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The podcast where the curious & creative come to listen and be inspired by fellow creatives. Your host, Samantha K Henderson, is an award-winning filmmaker who wants to help you find the secret code to unlock your creative process and take your projects to the next level.
Bonus Episode: From Russia to the United States. Making Moves. Making Movies.
March 24, 2024 • 41 MIN
This episode is brought to you by a collaborative effort between The Slow Dive Podcast, hosted by Farida Rafique, and The Creative Seat. In this engaging interview, Farida converses with Yelena Krivosheyeva, whose remarkable career began in journalism at the tender age of 12 in Russia. Yelena has since evolved into a formidable force in Los Angeles as a Writer, Director, and Producer, making waves in the film and entertainment industry with her impactful work.
Transitions with Annika Hylmö
March 19, 2024 • 37 MIN
On this episode we are joined by writer, director, and producer Annika Hylmö. Annika possesses a treasure trove of experiences: from obtaining a PhD in communication, to navigating the waves at the American Film Institute where her flair for screenwriting was unveiled, leading to her poignant first short film, "Doctor Penelope." In our conversation, we'll explore what it takes to make bold leaps of faith—transitioning from one vibrant career path to another, and how to harness the power of patience and an open mind to carve out a niche in the creative world.
Northern California Film Coalition - The Big Break
February 20, 2024 • 39 MIN
On this episode of The Creative Seat, we sit down with Patricia La Marr and Gary Bell, the founders and executive producers of the Northern California Film Coalition (NCFC). Together, they share their insights and experiences in the film industry and their work on the upcoming feature documentary film "Full Circle: The Story of The New Dimensions".
Transformational Screenwriting - The Foundation of Powerful Films
January 23, 2024 • 43 MIN
In today's episode, we are joined by Dawn Spinella, an award-winning writer, director, and producer. Dawn shares her insights on the power of storytelling to shift beliefs, the importance of collaboration in filmmaking, and the impact of personal experiences on creative projects. Samantha K Henderson, our host, engages Dawn in a thought-provoking discussion about transformational screenwriting, finding mentors, and the essence of human connection in the creative process. From Dawn's upcoming novel and feature film to her collaboration on a faith-based project, this episode is brimming with inspiration and invaluable advice for aspiring writers and filmmakers. Join us as we uncover the captivating journey and wisdom of Dawn Spinella in this enlightening and empowering episode of The Creative Seat.
Science Advising in the TV Writers Room
January 10, 2024 • 32 MIN
In this episode, host Samantha K Henderson sits down with Dr. Erin Macdonald, to discuss her roll as a science adviser on Star Trek, writing her own scripts, and her work as a producer of independent films. The conversation delves into the intricacies of the TV and film writer's room, exploring how small ideas can be expanded into captivating stories and the challenges of infusing science-based concepts into scripts. Erin shares insights into her unique role as a science adviser, shedding light on the intersection of science and storytelling in the iconic Star Trek franchise. Additionally, listeners will learn about Dr. Macdonald's personal writing goals, her upcoming productions, and valuable advice for aspiring writers navigating the industry. So, grab a seat and join us as we uncover the creative behind the scenes with Dr. Erin Macdonald on The Creative Seat!
Caryn Ruby Script Supervisor, Writer/Performer
May 2, 2023 • 31 MIN
On this episode of The Creative Seat, we take an in-depth look at the role of a script supervisor in the film industry. In this interview, we'll hear from an experienced script supervisor about her role in ensuring consistency throughout a film or TV show. Our guest, Caryn Ruby, shares her personal story of how she got into the profession, her love for the craft, and how she uses her writing skills to pick up on details that may go unnoticed. We also explore the relationship between a script supervisor and an editor, and how proper prep time is crucial for a script supervisor to excel at their job on set. Join us as we shed light on the unsung heroes of film and TV, the script supervisors.
Jack Buckley Creator of the Animated Film A'Taka
April 4, 2023 • 27 MIN
On this episode of The Creative Seat, host Samantha K. Henderson chats with young filmmaker Jack Buckley about his upcoming animated action mystery movie, A’Taka. Join them as they discuss the film's inspiration, artistic vision, and the challenges of developing a screenplay. They also dive into the importance of collaboration, creativity, and the potential role of AI in the film industry. Plus, learn more about Jack's background, his first feature film, and his experiences with seeking feedback from trusted collaborators. Sponsored by Filmcraft Studio Gear, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in film, animation, and the creative process.
This Creative Space Gets a Little Crowded
April 4, 2023 • 6 MIN
On this episode of The Creative Seat, hosted by Samantha K. Henderson, we explore the challenge of managing a crowded headspace full of creative ideas. With the help of the sponsor, Filmcraft Studio Gear, we hear from Samantha about her personal experience and the methods she uses to develop and commit to her ideas. In this episode, we learn the value of revisiting old ideas, sharing with trusted confidants, and committing fully to our passions. Through her personal experiences, Samantha encourages listeners to embrace their own unique perspectives and just create. Stay tuned until the end and continue to pursue your creative endeavors.
The Creative Seat Podcast Trailer
February 19, 2023 • < 1 MIN
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