 7, 2024 • 37 MIN
In this episode of "The One Thing" on Edge Radio Australia, guest Katie Van Heek from Health Intent, a somatic psychotherapist, joins hosts Lisa and Aaron to explore the power of setting boundaries. Katie shares insights, personal stories, and professional expertise, emphasising the transformative impact on mental well-being and relationships.
The One Thing #2 FACEBOOK - The Social Script: How Facebook Impacted our Lives (along with 2.8 billion other users!)
February 29, 2024 • 35 MIN
In this episode of "The One Thing" on Edge Radio Australia, hosts Lisa and Leanne explore the transformative power of singular experiences while discussing Facebook's impact. They engage in a guessing game to uncover each other's one thing, with Lisa revealing her choice, Facebook, which she initially joined for business purposes but later found joy in connecting with old friends and family. Through personal anecdotes and trivia about Facebook's history, the hosts reflect on its role in shaping their lives and fostering new connections.
The One Thing #1 POST-IT NOTES - Notes of Inspiration: Peeling Back the Layers of Creativity with Post-It Notes
February 22, 2024 • 36 MIN
In this episode of "The One Thing" on Edge Radio, hosts Lisa and Leanne explore the transformative power of singular experiences, amidst reliving favourite songs from the '80s. They invite listeners to share their pivotal moments, whether personal revelations, chance encounters, or the impact of particular objects. Leanne reveals the one thing that transformed her life: Post-It Notes. The discussion unfolds with playful banter as Lisa tries to guess the object, leading to revelations about Post-It Notes' accidental invention in 1968. Leanne shares various uses of Post-It Notes, from study aids to love letters, highlighting their practical and emotional significance. Despite initial scepticism, Lisa acknowledges their utility, sparking a humorous debate on other mundane objects' potential. The episode concludes with a call for audience engagement and a teaser for Lisa's upcoming revelation, encapsulating the show's mission to unearth life-altering moments, no matter how seemingly trivial.