Secrets From The Saddle: All things Cycling PODCAST
Secrets From The Saddle: All Things Cycling PODCAST. As a Cycling Lover for the past 20 yrs, founder of a women's cycling club, ex-racer, team manager, and race organizer. I'm so passionate about Cycling, that I started a Podcast showcasing all the aspects of the Cycling World and what makes the Sport of Cycling Thrive. For the FULL LIVE VIDEO Interview, visit the podcast YouTube Channel, and don't forget to subscribe ;o)
1. Meet Sylvie creator of the SECRETS FROM THE SADDLE - All things Cycling Podcast
December 1, 2020 • 5 MIN
Meet Sylvie D'Aoust, Lead Coach, Founder and Facilitator of the Extremely Popular 16wk Winter Road Cycling Program, for the past 15yrs. And one of the largest Women's ONLY Cycling Clubs in the Ottawa/Hull Region, since 2008. "Introvert to Cycling Entrepreneur" No degree needed, driven by the pure desire that no woman should be left behind, Sylvie teaches skills, fitness, and maintenance so that everyone can belong to the pack. Sylvie has dedicated the last 15+ years to participating in the sport of cycling and now she thrives as a coach giving back to teaching others. She has founded on of Ottawa/Hulls largest women's only road cycling clubs, since 2008 and has since created signature Online winter cycling skills programs that have attracted cyclist from all over the world.
2. Ed Veal: Pro Cycling Coach goes for Gold at Para-Olympics as Tandem Pilot this summer in Toyko
December 15, 2020 • 62 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How ED VEAL, became a Cycling Canada Team Member for the Paralympic Team. We'll be talking about how he made it to the Olympics as a Pilot for a Visually Impaired Cyclist and his FUNDRAISER to raise money to save the Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario
3. Bobby's Bikes: How one guy has been giving out FREE REFURBISHED KIDS BIKES to his community
December 15, 2020 • 59 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about Robert Toney. Bobby has been giving out FREE REFURBISHED KIDS bikes to his community in his daughter’s memory. Watch the interview LIVE on Youtube:
4. Unique Bike Shop NICHE with Ken and Dave from Phatmoose Cycles
December 15, 2020 • 57 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How two engineers started a Bike Shop and created a unique Niche. Super excited for you to meet these two fun guys, Kent and Dave from PHATMOOSE Cycles. They have a great story on how they got started in the bike shop business, who knew that two hi-tech guys were so savvy on how to build bikes. Their specialty is part of the attention to detail and finding the BEST parts for what you want. Learning about their Niche in the cycling market and how they have secured a very special market in the region of Ottawa/Hull, Canada.
5. Learn how this MOM & Ironman Competitor changed up her Nutrition to create more LIFE BALANCE
December 16, 2020 • 44 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Michelle changed up her Nutrition, which helped create more life balance. How she gets it all done, work, kids, training. WELCOME the beautiful Michelle Bentley IRONMAN ATHLETE 🏊🚴🏃 Mom of 2 lovely girls👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Assistant FIRE Chief: Talking about LIFE BALANCE, family, new marriage💕, training, and racing....... LEARN how changing up her nutrition made a massive difference in her performance
6. Meet TRAINING with a POWER METER Legendary cycling coach Hunter Allen
December 17, 2020 • 48 MIN
In this episode, you will meet Legendary cycling coach - HUNTER ALLEN Co-author of: Training and Racing with a Power Meter Cutting-Edge Cycling Co-developer of TrainingPeaks' WKO+ software, and founder of Peaks Coaching Group. This interview was recorded in Fall of 2018
7. WHY One Man Cycled Across the UK & Canada for Heart & Stroke
December 18, 2020 • 53 MIN
In This Episode You Will Hear From Gordon Paterson who decided to cycle across the UK and then across Canada C2C to raise funds for Heart&Stroke Foundation of Canada. What drove him and why it meant so much to him. May 30-Sept 1, 2018
8. Find out how a BRAIN INJURY can lead to the bike and possibly a spot on Team Canada
December 21, 2020 • 14 MIN
In the episode, you will learn how one amazing girl Thuy Do, found her passion for bicycling. After sustaining a brain injury as a teenager, Thuy found the bike and an invitation to compete for a spot in Team Canadas Next Gen Parathletes program. Yes, YOU Can!
9. Learn how a NICHE market for Custom Painted Bike Frames was created by Bike Shop owner Michael Bennett
December 24, 2020 • 55 MIN
In this episode, you will learn how bike mechanic evolved to Bike shop owner, to bike frame designer, to creating a NICHE of his own in Ottawa, Canada.
10. 5 TIPS to ELIMINATE Online Group Ride FOMO
December 27, 2020 • 24 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Time for some Coaching Tips from Coach Sylvie: 5 TIPS to Eliminate ONLINE Group ride FOMO. Are you rinding too much? Be intentional.
11. 5 TIPS: How to get FAST by Optimizing your Training Performance with IM Coach Steven Bentley
December 28, 2020 • 66 MIN
In this episode, you will learn from Long Time Ironman Coach Steven Bentley. He will be sharing 5 TIPS How to get FAST by Optimizing your Training Performance. Making his clients FAST is his mission.
12. Learn the SECRETS this man made a comeback in his 50s, to WIN the California State Championships
December 30, 2020 • 73 MIN
12. In this episode, you will learn: The SECRETS that allowed Jon Davis: release 20lbs, have more energy, kill all his races, and win the 2018 California State Championships.
13. 5 TOP Cycling Intentions you can use: Cycling Tips from COACH SYLVIE
January 1, 2021 • 13 MIN
13. In this episode, you will Learn: 5 Top Cycling Intentions you can use to reach your goals. Cycling Tips from Coach Sylvie
14. Meet the BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL Founder Brendt Barbur. Learn how the Festival went Virtual this year.
January 4, 2021 • 40 MIN
In the episode you will learn: The story behind Brendt Barbur the Founder of the BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL and how this year after 20 yrs the Festival went virtual.
15. Meet Patricia Konantz at the age of 65 takes GOLD at 2019 UCI World Cyclo-cross Championships in Belgium
January 6, 2021 • 47 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: At the age of 65 Patricia Konantz is dominating in Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross. Age is just a number!
16. 8 FIXES to BEAT the DIET SABOTEURS: Keep your calorie intake on track
January 8, 2021 • 27 MIN
In this episode you will learn: 8 FIXES to BEAT the DIET SABOTEURS: Keep your calorie intake on track with these FIXES, with Coach Sylvie
17. A powerful story WHY Daniel Hurd is Cycling around the USA for SUICIDE AWARENESS
January 12, 2021 • 66 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How the bicycle saved Daniel's life, and now he's been biking around the USA to bring awareness to SUICIDE.
18. Meet Kirsti Lay - Canadian Olympic Athlete on the Track, now a proud MOM
January 14, 2021 • 52 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: About an amazing young woman who went from an elite athlete as a speed skater to World Class Olympic athlete capturing a bronze medal on the track at Rio to a now PROUD MOM.
19. 4 TIPS for Ultimate Comfort while Training on your Indoor Trainer
January 15, 2021 • 25 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How to make training FUN with these 4 TIPS for Ultimate Comfort while Training on your Indoor Trainer.
20. UPS & DOWNS of being in the Bike Shop business for 25yrs with Greg Christie
January 18, 2021 • 47 MIN
In this episode you will learn: What it takes to be in the Bike & Ski shop business for 25yrs with amazing Local to Chelsea, Quebec Greg Christie.
21. TAKE A RISK: Cyclist Turned Chiropractor meet Luc Mahler
January 20, 2021 • 43 MIN
In the episode you will learn: KNOW your WHY, Take a risk, Run with your Dreams. Learn how Luc went from Cyclist to Chiropractor. He has some great advice to share.
22. Where to focus POWER vs HEART RATE vs CADENCE. That is the question.
January 22, 2021 • 19 MIN
In this episode you will learn: So many people are training on trainers this winter. What are the ideal tools for a beginner?
23. What drives this man to Bike from Italy to South Africa. Meet Ivan Bianconi
January 25, 2021 • 52 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How the events during his cycling tours have not stopped him from continuing his 9001 km goal of cycling from Italy to South Africa
24. Learn how this woman DID NOT let her circumstances DEFINE her, but EMPOWER her passion for cycling. Meet Thuy Do
January 27, 2021 • 50 MIN
In this episode you will learn: How this amazing woman is defying the odds from her injury and taking her passion for cycling to a whole new level.
25. WHY you should NEVER wear UNDERWEAR with your BIKE SHORTS and 8 TIPS to alleviate Saddle Sores
January 29, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this episode you will learn: WHY you should NEVER wear underwear with your bike shorts and 8 TIPS to prevent Saddle Sores.
26. South Africa is a pretty tough place: Learn How One Mans Passion for Cycling Lead him to Help Boys get off the Street in AFRICA and on the Bike
February 1, 2021 • 49 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: One Mans Passion for Cycling Lead him to Help Boys get off the Street in Sierra Leone, AFRICA, and on the Bike.
27. Canadian Olympian, New MOM. Will she Head to Tokyo. Meet Powerhouse Mountain Biker Catharine Pendrel
February 3, 2021 • 48 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How one woman dominated the Mountian Bike podium for 17yrs, bringing home multiple medals for Canada. As a NEW MOM, will she head to Tokyo or retire?
28. The Malnourished Athlete: Eating less, training more DOES NOT equal an increase in performance
February 6, 2021 • 22 MIN
In this episode you will learn: More athletes both young and adult are training more, with less emphasis on nutrition. The end result is a tired, broken down nutrient deficient body.
29. Dreams of Coaching a Youth Cycling Program Come True with ALAN DEMPSEY
February 8, 2021 • 54 MIN
29. In this episode, you will learn: How one Triathlon Coach gets the opportunity to his Dream job, coaching teenagers how to ride and race bicycles with the Ottawa Bike Club
30. Let's talk EATING DISORDERS & MENTAL HEALTH and how cycling saved Canadian Olympic Mountain Biker : Haley Smith
February 10, 2021 • 51 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: As a young teenager, Haley Smith developed an Eating Disorder and how the sport of Mountain Biking changed her life.
31. 4 TIPS to Improve your PEDAL FORM: How Important Is IT | Coach Sylvie
February 12, 2021 • 25 MIN
In this Episode you will learn: Why Pedal form is so important. Did you know that sitting on your trainer can result in a significant decrease in power output?
32-Author of TRAINING & RACING With A Power Meter. Discussing STAMINA & ENDURANCE with Hunter Allen
February 15, 2021 • 60 MIN
In this episode you will learn: The difference between Stamina & Endurance and Efficiency & Economy as it relates to how cyclists are training today online. Great advice from Hunter
33. HOW Retiring from Ironman Racing is Opening up Opportunities for more FUN: Update with Michelle Bentley
February 17, 2021 • 46 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: HOW Retiring from Ironman Racing is Opening up Opportunities for more FUN: Update with Michelle Bentley
34. ECONOMY in Cycling and what that Means as a Cyclist : Coach Sylvie
February 19, 2021 • 32 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: The difference between the ECONOMY of Cycling and Efficiency with Coach Sylvie
35. From OVERWEIGHT to FIT and one of the BEST Florida Triathlon Coachs meet John Slocum
February 22, 2021 • 29 MIN
In the episode you will learn: How John went from being overweight, to fit from Triathlon. And now helping others follow his path from being Unhealthy & Out of shape to being in the best shape of their lives. Meet and amazing Human John Slocum
36. How Mindset is Everything in Sport when Injury takes you out of the Game with Natalie Allport
February 24, 2021 • 69 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: At a young age Natalie Allport had her heart set on being a professional snowboarder for Canada. When an injury took her out of the game, she had to find her identity again.
37. Are you OVER TRAINED or simply BURNTOUT? With Coach Sylvie
February 26, 2021 • 22 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Talking a look at the symptoms of Overtraining and how Burnout can be right around the corner.
38. Setting Records on Human-Powered Vehicles & A High Performance Cycling Coach Meet Jim Glover
March 1, 2021 • 52 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Jim became fascinated with Human-Powered Vehicles (covered bicycle) and breaking the record. And his passion in coaching as a High-Performance Cycling Coach
39. Great Stories as a European CYCLING Travel Guide to Owning her Own Cycling Instructors Business: With Jennifer Sage
March 3, 2021 • 71 MIN
In this episode you'll learn about: How Jennifer's extensive experience and travels with cycling lead her to start her own Cycling Instructors Association.
40. Coaches Corner with Sylvie: I need your HELP - The Amazing March LINEUP
March 5, 2021 • 14 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: 3 Tips to Being Successful Achieving your Health Goals. I need your help. Announcing my amazing lineup of guests for March.
41. Today we speak with JOE FRIEL & JIM RUTBERG about their new and very timely book RIDE INSIDE
March 8, 2021 • 80 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: The background of these amazing GURUS in Cycling: Joe Friel & Jim Rutberg. We will also be talking about their very timely cycling training book RIDE INSIDE, which helps the new cyclist navigate the online cycling training scene.
42. Cycling the World: This Family of NOMADS sees no Limits to their Abilities to Live Differently: Meet Celine, Xavier, Nayla & Fibie
March 10, 2021 • 81 MIN
In this episode you will learn: How one couple started a cycling tour that turned into 10 years of cycling around the world. During the 10yrs Celine gave birth to their two daughters Nayla & Fibie.
43. Rest & Recovery: Least Planned and Underutilized Way to Enhance Performance. With Coach Sylvie
March 12, 2021 • 36 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Without these 9 Areas of Rest & Recovery in place, it becomes increasingly difficult to enhance performance as an athlete or in life.
44. 5 TIPS How to Effectively Train on the Trainer with Ironman Coach Steven Bentley
March 15, 2021 • 51 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: 5 TOP TIPS for being effective on the trainer with High-level Ironman Coach Steven Bentley.
45. Meet SUSAN SLY. Overcoming MS as a Canadian Pro Level Ironman Athlete, to Multimillionaire, multiple business owner. It all comes down to MINDSET
March 17, 2021 • 54 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: You will learn how MINDSET sets you apart from everyone else. After being diagnosed with MS, racing an IM with a fractured pelvis. Learn how Susan takes that mindset into building her million-dollar businesses over the past 20yrs.
46. The 3 Steps 2 SUCCESSFULLY Getting Active Again. With Coach Sylvie
March 19, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How to implement these Three S's that will help you move into a life of success in health.
47. A LIVE Sneak Peek into the SHOWROOM of LOGICA CANADA. Home of Biemme Clothing & De Rosa Bikes
March 22, 2021 • 28 MIN
In this episode you will learn: A behind the scene look into the showroom of a major international Cycling Brand - Biemme Clothing, Diadora shoes, Briko Helmets, and De Rosa Hi-Performance Bikes
48. Meet this Young Couple JOE & EMMALEE. Learn how they were able to BIKE around the USA for the past 10yrs.
March 24, 2021 • 38 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How this young couple has set up their cycling tours, to be able to ride across the USA over the past 10yrs, while working.
49. SPRING Cycling: How to Be Safe Your First Time Out: Coach Sylvie
March 28, 2021 • 12 MIN
In this episode, You will learn: Three things to KEEP YOU SAFE when going out for your first ride on the road after being on your trainer all winter.
50. Learn About the Legacy of a Local Legend In Triathlon and owner of Zone3Sports: RICK HELLARD
March 29, 2021 • 67 MIN
In this episode you will learn: How Rick got to be one of the BEST Triathlon coaches in Ottawa......Might have something to do with his sense of Humour.
51. Learn how multiple concussions lead JENNY TREW to coaching and developing one of the strongest woman's race team
March 31, 2021 • 79 MIN
In this episode you will learn: How this amazing woman fought through multiple concussions in her cycling racing career to lead and grow one of the most successful women's pro cycling team - CYCLERY. To now leading the women's development track team.
52. ENDURANCE VS STAMINA: Are you falling somewhere in-between with Coach Sylvie
April 3, 2021 • 27 MIN
In this episode you will learn: Ways to build your endurance and stamina.
55. Are you creating LIFE BALANCE or heading for DIVORCE - 3 WAYS to Help Create Balance you Desire. Coach Sylvie
April 4, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Here are three ways to create LIFE BALANCE in your life and still achieve all your goals without cutting the budget in half.
53. Meet Bicycles McW a Montreal based Bike Shop. What makes them Unique.
April 5, 2021 • 31 MIN
In this episode you will learn: How a second-generation cycling shop business is still going strong. What makes them so unique.
54. Meet Emily Flynn, who Starting Racing at the age of 11. How she moved up the ranks to PRO LEVEL
April 7, 2021 • 52 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Emily Flynn. Learn how she started racing at age 11, and moved up the ranks in cycling racing with a USA Pro Team as a Sprinter.
56. Bumon2Wheels - ALEX CAICEDO. From Riding for a Cause to the REAL FUNNY on the Road Feelings.
April 12, 2021 • 68 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How a mechanical engineer decided one day to get on his bike a ride across the USA and some funny days that kept him going, eventually to join Dan Hurd Ep.17 to Ride for Suicide Prevention.
57. Meet KELSEY MITCHELL. From University Soccer to Pan Am Gold Medalist, world record holder on the track in 3yrs
April 14, 2021 • 44 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet KELSEY MITCHELL. She has been motivated by sport at a young age! From University Soccer player to Pan Am Gold Medalist, world record holder on the track in 3yrs. Her story will give you motivation
58. Let's Talk About ADVOCATING for WOMEN in CYCLING: Coach Sylvie
April 18, 2021 • 14 MIN
In this episode, we will learn: We will start the conversation around EQUALITY FOR WOMEN IN CYCLING.
59. Meet MIKA SIMOLA from Finland. Get a Glimpse into How to Build a Cycling Career in Europe
April 19, 2021 • 45 MIN
In this episode, you will learn. Meet Mika, as a young cyclist wanting to go Pro, how he build his career and is now a full-time coach in Finland, sharing his love for cycling with new up-and-coming young cyclist.
60. Meet EVELYNE GAGNON. PARAPAN AM GAMES Winner, Passionate about being a Pilot for Para Athletes
April 21, 2021 • 53 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Evelyne cyclist turned PRO as a Pilot of the Canadian Cycling Par-Athlete program. She's passionate about being a pilot and is looking for a new athlete to work with.
April 23, 2021 • 21 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Why Strength Training for FEMALE Cyclist is so important, with Coach Sylvie
62. Meet SHAWN CLARKE - How does one become a DIRECTOR SPORTIF for a PRO Women's Team in Europe.
April 26, 2021 • 48 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Shawn Clarke came to be a DIRECTOR SPORTIF for a Women's PRO Team IN Europe.
63. Meet KAROL-ANN CANUEL: Canadian PRO Cyclists Racing in Europe and Training for the OLYMPICS. The question, will she retire this Fall or not.
April 28, 2021 • 37 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: From KAROL-ANN Canuel, how, and what it takes to become a Canadian PRO Cyclist and compete in TWO Olympic Games.
64. CONTEST TIME, Olympics, Celebrating WINS, Cycling Skills With COACH SYLVIE
May 1, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: SAVE THIS DATE: Contest Starts Week Of May 24: How to participate and WIN in our 10wk Celebration CONTEST.
65. Meet MIKE NASH. Smashed the Canadian and WORLD Record for the ONE-HOUR Solo Race. Holding it for 5 Years.
May 3, 2021 • 47 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Mike Nash is the ultimate example of someone who started cycling until later in life. He SMASHED and set both Canadian and World Records for the ONE-HOUR Solo Race on The Track. That's five years he held this title!
66. Meet DENISE MUELLER-KORENEK The Fastest FEMALE Cyclist on Earth
May 5, 2021 • 74 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Denise Mueller-Korenek came to hold the overall Paced Bicycle Land Speed Record at 183.9mph set in 2018.
67. Coach Sylvie: SPECIAL "ASK" & The Tools needed in your Bike Bag for a Safe Bicycle Ride
May 9, 2021 • 14 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: I'm so excited to answer your question about what I would like you, the listener, want to hear. And as a bonus, I'll tell you some tips on how riders should pack their bicycle bag while out riding!
68. Meet Craig de Gier: Owner of Prairie Cycling Development in Saskatchewan. Bringing all levels of cyclist together.
May 10, 2021 • 59 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Graig created the Prairie Cycling Development program in Saskatoon, which has allowed all levels of cyclists to learn, enjoy and progress in their abilities. It's about building community.
69. With a history of complex-PTSD; a survivor of sexual assault and molestation. Learn how JULIE WALLACH was saved by the bike.
May 12, 2021 • 66 MIN
In this episode you will learn: How Julie used the bike to escape a childhood of abuse.
70. WHAT TO ADD TO YOUR BIKE BIN : Do you know where all your BIKE GEAR is? With Coach Sylvie
May 15, 2021 • 22 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How to get all your BIKE STUFF organized for the summer. FREE CHECK LIST is provided.
May 17, 2021 • 92 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Paul Swift, founder of BIKE-FIT Fitting Education. He is the inventor and designer behind many successful products for cyclists like the Wedge Cleat that has helped so many with leg length and GAT differences cycle more comfortably.
72. Meet ANGELLA GORAN: First Female Founder of a NEOBANK in North America-TAPanGO (ATHLETICA Rewards / Protect) & Fall 2021 Elite Women’s UCI 1 Hr Indoor Cycling WR Attempt
May 19, 2021 • 77 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: From Angella Goran this Serial Entrepreneur who saw a need to create combination of insurance and financial strategy to better protect families who want to live an active lifestyle.
76. Are you TRACKING YOUR RESULTS & do you have a POSITIVE TRIBE for Support. With Coach Sylvie
May 21, 2021 • 18 MIN
In this episode, we will learn: Why it's important to track results. Stay motivated and the importance of having the RIGHT support team around you, in order to be successful.
73. How old is your HELMET? Coach SYLVIE
May 24, 2021 • 24 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Why it's important to wear a helmet and how to care for one.
74. Meet IAN HUGHES. Elite & JR Mountain Bike Coach. Creator of the GOLH Mountain Bike Coaching Program
May 24, 2021 • 58 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Ian Hughes took his love for Mountain biking and turned it into one of the most popular MTN bike camps in Quebec. Ian created the GOLH - Greater Outdoor Learning Hub Mountain Bike coaching program. Learn how to become a MTN BIke Coach.
May 27, 2021 • 52 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How two Canadian Women, through their own experiences in sport, moving to cycling made a decision to create the Canadian Women's Cycling Collective to bring women together. Lobby for change equality for women in cycling
77. What do you do when an INJURY TAKES you out of the GAME? Meet JON DAVIS Cyclist from California
May 31, 2021 • 56 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Jon Davis went from California State Master CRIT Champion to being taken out of the game when he broke his ankle. Learn what he did to get fit again and back on the bike.
June 2, 2021 • 55 MIN
n this episode, you will learn: Meet Ariane who has been racing for the past 9yrs. She's heading to TOKYO for Gold on the track.
79. The FEAR of FALLING on your Bike While Still Clipped In.......It's a REAL FEAR: Coach Sylvie
June 5, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Falling off your bike while still clipped in, is sometimes the #1 FEAR most new cyclists have, and how to deal with it....because you will FALL.
80. STEPHEN SEILER: Exercise Physiologist Talks Brussel Sprouts, Training Strategies, Zwift and more
June 7, 2021 • 90 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Stephen Seiler exercise physiologist and one of the world’s leading minds in the science of cycling. But do you really know him. We talk candidly about gardening, training, zwift and more
81. Meet Female Activist KATHRYN BERTINE. Author of STAND & Fighting for a TOUR DE FRANCE event for WOMEN
June 9, 2021 • 80 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Talking to the amazing Kathryn Bertine, who has dedicated her life to Women in the Sport of Cycling-fighting for EQUALITY in Cycling for Women. Kathryn Bertine is an author, athlete, activist, and documentary filmmaker.
82. Booty Shorts: Lulu vs Fabletics vs Ryder - Product Review With Coach Sylvie
June 12, 2021 • 17 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: A Product Review on the ever-popular BOOTY Shorts. Lululemon vs Fabletics vs Ryder Wear. As a fitness instructor who teaches on my online LIVE membership, it's important to have good comfortable workout gear.
83. Meet the the SYLVAIN RICHARD - An International CYCLING Event TIME KEEPER
June 16, 2021 • 61 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Sylvain took his passion for timekeeping, developed it into his business, and made it to the Olympics......Multiple Times.
84. Meet LEX ALBRECHT Went from Racing PRO to Co-Host on the GO PREEM TV Show
June 16, 2021 • 58 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Lex Albrecht, a spitfire of a Cycling Racer, who knows how to Hustle. Went from a PRO Racer in Europe to being a Co-Host and a new cycling show called GO PREEM TV.
85. Hate HILL REPEATS ...... Who Does? Why you need them to improve your cycling. With Coach Sylvie
June 18, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: My secrets to getting good on the hills. Crush the Hills or Be Crushed by the Hills, it's all about how you train for them! Download my 9 Fav Hill Repeat Drills.
86. Meet LYALL BEATTIE. Learn what it takes to run an Elite JUNIOR Men's Race Team
June 21, 2021 • 57 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Lyall Beattie - Director Sportif of the Elite JUNIOR Men's race team. The money, the sponsors, recruiting, and Support.
87. Meet KINLEY GIBSON. What happens next when your OLYMPIC Dreams are Crushed by Injury
June 23, 2021 • 69 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Kinley Gibson whose greatest dream was to attend the TOKYO Olympics. I wasn't til an injury put her out of the game in January 2020. She has since moved to a Cycling Coaching position helping develop young athletes.
88. You want to GET BETTER AT CYCLING? Here's are the skills needed: Coach SYLVIE
June 26, 2021 • 21 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: The fundamental skills needed to improve your cycling. When it comes to biking or any other sport, It doesn't matter what fitness level you're at if you lack the necessary skills no one will be able to take full advantage of their abilities.
89. Meet PETER KUNSTADT: Survived WW2, escaped to Canada & built the largest Family Run Sports Stores in the region.
June 28, 2021 • 74 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How determination, education, pure appreciation & gratitude enabled PETER KUNSTADT to escape WW2 from Romania to Canada. Where he set up one of the leading family-run Sports Stores in the Ottawa, Canada Region.
90. Meet ANNIE Foreman-Mackey. Learn why taking OWNERSHIP of her Cycling Career has lead her to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.
June 30, 2021 • 65 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet one of our Canadian Track Athletes heading to the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Learn how this amazing woman is juggling medical school while prepping for Tokyo. How does she make it all work and more.
91. Git er Done. How to Stay Accountable and Keep Showing Up: Coach Sylvie
July 2, 2021 • 16 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Why it's important to show up, if you say you're going to show up.
92. Meet ROB GOOD. Learn how he has Developed a Kick-Ass Kids Development Program in the Toronto Area
July 5, 2021 • 54 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Rob Good. He's been a coach for Track Cycling in the Forest City Velodrome in London for years. He's now created his own Youth Development Cycling Club in the region and it's growing!
93. Meet NATASHA WILCH, She helps Athletes Navigate and Recover from Persistent Concussion Symptoms
July 7, 2021 • 74 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Natasha Wilsh. She is one of the few true specialists that helps athlete deal with and recover from concussions. She wasn't always in this field of expertise, until Natasha found that there was a serious need for this type of help.
94. STOP Saying YOU Aren't GOOD ENOUGH: Coach Sylvie
July 9, 2021 • 16 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Ladies STOP holding yourself back from greatness and some advice from Coach Sylvie.
95. MATTHEW ALEXANDER: He doesn't let his AUTISM stop him from sharing his Enthusiasm for Spinning.
July 12, 2021 • 39 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Matthew Alexander. He may be autistic, but that does not stop him from bringing his passion and enthusiasm to his SPINNING & ZUMBA Classes. Join him for his ONLINE Sessions.
96. Meet Prapri (DEBBIE) Jensen, one of the Women who Rode in the Women's Tour De France in 1984. Hear her story.
July 14, 2021 • 80 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Debbie Jensen, she was one of the lucky women who RODE THE WOMENS TOUR DE FRANCE in the 80's. Here's her story.
97. 11 Tips: How to set up a Successful Cycling Event PLUS a Hill Drill You NEED to try. Coach Sylvie
July 16, 2021 • 36 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: 11 Tips How to set up a successful Cycling Event. Coach Sylvie BONUS Hill Drill You Need to Try!
98. Meet DAVID BOSLEY - MASTER Connector in the Cycling & Fitness World
July 19, 2021 • 74 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: David is a MASTER CONNECTOR in the Cycling & Fitness world and loves helping out less fortunate cycling teams with cycling gear and training material.
July 21, 2021 • 67 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Marley & Kailey together they are bringing awareness to PLUS SIZE women on bikes. Launching the ALL BODIES ON BIKES movement.
July 23, 2021 • 13 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Thank you to all the listeners who have embraced this podcast About All Things Cycling and are making this podcast a huge success for me, I THANK YOU! I'm so grateful to reach 100 episodes and over 30K in downloads.
101. Meet DAN ZIMMERMAN: As a STROKE Survivor he overcome the effects of a stroke by getting on a TRIKE
July 26, 2021 • 69 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: About strokes and how Dan Zimmerman overcome the effects of a stroke to lead a positive, productive life on the TRIKE Bike. And share his success with others stroke survivors, getting them on bicycles and starting his SPOKES FOR STROKES Charity.
102. Meet LUCY HEMPSTEAD: Eating Disorder to Guinness World Record holder and Elite Cyclist
July 28, 2021 • 66 MIN
In this episode you will learn: Meet Lucy Hempstead. Learn how she developed an eating disorder as a runner through HS, now Elite Cyclist beat anxiety and depression, became a Guinness World Record holder, and has her eye on the olympics.
103. 7 Tips What to Look for in a Cycling Training Program: Coach Sylvie
July 30, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Some tips on what to look for in an Off-Season Cycling Training Program.
104. VELOMOBILES........WHAT ARE THEY?? Learn how Romanian Company is going GLOBAL
August 2, 2021 • 58 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: From the Visionary himself Jan Wijnen, how this cool Carbon Covered TRIKE is making waves all over the world.
105. Some People Are Motivated by GOALS & Some People are Motivated by MORALS. Meet DEVENEY COLLIER an Amazing Women with many Struggles in her Cycling Career
August 4, 2021 • 61 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: From one amazing young woman who struggled through her cycling career with Cycling Canada. Truly a powerful episode.
106. My First race in 8yrs at the Age of 50. Coach Sylvie
August 6, 2021 • 24 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: I am not your average cyclist. I just turned 50, and finally got back into the sport this year after my team disbanded in 2013. For me to be able to get on a bike again is an amazing feeling!
107. TONI LUND Ultra Endurance Cyclist From Finland: How he completed Alaska's Toughest ULTRA Endurance Events
August 9, 2021 • 71 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Toni Lund from Finland. He got into cycling and really fell in love with long endurance racing and completed the toughest Ultra Endurance Race in the World in Alaska Called the Iditarod Trail Invitational 1000 mile Race.
108. How do you Build YOUR BRAND, as a PRO or ELITE Athlete before Retirement with ANDREA WISE
August 11, 2021 • 57 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How can athletes build a personal brand as a business, with Brand Expert Andrea Wise. Benefit from all the hard work you've been doing in your sport to help it translate into money in your pocket!
109. 13 Tips How to cycle FASTER & INCREASE your Average Speed: Coach Sylvie
August 13, 2021 • 37 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: 13 Tips How to cycle FASTER & INCREASE your Average Speed.
110 - The Worlds First AI POWERED Online Bike Fit. Meet the creator JESSE JARJOUR
August 16, 2021 • 70 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Jesse Jarjour the creator of the Worlds First AI POWERED online BIKE FIT. Learn how easy it is to download this app and self-correct your bike measurements.
111. Meet SHAY HADDOW Expert Coach & Speaker on Confidence and Mindset for Female Athletes
August 18, 2021 • 58 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How SHAY built her brand around helping young female athletes build Confidence and a strong Mindset as they move through their athlete careers from High School to College/University.
112. 7 Ways To IMPROVE your AVERAGE SPEED on a ROAD BIKE: Coach Sylvie
August 20, 2021 • 18 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: 7 Ways To IMPROVE your AVERAGE SPEED on a ROAD BIKE with Coach Sylvie
113. MATTHEW ZANIS speaks on How Rehabilitation and Training for Performance are One in the Same
August 23, 2021 • 73 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Matthew incorporates movement for prevention with his Olympic and general clients.
114. JILLIAN MURPHY: How to MARKET your BRAND as an Athlete
August 25, 2021 • 40 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: If you are an athlete that's trying to build a business around your name or sport, this episode is for you. Learn valuable tips from Jillian on how to build your brand to make money.
115. PROS & CONS: 4 Way to Ride/Train on your Bike INSIDE with Coach Sylvie
August 27, 2021 • 42 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: The PROS and CONS of 4 Ways you can RIDE/TRAIN on your bike inside. Some things to think about.
116. Meet ALEX BOSLEY a Young Rider working his way to the World Tour
August 30, 2021 • 62 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Alex Bosley, this young UK road cycling racer is working his way to get on the World Tour.
117. Meet TARSH WENDT the creator of the STOMP THE PEDAL Women's Cycling Clothing Company
September 1, 2021 • 81 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How and what it takes to create a premium Women's Cycling / Triathlon Clothing Brand. Meet creator with a vision Tarsh Wendt.
118. 9 Things to Consider when Creating an Off-Season or In-Season Training Plan. With Coach Sylvie
September 3, 2021 • 27 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: When starting a SEASON of training for any sport, there needs to be OR SHOULD be some consideration put into a PLAN. This plan lays out the Goals and what needs to be achieved during training.
119. JAY LAMOUREUX Team Canada Track Cyclist - His View on the Tokyo Olympics 2020
September 6, 2021 • 49 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Jay Lamoureux, Team Canada Track Cyclist, who was getting ready to leave for Tokyo when we spoke. His views on racing and the olympics.
120. SHUT UP LEGS CHARITY Event: STUART GRACE - Charity Event Organizer
September 7, 2021 • 54 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Stuart Grace from the UK. He's a world traveler, settled in the UK and is now an avid cyclist, and is passionate about his charity ride: SHUT UP LEGS which raises money for Epilepsy.
121. Meet SAFFRON SMALL - British Cycling Ambassador Leading Women in Cycling in the UK
September 8, 2021 • 48 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Saffron Small, lead how she used the bike to help grieve her dad's death and is now a prominent female cyclist in the UK, who is working closely with the British Cycling Association to promote cycling for women.
122. YOU vs YOU: The "A-H" Moment Story with Coach Sylvie
September 10, 2021 • 27 MIN
In this episode, you will learn with Sylvie about her A-H Moment when she was riding the bike and discovered how gears work. The Comfy YOU holds back from getting better at cycling while the Uncomfortable YOU is holding us all up
123. He Created a CAR INSURANCE for CYCLIST that FUNDS his Passion Project StarFish CHARITY in Malawi. Meet CHRIS NOTT
September 13, 2021 • 61 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Chris Nott had a very successful insurance business. After attending a week-long volunteer trip to Malawi to build a Church, his life changed he sold his Insurance business and started a charity called Starfish Malawi. He also created a very unique Insurance for Cyclists that funds his charity.
124. MARIE-SOLEIL BLAIS. Adventure Cyclist & Bike Racer. Learn How her Pace WINS the Race.
September 15, 2021 • 60 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Marie-Soleil Blais, adventure cyclist and kick ass bike racer. BUT behind the racer, learn what you need to do to land a contract with a women's race team.
125. 5 Tips How to Mentally Prepare for an Event/Race: Coach Sylvie
September 17, 2021 • 21 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: 5 tips How to mentally prepare for a RACE/EVENT. From the moment you press submit and register yourself for an event to event day, so much needs to be done in between. Make sure you're setting yourself up for success.
126. Cyclist and MEN'S HEALTH EXPERT. Meet Dr. AARON HUBBS.
September 20, 2021 • 67 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Dr. Aaron Hubbs, he has created a very specific to help men with their mental health. So important these days. Have a listen and please share with someone who you think would benefit from his words.
127. Meet MARION CLIGNET. Epilepsy didn't Stop Her from Becoming on of the Most Decelerated Female Cyclist in the 1990's
September 22, 2021 • 61 MIN
In this episode, you will learn how Marion Clignet didn't allow Epilepsy to stop her from racing her bike. She started her journey in the USA, when the USA didn't want her to race for them because of her epilepsy, she moved to France where she took multiple World Championship wins. NOw she advocates for the return of the Tour de France for Women.
128. 8hr Hurtin In Haliburton: RACE REPORT by Sylvie D'Aoust
September 24, 2021 • 28 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: We all love a race report, how about listening to one! First Gravel Race ever. Got my Gravel Rebuild 2 weeks before. Had the time of my life!
129. STEEL is REAL. How rebuilding old steel bikes is starting to become popular. Meet Jason Komendat owner of RETRO-RIDES
September 27, 2021 • 60 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How Jason created an exciting NICHE around refurbishing old steel bikes. His Retro Rides are quickly picking up interest from all ages of cyclists. Check out the youtube episode where you can SEE all the amazing rebuilds in his shop.
130. STOP THE STUCK: Feel safe in relationships after trauma & hurt by Elly Grace Numia
September 29, 2021 • 53 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How to heal after TRAUMA and HURT, and in the cycling world, that can be from a multitude of things. Check out Elly Grace Numia's new book " STOP the STUCK" , Feel safe in relationships after trauma & hurt
131. 4 KEY BIKE SKILLS to train during the winter: Sylvie D'Aoust
October 1, 2021 • 50 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: 4 KEY Cycling Skills. when practiced and perfected during the winter can bring a 5% to 20% improvement by the spring. Do you know what they are?
132. Montreal Time Trial Series Organizer : Nick Van Haeften Passionate about getting people on BIKES
October 4, 2021 • 51 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How one man's passion for cycling, lead to the creation of the local Time Trial Series in Montreal that's been running for almost a decade.
133. PART 1: How to Manage the Life Changes after a CONCUSSION 6yrs ago with JULIE HUTSEBAUT
October 6, 2021 • 55 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: PART 1: Julie's story from starting as a swimmer to the bike, to After sustaining a concussion over 6yrs ago. Learn how Julie used her fitness, professional help, family to recover.
134. Part 1/4: Planning your Training Season with Sylvie D'Aoust
October 8, 2021 • 33 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Putting together a winning Winter Season Training Plan takes a lot of thought, goal setting, communication and planning. Part 1/4 talks about how to get started. Webinar included. See the details.
135. CORY MORTENSEN: Biked ACROSS the USA with NO Experience Cycling and Wrote about It. You'll Laugh your Ass off.
October 11, 2021 • 61 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Cory MortensEn. 20 yrs ago he decided to bike across the USA, he had no bike packing experience, drank Gatorade, eat Chinese, drank more beer, survived encounters, you will laugh your ass off reading his story. Book " The BUDDHA and the BEE
136. TAINTED BLOOD-1984 Olympic Blood Doping Documentary FilmMaker: JILL YESKO
October 13, 2021 • 73 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Jill Yesko Documentary Film Maker of the 1984 Olympic Blood Doping Schandel TAINTED BLOOD and BROKEN TRUST, the story of athlete abuse. So powerful!
137. Part 2/4: The 3 KEY Workouts that should add when PLANNING YOUR TRAINING SEASON: Sylvie D'Aoust
October 15, 2021 • 17 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Part 2/4: What KEY workouts should be part of your training plan.
138. Teenage ATHLETES come with Teenage ANXIETY: ANDREW HOVELSON coaches Teenagers to Success
October 18, 2021 • 72 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Andrew helps teens to coach them through tough times in their teenage years, as athletes or not. Building confidence and crushing limiting beliefs.
139.Learn How you can PUBLISH your own Cycling Journey: With Miriam Laundry
October 20, 2021 • 54 MIN
In this episode, you can learn: Miriam Laundry started her own publishing company for kids' books. Think about how we can share our love for cycling with our kids. She can help put your idea on paper.
140. Part 3/4: WORKING BACKWARDS Planning Your Training Season: with Sylvie D'Aoust
October 22, 2021 • 26 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Getting a clear picture of what a full Season of Cycling Program looks like and how to work backward from the BIG EVENT.
141. RUPERT GUINNESS: Power of the Pedal - One Man’s Epic Race to Cross Australia
October 25, 2021 • 72 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Rupert Guinness, who came back from bulimia in his younger years to embrace cycling and share his passion with more people in Australia and the world.
142. MTN Biking to ZWIFT Online Racing in the Premier League: MONILEE KELLER
October 27, 2021 • 60 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Meet Monilee Keller, we used to Adventure Race against each other 20yrs ago. Since then she's moved to Seatle, is a mom, and has become a ZWIFT Premier Racer and coach. So cool!
143. Part 4/4: Where to FIND CYCLING SKILLS Based Programs. Planning Your Training Season with Sylvie D'Aoust
October 29, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Where you can find unique cycling-related programs that focus on skills. In addition to just jumping on your bike and riding, working on your skills and techniques during the winter will get you further ahead for the Spring.
144. Winter BIKING Paradise - Mountain Biking Destination In ARIZONA meet SCOTT GIVENS Owner.
November 1, 2021 • 54 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: One of the BEST places to HIDE, I mean RIDE during the WINTER. Meet Scott Givens, whose passion for mountain biking and coaching, lead him to start this winter Bike Paradise
145. Paving the way for BLACK WOMEN in Cycling meet VERA NGOSI Adventure Cyclist
November 3, 2021 • 65 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: How Vera is creating more awareness for Black Women in Cycling. Creating a place and space to feel comfortable riding bikes.
146. Injury Recovery TIPS: Coach Sylvie
November 5, 2021 • 19 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: When you're injured from a sport, use these 3 Tips to keep you in the game during recovery.
147. Canadian Lawyer Who Helps Cycling Clubs TRADEMARK their Brands & LOVES Volunteering at Local Cycling Organizations Meet GREGORY PANG
November 8, 2021 • 53 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How Greg helped my cycling club CycleFitCHICKS and other cycling organizations, and club TRADEMARK Their Brands, and is an amazing contributor to the local cycling community.
148. Single Mom, BIKES to BUSTING Through to a Better Life with DENISE WESTER
November 10, 2021 • 59 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How the worst situations can lift you up and BUSTING THROUGH limiting beliefs to be able to build the life of your dreams. Add a bike and it's perfect with Denise Wester. Her book is an amazing read that will allow you to journal adding through to paper and you too can bust through to the next level.
149. The Aging Athlete with Coach Sylvie
November 12, 2021 • 25 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: We will start diving into things we should consider when it comes to training as we age, as The Aging Athlete.
150. DANIEL HURD Cycling For Suicide Prevention. After a Horrific Accident is Now Able to Finish his Mission.
November 15, 2021 • 70 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: After suffering a devastating bicycle accident days from finishing his Bike Around the USA, Daniel has been able to get back on the bike and complete his mission. He has concluded that it is time to settle down, find a job and start a new life. Episode 17: How the bicycle saved Daniel's life, and now he's been biking around the USA to bring awareness to SUICIDE.
151. Part 2: LIVING With a Concussion after 6yrs with Cycling Coach JULIE HUTSEBAUT
November 17, 2021 • 59 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: PART 2: Talking to Julie, mom of 3 about how she now deals with her concussion symptoms on a daily basis. In this episode, you will learn: PART 1: Julie's story from starting as a swimmer to the bike, to After sustaining a concussion over 6yrs ago. Learn how Julie used her fitness, professional help, family to recover.
152. The AGING ATHLETE & The 2 Main Stressors : Sylvie D'Aoust
November 19, 2021 • 29 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Hey my loyal listeners. I have 2 ASKS of you. 1. Please SHOUT out the Podcast on Social Media and tag @sylviedaoust_cyclist @secretsfromthesaddlepodcast 2. How can I serve you. What would you like to hear more off, next year? 2 STRESSORS for athletes and how to avoid them.
153. JAMES VAN TOEVER: Semi-PRO JR Turned Registered Physiotherapist & Professional Bike Fitter
November 22, 2021 • 69 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: James started his athletic career as a DH ski racer and quickly transitioned to Cycling as JR. While spending a couple of years racing in Europe as a Semi-Pro JR he came to the conclusion that it was time to put his knowledge of cycling to the test, going back to school to become a PhysioTherapist and then Specializing in BIKE-FITS. James is one of the saute after Bike-FIT specialist in town.
154. Learn how a Bike Accident Lead to Becoming one of Canada's TOP PARALYMPIAN Meet MARIE CLAUDE MOLNAR
November 24, 2021 • 47 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How pure grit and determination did not keep her from recovery with speed after the car accident left her with severe head trauma injuries, broken bones and partial amputation of her arms. Which lead her to be invited to join the Quebec Parathlete Program as one of the TOP PARALYMPIAN in Canada.
November 26, 2021 • 22 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How even the people who have the most energy can experience a Low Lack of Motivation sometimes and even we need to have a TRIBE around us OH and some BLACK FRIDAY Specials if you're looking to spend some money ;o)
156. First USA Cycling Lawyer & two-time U.S. Olympic racing cyclist: ROBERT MIONSKE
November 29, 2021 • 68 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Meet Robert Mionske, who went from representing the USA in the 1988 & 1992 summer Olympics to becoming the first BICYCLE Lawyer in 1993.
157. CATS & BIKES & Ellen Carozza the CAT Vet Tech
December 1, 2021 • 72 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: I found Ellen @thecatvlt on Instagram because of her cat posts in the vet office and all the cats that were up for adoption....AND THEN I found out she was a cyclist and I reached out. What an amazing human, Ellen loves her cats and her bike. If you're in the Virginia area, you have to look her up. She's always asking for donations to take care of the kittens.
158. PERIODIZATION is the Key to Avoiding the Danger of Overtraining with Coach Sylvie D'Aoust
December 3, 2021 • 26 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: With your cycling goals, use this periodized program set up to your training plan for success.
159. Meet PATRICK BROWN a CANADIAN BICYCLE Lawyer-Learn how he's making Toronto a safer city to Ride
December 6, 2021 • 64 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Patrick Brown leading Bicycle Lawyer in Toronto, Canada. Patrick has represented many cycling advocacy groups in the greater GTA area, promoting safe cycling for bicyclists.
December 9, 2021 • 50 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How this amazing UK woman MOM from Berkshire took her passion for learning how to make Macarons and turned it into a passion project. Meet Bethan Bertrand.
161. 6 Ways to TEST your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) And WHY! Coach Sylvie
December 10, 2021 • 42 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: 6 Ways to test your FTP and why it's important to track progress.
162. Cycling Advocates in TORONTO Helping to Create a Safer Cycling City JOEY SCHWARTZ
December 14, 2021 • 53 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Within the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada a number of Advocacy groups for Cycling have emerged to protect and develop greater awareness around cycling and creating safer cycling routes for cyclists. ARC (Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists) Toronto Bicycling Network’s Advocacy Bike Law
163. 5 Step Method Help You deal with TRAUMA or a friend with Author and Expert KATHARINE MANNING
December 15, 2021 • 56 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Trauma can affect us in so many ways. We all know someone who has lost a loved one, but how do we respond to it and deal with the feelings. Katharine created a 5 Step Method to help move through the feeling and TALK to that friend who has experienced a traumatic experience. So powerful
164. CELEBRATING 1 YEAR and Over 100K in Downloads: What's Up For 2022
December 17, 2021 • 36 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Celebrating a milestone, 1YR anniversary. 161 + Episodes and over 100K in downloads. THANK YOU I am humbled with Gratitude to my guests and the listeners of the podcast. You amaze me.
165. From Unhealthy Entrepreneur to 5x LEADVILLE finisher Meet my Amazing Friend RANDELL "BIKE" BENNETT
December 20, 2021 • 90 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Meet my amazing friend Randell "BIKE" Bennett. We connected 5yrs ago when he started on a health journey after selling his business and getting into cycling. Randell, went on to compete and successfully finish the hardest race in the USA LEADVILLE 5x. He has an amazing story.
166. What does CROHNS & CYCLING & an ONLINE Cycling Shop have in Common? Meet MICHELLE BRIDEAU Listen and Find Out
December 22, 2021 • 70 MIN
In this episode, you'll learn about an amazing woman who cycles to control her symptoms of Crohn's Disease. In the process, she found that activity is a way for people with chronic illnesses such as hers and since then has gotten into touring around on two wheels which led me here: creating one-of-a kind items made just for city cyclists!
167. 7 TIPS to Survive the Holidays CYCLING STYLE with Sylvie D'Aoust
December 24, 2021 • 26 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How you can make the holidays work for you with these 7 TIPS from your host Sylvie D'Aoust.
168. Meet JA BIG. A DJ & A Cyclist On a Mission to Ride Around the USA for World Bicycle Relief
December 27, 2021 • 58 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about. Meet internationally renowned DJ and cycling enthusiast, JA BIG who was born in Rwanda but moved to Montreal as a child. For years he's been spinning records at clubs all over the world from San Francisco to London-him bringing his unique style along on every trip! This winter he is planning to embark on a 6mo ride around America for World Bicycle Relief - helping provide girls access motorcycles so they can get themselves educated too!. Learn how you can support the cause.
169. NO GODS NO MASTERS Meet MILLY DE MORI Creator of the Lifestyle Women's Cycling Brand
December 29, 2021 • 76 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Meet MILLY Demore Ex DJ, now Female Cycling Ambassador in Italy and Founder & Creator of the Cycling Brand NO GODS NO MASTERS. Dedicated to empowering & emancipating women through cycling with the ambition of building an international community and connecting as many of us as possible around the globe.
170. How to Set GOALS for the New Year: Sylvie D'Aoust
December 31, 2021 • 22 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: 6 Tips How to Set Goals for the New Year and some BONUS Ideas for the family.
171. NEW YOU, NEW YEAR. Tracking Progress. Coach Sylvie
January 3, 2022 • 30 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: New YOU, NEW YEAR and It's My 51st Birthday. I have a special Birthday ASK.
172. 3 Days of Ulster Cycling Women’s Tour-Woodstock, NY: 2022 CYCLING Event Series
January 5, 2022 • 60 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about some of the amazing cycling events for 2022. Today we speak with Martin Bruhn about his women's only cycling event 3 Days of UlsterCycling Women’s Tour. Ladies, it's an early one, and worth adding to the calendar.
173. TERRY FOX Ride of Hope: 2022 Cycling Event Series
January 7, 2022 • 33 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: I'm sure you might be familiar with the TERRY FOX RUN and quite possibly participated in the Terry Fox Run while in school? Did you know that there is a Cycling Event to help support the Terry Fox Foundation? YUP, and Nikki Redmen are going to tell you all about it.
174. RACE 2 RESCUE Cycle Tour for Cape of Good Hope SPCA South Africa: 2022 Cycle Event Series
January 10, 2022 • 36 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: The oldest established SPCA in the world is found in Cape Town, South Africa. You will learn that this organization not only rescues dogs and cats but lots of other wild animals as well. This is not your average SPCA. That being said they require more funds, are always taking donations and established an annual 100km cycle tour around CapeTown and is to be said to be the most beautiful route.
175. Gravel Cup CANADA: 2022 Cycling Event Series
January 12, 2022 • 55 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How this stay-at-home dad and his passion for cycling prompted him to created a local Gravel Race series around his backyard in the rural Ottawa, On Area. Meet Brendan Gorman
176. Let's talk about SLEEP and why it's SO Important: Sylvie D'Aoust
January 14, 2022 • 24 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: SLEEP and why it's so important with Coach Sylvie
177. TOUR OF LUNSAR, Sierra Leone Africa: 2022 Cycling Event Series
January 17, 2022 • 40 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How one young man with a passion was able to create one of the largest most successful Cycling Events in Sierra Leone, Africa. Prepare to be inspired.
178. SOMERSAULT MultiSport Events: 2022 Cycling Event Series
January 19, 2022 • 31 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Adam Kourakis, a new owner of the Ottawa region's oldest Multisport event organization is injecting some much-needed excitement into their events. Learn how he plans to create an atmosphere that will leave athletes wanting more!
179. RAW and REAL with your HOST Sylvie D'Aoust
January 21, 2022 • 20 MIN
IN this episode, you will learn about: I wanted to share my yearly update as to what I've been up to besides podcasting. Thanks for listening!
180. TRANSCONTINENTAL Across Europe Unsupported Cycling Race: 2022 Cycling Event Series
January 24, 2022 • 65 MIN
IN this episode, you will learn about: The one and only TRANSCONTINENTAL Unsupported Cycling Race Across Europe. Anna Haslock gives an amazing overview of the event and what to expect this year. Still lots of time to register.
181. COAST to COAST GRAVEL Grinder with Mark VanTongeren
January 26, 2022 • 36 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: One of the most scenic long distance gravel races in Michigan with Mark VanTongreen and Matt Acker. It's the COAST to COAST Gravel Grinder.
182. Meditation & Athletes 10 Reason WHY We need it: Coach Sylvie
January 28, 2022 • 36 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: We'll take about the 10 reasons why meditation can increase our livelihood. As a person and athlete.
183. FOX Cycling - UK Cycling Franchise that teaches kids how to cycling with Steven Fox
January 31, 2022 • 77 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: Meet Steven Fox from Bristol UK, who turned his passion for cycling and teaching kids into a franchise. Find out why this franchise is so special.
184. 1984 Female Cyclist in the TDF to Life After RACING | NAN DEARDORFF-MCCLAIN
February 2, 2022 • 59 MIN
IN this episode you will learn about: Meet Nan Dearorff-McClain. Nan was one of the lucky women who participated and raced in the 1984 Tour De France, her story. Life after cycling, Nan now has a thriving business in the Netherlands creating amazing Tile Creations.
185. Cycling Snacks & Cycling CAPS OH MY with Sylvie D'Aoust
February 4, 2022 • 23 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about. I have something new for you today. I have some tasty Cycling snacks to replace the sugary sweet store-bought options. Time to be good to your GUT! PLUS a product review and a new Cycling Cap I purchased from a Podcast Guest - Milly De Mori. Ep 169
186. nrbi Cargo Bikes In Toronto with Dave Edwards
February 7, 2022 • 58 MIN
In this episode, you will learn from Dave Edward how he became a part-owner of the Toronto-based Cargo-Bike company nrbi (near by) and how these cargo bikes are taking over local deliveries. It's the wave of the future!
187. Joanie Caron: Former Olympic Athlete to Cycling Training Studio Owner.
February 9, 2022 • 70 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Joanie Caron started cycling at age 20 to maintain fitness following an injury in track and field. A veteran individual rider on the pro circuit, she decided to undertake a new challenge in 2015 as a pilot. Now retired, Joanie started a Cycling Studio in Vancouver where she coaching her cycling clients.
188. So Excited about SHARING this with YOU FIRST with Sylvie D'Aoust
February 11, 2022 • 23 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: I am sharing something SO BIG, and you, my audience, will be the first to hear about it.
189. BARRY-ROUBAIX One of the Largest Gravel Road Races in the World with MATT ACKER
February 14, 2022 • 37 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about, One of the Largest and Oldest Gravel Races in the world - Barry-Roubaix. Matt Acker, a past participant and now part owner, with his wife and friends, will share the details about the event and how a town has rallied behind them to make Barry-Roubaix one of the most Epic events to attend each year.
190. MOVE Your Body out of LOVE & RESPECT: How Lea Smith works with her athletes
February 16, 2022 • 49 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Lea Smith shares with us how moving your body out of love, respect and feeding it good nutrition, all aspects of your life can change for the better.
191. Story Time - New Trainer - February CHECK-IN with Coach Sylvie
February 18, 2022 • 24 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: I have a little story for you about my new trainer. February is the time to Check-IN on how your training is going. Are you chasing zwift badges, following the program or still waiting to get started?
192. VELOFIX The Hottest Franchise in Ottawa | ADAM KOURAKUS
February 21, 2022 • 46 MIN
In this episode you will learn about. How serial entrepreneur Adam Kourakus, went from working for Velofix to owning the Ottawa Franchise. For such a young guy, he has done an amazing job at growing his business. FYI now is the time to get your bike all tuned up before the Spring, on the trainer or not, he'll roll up to your house and take care of it.
193. IRONMAN Athlete / Cancer Survivor turned to a PLANT-BASED Lifestyle for Optimum Health | Terri Jaksha
February 23, 2022 • 76 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: Meet Terri Jaksha, after surviving cancer she immediately started researching nutrition as a way to prevent cancer from coming back, which lead her to embrace Plant-Based Nutrition.
194. 8 TIPS How to Prepare for your First Century Ride | Coach Sylvie
February 25, 2022 • 37 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: I discuss the things you need to think about and prepare for when you decide you would like to complete your first 100mile/180km Century Ride. Put these tips into place and you'll be sure to have a great experience.
195. How This Young African Philanthropist is Fighting Poverty Through Cycling in his Country of SIERRA LEONE | STYLISH aka Abdul Karim Kamara
February 28, 2022 • 52 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How a young man can change so many lives in the African Country of Sierra Leone. Abdul Karim Kamara AKA Stylish has impacted so many people's lives through cycling, creating one of the largest cycling events in Western Africa - Tour of Lunsar, his cycling team and impacting the lives with programs to help kids get to school and women ride bikes. He is one incredible human!
196. 4 WOMEN TRI - Women's ONLY Triathlon in Minneapolis | Doobie Kurus
March 2, 2022 • 70 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Doobie Kurus the founder of the 4WOMEN Triathlon, a sprint and mini-sprint distance triathlon to be held at Lake Ann Park in Chanhassen, Minneapolis. Its mission is to provide a fun, welcoming, and safe event for women.
197. Simple 9 TIP GUIDE to GUT Health for the Athlete | Coach Sylvie
March 4, 2022 • 39 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How important your GUT health is when it comes to athletic performance in any sport. Here is a Simple 9 TIP Guide to keep your GUT Health in check.
198. Handmade Cycling CAPS from Africa - AFRICAP meet the creator Mohammad Sesay "aka" Hammer
March 7, 2022 • 31 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: What makes a man decide to create designer cycling caps from Africa? Mohammed loves being able to source the one-of-a-kind beautiful African patterns for his unique Cycling Caps. Make sure you order one.
199. First Gender Non-Binary Professional Triathlete Going GRAVEL | Rachel McBride
March 9, 2022 • 61 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Meet Rachel McBride one of the Top Canadian Gender Non-Binary Triathletes. Learn how she's decided to try Gravel Racing and has been invited to participate in one of the inaugural Lifetime Grand Prix gravel race series.
March 11, 2022 • 15 MIN
In this episode: I'll be sharing how blessed I am to have such amazing listeners and an audience across the globe. 200 episodes: 66 episodes with exciting men, 66 episodes with inspiring women, 66 personal coaching episodes. This was a passion of mine to share ALL THINGS CYCLING stories of amazing people doing extraordinary things across the world. We all need to be inspired to pick up a bike a FEEL FREE.
201. TAYLOR LIDEEN & MENTAL HEALTH: Pro Gravel Racer Talks about his struggles
March 14, 2022 • 73 MIN
In this episode, we talk with Pro Gravel Racer Taylor Lideen about his struggles with Mental Health and how he's been able to recognize, manage and now share his story on mental health and how it started at such a young age. Staying active has played a huge role in staying healthy.
202. RIDE TO CONQUER CANCER: 2 Day Cycling event from Toronto to Niagara Falls | Steve Merker
March 16, 2022 • 51 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about one of the largest Charity Cycling Events in Canada from President Steve Merker. How the charity was founded and the very cool details of the event.
203. 7 Reasons Why BREAKFAST is so Important | Coach Sylvie
March 18, 2022 • 26 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about 7 REASONS why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A fair amount of people have developed the HABIT of missing breakfast from a young age and now has to become a new learned healthy habit. Here are some interesting stats 12% never eat breakfast, 35% rarely, 25% most of the time, 28% daily.
204. RAAM-Race Across America: What It's Really Like | Ollie Phillips
March 21, 2022 • 60 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: What it takes to train, organize, race one of Americas hardest and longest road cycling races: RAAM - Race Across America. And other amazing stories from Ollie, who has turned his passion from captaining England's Rugby team to becoming a motivational speaker in his own private practice.
205. How to Find A JOB in the OUTDOOR World | LAUREL KING owner of OUTDOOR INDUSTRY Job
March 23, 2022 • 57 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Meet Laurel King founder of the Outdoor Industry Job board. Laurel has been in the Outdoor Industry for over 35yrs. She created her online Job Find Website to connect Job seekers and companies who are looking to fill job opportunities. The only Job Site of it's kind in North America.
206. Barry-Roubaix RACE PREP | Sylvie D'Aoust
March 25, 2022 • 19 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: Some tips on how to get race-ready. I'm heading 9hrs to Hastings, Michigan to participate in the Famously Iconic BARRY-ROUBAIX. It's important to prepare for everything, especially the weather. Stay tuned for more.
207. Learn How Picking the Wrong BIKE SHOE can affect your CYCLING | STEWART JONES Idaho Foot & Ankle Surgeon
March 28, 2022 • 55 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: Did you know the ingrow nails are hereditary? Choosing the cheaper Bike Shoe can cause some serious feet issues? Stewart Jones - Idaho Foot and Ankle Surgeon shares tips on how to avoid having issues with your feet while on the bike and off.
208. How PELOTON gave this PLUS SIZE BABE the Motivation to get Riding | SARAH HINES
March 30, 2022 • 60 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about PELOTON and how it has made a positive impact on Sarah's life. From thinking, she was too "Big" to buy a peloton to Rockin her daily workouts on the peloton. It's all about MINDSET!
209. Barry-ROUBAIX 62mile Gravel RACE REPORT | Sylvie D'Aoust
April 1, 2022 • 46 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: 2022 Barry-Roubaix race report. Probably one of the coldest on record and the first time I have ever attended. After interviewing Matt Acker EP 189 about Barry-Roubaix I was immediately intrigued and had to attend. The first step was getting across the board and the rest was history.
210. Tour of MINNESOTA. Explore the State by Bicycle | Doobie Kuras
April 4, 2022 • 46 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: The best way to see the country is by bicycle and this is no exception. Explore Minnesota by bike with this bike tour. The unfortunate thing is that this tour is SOLD OUT. Make sure to add it to your cycling calendar next year! Doobie talks all about the new cycling trail infrastructure that Minnesota has added, totally worth checking out!
211. BIKE BRIGADE - 900 Volunteers with Bikes & Big Hearts Delivering Essential Goods to the Isolated & Vulnerable
April 6, 2022 • 36 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Bike Brigade has over 900 volunteers across Toronto with bikes and big hearts delivering food, prescriptions and other essentials. They have supported more than 20 partners in delivering 5,000 food boxes, 7,500 hot meals.
212. How to LAYER Clothing for SPRING Cycling | Sylvie D'Aoust
April 8, 2022 • 28 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Layering for Spring riding is always so challenging, hot, cold, wind, rain, snow???? I've tried to break it down with some ideas on how to layer for breathability and warmth.
213. Meet the NEW FLOYDS of LEADVILLE RACING PRO Gravel Team | Will Geoghegan
April 11, 2022 • 63 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: What it's like to put together a competitive Gravel Team, of individual PRO Cyclists, under title sponsor Floyd Landis - Floyds of Leadville CBD.
214. The ALINKER WALKING BIKE is a becoming a Life Changer | Be Alink the Creator
April 13, 2022 • 63 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: Meet the ALINKER WALKING BIKE and Be Alink the creator. let's be clear, this bike is not for seniors, the alinker is an amazing alternative to walkers. What the Alinker is really about is giving more people the ability to become mobile again. Who is using the bike: Diabetics, individuals with MS, wheelchair-bound with use of their legs, stroke survivors, amputees.....the use is vast.
215. 9 Things Women Over 40 Need to Know about MENOPAUSE | Sylvie D'Aoust
April 15, 2022 • 44 MIN
In this episode you will learn about: 9 Things that women over 40 can control to change the way they feel and how menopause will affect their bodies.
216. Diamond Factory Racing GRAVEL Team | Chris Schroeder
April 18, 2022 • 36 MIN
In the episode you will learn about: New Partnership between EX Pro Triathlete Chris Schroeder & Diamond Factory Racing to create a NEW Pro Gravel Team for 2022. Follow along as Chris embarks on a new role of Team Manager.
217. Meet MARTIN NIKOLENK a Young Cyclist from Dubai, who is Ripping Up the Cycling Scene.
April 20, 2022 • 42 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Meet Martin the youngest podcast guest who is ripping up the cycling and triathlon scene in Dubai, which has quite the cycling culture!
218. Taking the SUMMER BACK for ME | Sylvie D'Aoust
April 22, 2022 • 12 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How good it feels to be able to take your summer back and do what you want. Love my husband for this!
219. WOMEN'S BRAIN PROJECT | Antonella Santuccione Chadha
April 25, 2022 • 55 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about how: The Women's Brain Project collective of female scientists from all over the world is coming together to work on a project to develop Sex & Gender Differences, medical drugs for diseases mental and neurological diseases.
220. What Kind of BEHIND THE SCENES Support Does it TAKE to Become a PRO TOUR CYCLIST? Meet Bre Vine. Jay Vine's Wife
April 27, 2022 • 75 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: As we idolize the PRO TOUR Cyclists, do we really know what it takes to BECOME and reach PRO status? Learn about all the behind-the-scenes support it takes from the partners of Pro cycling Jay Vine as we speak with his amazing wife Bre Vine.
221. MULTI Tasking & Going back to that thing I AVOIDED because I had a BAD EXPERIENCE | Sylvie D'Aoust
April 29, 2022 • 25 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: What do we hold ourselves back because we had a ONE-TIME bad experience? Go back and try it again, it might work this time.
222. CHRIS SCHROEDER-Never Letting DYSLEXIA slow him down from Achieving His Dreams
May 2, 2022 • 53 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about. How Chris moved through life with his dyslexia, which didn't stop him from achieving. Being a sponsored athlete, it's important to follow you're passion for a sport you truly love. Learn how Chris made his transition from Pro Triathlete to Pro Gravel and starting his own Pro Gravel Team.
223. Let's BIKE OTTAWA - Local Program Encouraging Residents to Try Cycling | Jen Stelzer
May 4, 2022 • 57 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: Let’s Bike Month is an annual campaign that encourages people to try cycling as a fun and healthy transportation option. Participants in the campaign:
224. Getting more PEOPLE ON BICYCLES | Sylvie D'Aoust
May 6, 2022 • 13 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: How passion can be a driving motivator to really help change lives. Learn more about these amazing Alinker Walking bikes and how they work.
225. JOE FRIEL | FAST AFTER 50- 3 Part Series: PART 1 Aging Athlete: Cellular Changes, Limiters and Nature VS Nurture
May 9, 2022 • 48 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: In this 3 part series we will be breaking down Joe Friels training book FAST AFTER 50. In the first part, we talk about the AGING ATHLETE, between the Physical and Mental, and how we know we need to make changes to our training, based on our age. Cellular changes.
226. GYALDEM Cycling Collective TORONTO Women Group | Cassandra Powell
May 11, 2022 • 30 MIN
In this episode, you will learn about: GYALDEM a women's only cycling collective that was created in the Toronto area, one year ago and they are growing as more women are looking for a safe environment to ride bikes and explore.
227. Sharing Feelings of Emotion while on my RIDE | Sylvie D'Aoust
May 13, 2022 • 13 MIN
In this episode, I share with you how passionate I get when I ride my bike-Mountain bike, Road Bike, Gravel Bike. The feelings are so immense and I shared them with you.
228. JOE FRIEL | FAST AFTER 50- 3 Part Series: PART 2: How Important is ROUTINE: Sleep, Eat, Recover, Train, Repeat
May 16, 2022 • 47 MIN
In this episode, you will learn: How vitally important Sleep, eating right, recovery and the right training is for an Aging Athlete 40+ in order to continue to increase training intensity. So interesting!!
229. UPHILL CLIMB The Documentary: The Women's Who Conquered the Tour De France Racers 1984 | Jill Yesko & Allyson Davis
May 18, 2022 • 52 MIN
In this episode you will hear from Jill Yesko & Allyson Davis, film director and marketing how this amazing documentary about the women of the Tour De France 1984-1986 their stories of racing and the women of the Tour De France 2022. Stories that need to be told, before they are lost forever.
230. Playing the Comparison GAME | Sylvie D'Aoust
May 20, 2022 • 14 MIN
In this episode, we'll talk about how it doesn't serve to play the comparison game. You only see the Glory, without knowing the Story.
231. Part 3: HIGH Performance Training & Intensity for the AGING ATHLETE | Joe Friel
May 24, 2022 • 42 MIN
Super exciting 3 Part Series with JOE FRIEL breaking down one of his most popular training books - FAST AFTER 50. In Part 3 we talk about HIGH-performance Training & Intensity and how important they are to sustaining, maintaining and building hi-performance in athletes over 50.
232. PAMELA HARPER | Beat CANCER Enjoying a Healthier Life with TONS of GRAVEL Races
May 25, 2022 • 52 MIN
Meet Pamela Harper: Pam and her husband were 100% into their kid's activities and nothing for themselves. How many times have we heard that story? It wasn't till the kids left that they found themselves extremely unhealthy. Pam Beat Cancer and is now a huge advocate for Female Gravel Riders/Racers. She's amazing and is tearing up the courses every weekend!
233. SMILE, WAVE, JUST Say "HI" while on your Ride | Coach Sylvie
May 27, 2022 • 10 MIN
Coach Sylvie Here. Do you know how amazing cycling makes you feel? Right? I hope it makes you feel amazing. Imagine just saying HI to your passing fellow cyclist? Or to the jogger, or to the mom out for a stroll with her baby. You could make someone's day, instead of looking so serious ;o)
234. You Have to CHECK OUT - HOUSE OF BIKES | Alex Tractor
May 30, 2022 • 41 MIN
Meet Alex Tractor, he started out loving and racing Motorcycles, and motocross which lead his passion for all things bikes to opening up a small Bike shop-HOUSE OF BIKES, selling new and refurbishing used bicycles. And I'm Loving the #Teamorange it's just the best cycling color!
235. Meet Aspiring Outdoor Enthusiasts and New Gravel Rider | Mary Anne Ivison
June 1, 2022 • 61 MIN
You know when you meet someone and it just clicks? BONUS they actually live close to you? I Found Mary Anne, who is a nature lover and newly found a love for the Gravel World. We chat about everything from Everest to the Gatineau Park and back. You'll love our lovely banter.
236. Is your FEAR Stopping you from Having Great Experiences | Sylvie D'Aoust
June 3, 2022 • 12 MIN
Have you ever let the "FEAR" of something, weather, location, the unknown, or what people think........stop you from having an experience? Today I talk about how our FEAR robs us of so many great experiences, because NOT DOING something IS way easier than doing it.
237. There's nothing Sweeter than SWEET PETE'S Bike Shop | Peter Lily
June 6, 2022 • 54 MIN
Love talking to small bike shop owners, especially in Canada. Peter Lily of Sweet Pete's Bike Shops in Toronto has a great story and so great personal goals. Have you been to Sweet Pete's?
238. FULLER Centre Bicycle Adventure: BIKING & HELPING COMMUNITIES with Participant Ron VanHoose
June 8, 2022 • 54 MIN
Meet my good friend Ron VanHoose, we meet through a Facebook Cycling page called VIP about 8yrs ago and we've been friends ever since. I've even had the pleasure of hanging with him and his wife Pam in Nashville. So when I received a letter asking for donations to this charity he was working with that required he ride his bike for 10weeks, well you can imagine I HAD to HAVE him on my podcast talking about the Fuller Centre Bicycle Adventure. Have a listen, it's pretty darn amazing!
239. Is OVEREXTENDING Yourself as a Parent/ Athlete a Common Theme? | Sylvie D'Aoust
June 10, 2022 • 20 MIN
Are you constantly OVEREXTENDING yourself with family, friends, work, training...... trying to make it all fit in? Sharing my experience, thinking it was a good idea, then feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed. Was it worth it? Yes because it worked out....this time, but I don't recommend it. Can you relate?
240. Book Your NEXT Bicycle Tour with MAGIC PLACES CYCLING ADVENTURES | Matt Barlee
June 13, 2022 • 62 MIN
Who doesn't love a good Bicycle Tour? Talking to Matt makes me want to book one right away. Not only does his company book and organize bicycle tours all around the world he will customize one for you if there's a location you'd like to visit and ride. Good friends of mine Heidi & Ron are actual bicycle tour guides for Magic Places Cycle Adventures, so it's amazing ;o)
241. Marketing and Branding GURU for Athletes | Allyson Davis
June 16, 2022 • 49 MIN
Loved speaking with marketing & branding guru Allyson Davis, through her background in television and production she knew she was meant to create a documentary, which lead her to the partnering with Jill Yesko to create the Female Cyclist Documentary UPHILL CLIMB. Follow them this summer as they interview some of the amazing ladies racing the Tour Des Feminine.
242. RIDE REPORT - Ride to Conquer Cancer | Sylvie D'Aoust
June 17, 2022 • 35 MIN
What an EPIC event. From the organizers to the people, the cause, the route, and support EVERYTHING was a 5 STAR experience. If you have not joined a charity event, this is the one to join. I will be putting together a team for next year. JOIN MY TEAM.
243. Alaskian ENDURANCE Racer | Daniel Brower
June 20, 2022 • 39 MIN
It's not every day you find a Fat BIke Endurance Rider that lives in ALASKA, one of the coldest and most beautiful areas in North America. Meet Daniel, he got into endurance riding during the pandemic and now he has some pretty big race goals. Go Daniel Go.
244. AEONIAN - Women's ZWIFT Race League | Karla Williams & Jamie-Lee Wright
June 22, 2022 • 70 MIN
If you are on ZWIFT and most of us are, you'll know about the many race events and leagues. This was a much-anticipated interview with Karla and Jamie-Lee. WHY because I had the pleasure of joining this women's race team last Fall. Zwift has always been a mystery and being part of the women's race league was a huge eye-opener to the INSIDE of ZWIFT. Have a listen.
245. How I trained for a 150km Gravel Race | Sylvie D'Aoust
June 24, 2022 • 32 MIN
I thought I'd share my training strategy and how I've worked up my strength and endurance to ride 100+ km on a regular basis. Be prepared for a long-term training plan. As I become an aging athlete, it's important to pace, listen to my body a WHOLE LOT more and take more recovery time. Create a development plan that allows you to build slowly, and you will achieve your goals safely and in a healthy way.
246. NEW EGYPTIAN MONTU Gravel Bikes & Endurance Apparel | Hani Morsi
June 27, 2022 • 64 MIN
A great story about how I got to know Hani and purchase one of his MONTU GRAVEL Bikes. As you can appreciate BIKES ARE EXPENSIVE and not available. So when I came across the MONTU Gravel bike for less than a mortgage payment, I was interested in learning more. I further found out that it's their own brand and some available and to order it only took 2mo, PLUS they were local. I WAS IN. Breaking from the norm as I usually do, I purchased a MONTU Gravel BIke and I'm loving the ride.
247-SHOPIFY QUEEN, Sales and Brand Expert-Sell Your Stuff and Profit | SARAH JANSEL
June 30, 2022 • 49 MIN
Speaking with Sarah was amazing, as I mentioned she's helping ME place all my CycleFitness programs in one dynamic spot on Shopify. So what if you're looking for a place to sell your products and don't know where to start. Email/DM Sarah on social, give her the code: SYLVIE and she will add you to her FB group, where you can learn and ask questions on how to get started. She's amazing and really knows her stuff!
248. When your Body Talks, You Need to Listen | Sylvie D'Aoust
July 1, 2022 • 18 MIN
A summary of last weekend. I was supposed to head to Michigan and participate in the Coast 2 Coast Gravel Grind, I was too sick on Thursday morning to drive. And so I stayed home. I was sad, that I didn't get to meet the ladies I rallied to join me AND experience that beautiful area of Michigan.
249. FATHERS for the FATHERLESS Charity | Simon Osamoh
July 4, 2022 • 68 MIN
My good friend Simon shared this amazing CHARITY ride in FATHERS for the FATHERLESS. Being brought up by his mom, Simon has made it his mission to support and participate in the charity ride for dads that are growing across the USA. If you resonate with his story I encourage you to share this podcast.
250. FIERCE HAZEL - Amazing SUSTAINABLE Cycling Accessories | Frankie Holt
July 6, 2022 • 55 MIN
I noticed these amazing Cycling Accessories on IG and had to reach out to Frankie Holt, the designer of the Fierce Hazel label. If you thought creating a SUSTAINABLE Product was easy, think again. Frankie shares how she took her ideal and made it a reality.
251. Damaging FAD Diets Athletes Should Never Get Into | Sylvie D'Aoust
July 8, 2022 • 21 MIN
Coaches Corner: What's up this weekend and talking about FAD Diets that do not serve if you are an athlete trying to make gains in your training.
252. GAMER & PRO Mountain Biker Turned ZWIFT COMMENTATOR | Nathan Guerra
July 11, 2022 • 82 MIN
I've been waiting for this episode to happen for a long time. I came across Nathan when I started to race in the Women's Zwift Race league, he was one of the lead commentators for the larger women's WRL. I had no idea Nathan had a Gaming background and used to as a PRO in MTN BIking. Look where all that great experience took him, right into the world of ZWIFT and creating the ZWIFT Community LIVE.
253. LAROSE FOREST one of the Coolest Places to Mountain Bike & The MANA Centre Retreat | Emmanuelle & Jean-Sebastian
July 13, 2022 • 47 MIN
This episode is pretty cool, BECAUSE I've been hearing SO many amazing things about this "LAROSE FOREST" place to Moutain & FAT Biking. I was about to speak with Emmanuelle and JS about how they created the MANA Retreat centre for couples, teenagers & corporate events. I finally got to MTN bike there and it is everything they say it is and more! It's a place you MUST explore!
254. Celebrating 250 Episodes & 200K Downloads - LOVE my Audience | Sylvie D'Aoust
July 15, 2022 • 28 MIN
This episode is pretty heartwarming because I have many amazing listeners that are enjoying my episodes. We are very close to 200k in downloads with over 14000 listeners in over 40 countries. I am full of gratitude! I never thought this podcast would touch so many people all over the world as it has. And I spoke about what has been happening recently with my health, gravel and planning for more events. My heart is full.
255. ROBOTICS & The ALL-Wheel Drive "The INFINITY" Beach and City Cruiser | Stephan Henrich
July 18, 2022 • 38 MIN
Now when I found Stephan on IG, I was so fascinated with the bike he was proposing to develop, that I had to reach out to him, so he could share his story on the podcast. Stephan is no stranger to the bicycle and has spent many years racing, so it almost seems natural that his robotic background would lead him to create a belt-driven all-terrain bicycle like the Beach & City cruiser. This is pretty cool!
256. Tearing up the BMX Scene for Team USA at 60yrs Old | Donna Kutz
July 20, 2022 • 46 MIN
Donna is one of these women who I aspire to be like at the age of 60+. She's fit, active and never stops. Always being on the bike, but relatively new to BMX, she just recently qualified as one of the riders representing Team USA in France this summer 2022. We wish her good luck.
257. Random Thoughts & Training for Gravel Events | Sylvie D'Aoust
July 22, 2022 • 17 MIN
Chronicles from the car are back;o) Random thoughts and tips after a Hill Repeat session always provide for interesting episodes. Today I talk about setting up more strategic training sessions for Gravel Racing. Maybe this will get your training wheels turning.
258. UK Cycling Coach-Assisting Cyclist 40+ to get Fitter & Faster | Simon De Burgh
July 25, 2022 • 59 MIN
Love that Simon works with men and women who are moving into their 40's, to stay fit and get faster on their bikes Or not. Speaking with Simon, we had the same mindset around training, rest & recovery, strength training and nutrition. Personally, I'm glad to be able to access his knowledge.
259. Saddle Sisters of High Park Toronto Women's Group | Sandra Fletcher
July 27, 2022 • 29 MIN
It was amazing to connect with Sandra Fletcher who started the Toronto women's group. As a founder of a women's cycling club, I love to connect with other inspiring women, and share and support initiatives in other parts of canada.
260. Organizing Events - 7 TIPS to Set up a Successful CYCLING Event | Sylvie D'Aoust
July 29, 2022 • 28 MIN
As the sport of GRAVEL grows, so do the events being organized. I've been organizing events for the past 5 yrs as I move from organizing Time Trials to Gravel. Different type of cyclists and venue. Both exciting. Here are my Top 7 tips to getting started on your cycling event.
261. CYCLIST Representing Cyclist - The Biking Lawyer | David Shellnutt
August 1, 2022 • 44 MIN
Exciting chat with David Shellnutt - The Biking Lawyer from Toronto. Advocating for cyclists in Canada.
262. Diagnosed with MS. How the Alinker Walking Bike is saving her life | Judith Verhey
August 3, 2022 • 36 MIN
I was so excited to sit with Judith to learn all about her current experience with MS and how the Alinker Walking Bike has gotten her away from being wheelchair-bound. If you know of someone who has been recently diagnosed with MS, please share this podcast episode.
263. The Importance of Making Changes | Sylvie D'Aoust
August 5, 2022 • 15 MIN
Every year or season there comes change and change is good! Change is required! Hope you like the changes I'm implementing. Love to get your feedback, by sending me a DM on IG or placing a comment on YT. You are fabulous!
264. ZWIFT @ZCommunityLive Commentator from New Zealand | Anna Russell
August 8, 2022 • 81 MIN
It's a first for me to interview the amazing Anna Russell from New Zealand. As an avid Zwift rider, she became a commentator with Z Community Live and Nathan Guerra. As you know the whole Zwift online racing community fascinates me. Having fun learning more about it.
265. What Happens When you AREN'T Prepared for an Event | Sylvie D'Aoust
August 12, 2022 • 14 MIN
I attended a Gravel Event last weekend Aug 6 - Gravel Cup Canada. I'm pretty strict on how I manage myself for an event.....BUT this time NOT SO MUCH and here's how it all panned out. Make sure to catch next week's race results episode to find out how accurate I was in my assessment.
266. 10wk Bicycle TOUR Across the USA with the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure | Ron Vanhoose
August 15, 2022 • 99 MIN
Meet my RETIRED friend Ron VanHoose and his wife Pam. Ron just cycled from the Pacific to the Atlantic helping people along the way as part of the Fuller for Bike Adventures. I am so impressed! Pam was a dedicated volunteer taking care of the food and the cyclists. I recommend that you watch/listen to this episode on our NEW Youtube channel dedicated to the Podcast, for all the pictures.
267. Gravel Race Results - CRASH Included | Sylvie D'Aoust
August 19, 2022 • 27 MIN
If you caught my last Friday's episodes from the Gravel Cup Canada #3 Race. Results from the event. You'll be surprised at what happened.
268. LIQUID GYM HydroTherapy & the ALINKER Walking Bike | Karen Snyder
August 22, 2022 • 52 MIN
Leading hydrotherapy clinic in Canada just because it's one of a kind. I'm back chatting with Karen Snyder co-owner and founder of Liquid Gym, we talk about all the various low-impact ways for rehabilitation PLUS the amazing Alinker Walking Bike that Karen has incorporated as an additional rehab tool.
269. So You CRASHED-Getting Back on your Bike & WINTER Cycling Training | Coach Sylvie
August 26, 2022 • 34 MIN
August has been FUN, Crashed my bike 2 weekends in a row, one MTB biking and the other in a Gravel Race. How do you get back on the bike? Mental Strength and physical fitness. Let's talk about your winter training strategy.
270. RAD RACE Epic Fixed Gear LAST MAN/WO Standing Race | Ingo Engelhardt
August 29, 2022 • 62 MIN
As I was conducting some searches on the regular social platforms I came across German Based RAD-RACING a super cool FIXED GEAR inner track race for the LAST MAN/WOMEN Standing are announced as the winners. So I had to reach out to find the leader and mastermind(s) behind this freakin cool event. I found Ingo, with friends who created not just Rad-Race, Tour De Friends and other cycling events across the globe. Rad-Race is also a bike shop in Hember, Germany. I'm sure you will you will love this guy's attitude as much as I did!
271. 9 Ways to Optimize Winter Training to Become a Faster Cyclist | Sylvie D'Aoust
September 2, 2022 • 39 MIN
It's the FALL and we have winter training on the brain. Here are 9 Ways to Optimize Your Winter Training to ensure you become a faster cyclist in the spring and are not overtrained and burnt out.
272. SWITCHGRADE - Saddle Angle Adjuster : Noel Dolotallas of Aenomaly Constructs
September 5, 2022 • 70 MIN
Meet Noel Dolotallas who is the inventor and the Founder & CEO of Aenomaly Constructs of the SWITCHGRADE saddle angle adjuster. This product is changing the landscape of cycling with a simple angle change of the saddle.
273. Thoughts on ALISON JACKSON leaving CYCLING to be come a TIKTOK Influencer | Coach Sylvie
September 9, 2022 • 17 MIN
I don't know about you, but I LOVE watching and following Alison Jackson more on Tiktok & Instagram over cycling. Am I alone on this? I don't think so. I'm super proud of her. What do you think? Place your comments on our Instagram page or Youtube channel.
274. Celebrating our NEW Canadian National 1HR RECORD HOLDER | Angella Goran
September 12, 2022 • 67 MIN
Super excited to be the first to talk to good friend Angella Goran about her 1HR World Record attempt this past August in Mexico. Unfortunately, the World record didn't happen, we are so happy that she brings home the ever-impressive 1HR Canadian National World Record. Most importantly let's hear about her 2 yr journey through COVID to stay motivated and focused.
275. 4 TIPS to INCREASE your POWER/WATTS Ratio-How to lose the extra 5-10lbs | Coach Sylvie
September 16, 2022 • 26 MIN
When I talk to clients they mostly want to get better on the hills, and hill climbing. Aside from acquiring better skills, increasing the power-to-watt ratio is another way to ease the pain of hill climbing and I'm not talking about spending more on an expensive lighter bike. ;o) It's time to SHED some FAT! So how do you drop an extra 5-10lbs?
276. Team Canada Lead Track Endurance Coach | JENNY TREW
September 19, 2022 • 87 MIN
Excited to have Jenny Trew back on the podcast providing an update on her new role with Cycling Canada at the Milton Track. In episode 51, Jenny started a new career as a coach with Team Canada. Now she has moved into the role of Lead Track Endurance Coach for Team Canada. Jenny is such an amazing person she is starting to change the landscape of how
277. 8hr Hurtin in Haliburton GRAVEL Race Report | Sylvie D'Aoust
September 23, 2022 • 46 MIN
Hey friends, there's nothing like a great RACE REPORT. This was my second year participating at Hurtin Haliburton. I hope you enjoy the report and that you add this event to your race calendar for next year.
278. HORMONES and the Female Athlete | Camille Lawson
September 26, 2022 • 99 MIN
Camille Lawson is a Hormone Specialist and I always love to speak with Camille about hormonal issues as an aging athlete. She is a wealth of knowledge. Ladies if you are experiencing hormonal imbalances this is the episode for you. GUYS don't worry, we will have a hormone episode for you too.
279. 5 TIPS to get Started on ZWIFT this Winter | Sylvie D'Aoust
September 30, 2022 • 23 MIN
You have been loving riding your bike all summer long, NOW you are trying to figure out how to continue growing your love for cycling and fitness over the winter. I have some great tips to make it easy.
280. ALLDAY Magazine - Cause we'd love to be doing Crazy Fun Stuff ALL DAY | Jonathan Allen
October 3, 2022 • 44 MIN
I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Allen while at a Gravel event, He also had the pleasure of witnessing me crash and stopped to help. Since then we've become friends and I so excited to have him on the podcast talking about his Online ALLDAY Magazine.
281. GOAL SETTING for your 2023 Cycling Season & Training | Sylvie D'Aoust
October 8, 2022 • 32 MIN
AH October, tis the time to start thinking about your winter training plan? Or maybe your winter training needs some focus wrapped around some goals for 2023. Happy Thanksgiving
282. CYCLING OUT LOUD Women's Cycling Specific Apparel | Lekisha Hamilton
October 10, 2022 • 46 MIN
Meet Lekisha. She decided one day to design cost-effective cycling clothing for women and I'm glad she did. She was so generous in setting up a special for all of you, BUT you'll need to listen to the end to get it. Happy Shopping.
283. Sleeping IN - How Important can it be | Sylvie D'Aoust
October 16, 2022 • 13 MIN
Are you training nonstop, driving kids around and have a demanding job? Do you designate one day a week to sleeping in guilt-free? Here's why you should.
284. Hurtin Haliburton Let's talk to the Event Organizers | Marc & Heather
October 17, 2022 • 52 MIN
Super excited to finally be able to speak with Marc & Heather the amazing team and couple who are the 8hr Hurtin in Haliburton event founders and organizers.
285. What to Eat Before a Training Ride | Sylvie D'Aoust
October 24, 2022 • 24 MIN
What to eat or what not to eat, that is the question. I provided a couple ideas what to do and not to do based on my own experience. How nutrition can not be left out when setting up your indoor training. Love to hear from you about your experiences and favorite snacks.
286. I Love GRAVEL Racing 2023 POINTS Series | Pamela Harper
October 24, 2022 • 39 MIN
So excited to bring Pamela Harper back to the podcast to talk about her new Gravel Team/Group : I Love Gravel Racing and how she started a Gravel Race Points Series: Showcasing USA and Canadian Gravel Races.
287. More is NOT Better, when It comes to Training for CYCLING | Coach Sylvie
October 30, 2022 • 21 MIN
MORE is not Better when it comes to training for cycling. WHY you shouldn't chase too many training miles.
288. STOKED MTB Sessions: Teaching All HUMANS how to Ride and LOVE MTN Biking | Melanie Poel
October 31, 2022 • 63 MIN
Meet Melanie Poel. In 2008, she turned her interest into a passion and started her MTN bike business helping more humans get and feel comfortable on the MTN BIke. Mel has some super cool projects in the works. Such a great conversation.
289. Getting Ultra-Light for BIKE PACKING & a Four Month Hiking the PACIFIC CREST TRAIL Her Story | Kim Fera
November 7, 2022 • 70 MIN
Meet my friend Kim Fera. She has inspired me to start exploring Bike Packing and Touring, but today she talks about her experience hiking for 4 months on the Pacific Crest Trail this past summer. And of course, we talk a little about how to get ultra-light for Bike Packing.
290. Thoughts with Coach Sylvie
November 13, 2022 • 16 MIN
Extremely grateful to all the fans of the podcast. Wanted to share some of my feelings and thoughts today. Thanks for listening.
291. Iranian entrepreneur and avid cyclist invites Ottawa to pedal and paddle with ESCAPE BICYCLE TOURS | Maria Rasouli
November 14, 2022 • 56 MIN
I have been looking forward to this interview for a while. Meet Maria Rasouli. Learn how she left academia to pursue her passion for cycling. Truly inspirational and a testament that we can do anything our heart desires.
292. What is your CHRONOTYPE as an Athlete | Sylvie D'Aoust
November 19, 2022 • 26 MIN
Sleep, sleep, sleep how I could talk about you forever. Did you know that there are FOUR Chronotypes (sleep types). Find out what your chronotype is and how you can make it work for you.
293. GIRLZ GONE RIDING - Women's ONLY Mountain Bike Group Building Chapters across the USA | Wendy Englberg
November 21, 2022 • 49 MIN
Wendy's story is so inspirational. If you are a woman who loves Mountain BIking and lives in the USA, you NEED to look her up. Or look up her MTN BIke - Girlz Gone Riding for a chapter near you. And if there isn't one, consider opening one in your area.
294. Winter Training for GRAVEL Racing | Coach Sylvie
November 27, 2022 • 21 MIN
It's almost December. Have you figured out how you are going to set up your winter training yet? Not Yet? Well, allow me to help you take all the guesswork out of how to get that done. Because I have something super special for you!
295. Ryeka Sports & SKRATCH Labs: The Story with ERIK DAVIS
November 28, 2022 • 68 MIN
Do you use SKRATCH Labs endurance products? If so, you will LOVE the story of how Erik Davis started his company Ryeka Sports Inc, starting out with action videos to the lead rep in Canada for the Skatch Lab endurance products. If you haven't tried them yet, head down to your local bike shop odds are pretty good that they have some!
296. SINGLE PARENTING Success Story | Sylvie D'Aoust
December 4, 2022 • 21 MIN
This episode is for ALL the single parents out there who continue to be athletes and stay active. It's a tough thing to do when we want so much for ourselves. Doable yes, but sometimes it's not. I have been asked to share my story as a single parent in a collaboration with 9 other parents. This all came about after being on a podcast sharing my single-parent story.
297. WHY "I" Don't Like Exercise | Personal Trainer Mike Kelly
December 5, 2022 • 64 MIN
Meet my friend Mike Kelly, we meet while taking our Can-Fit-Pro personal training certifications decades ago. Since then Mike went back to school and completed a psychology degree from Queens, then developed a really cool program called "Why I Hate Exercise - The Psychology, Health & Fitness Professionals Need To Know". Think about it........ how much do you really like exercising? Or do you do it because you know you need too?
298. I became a BEST SELLING Author on Amazon for the book SOUL PARENT | Sylvie D'Aoust
December 11, 2022 • 19 MIN
Well, I never thought I would ever be a BEST SELLING Author, but it happened on Friday, Dec 9. As part of a 10 single-parent collaborative on the book SOUL PARENT, we hit 4 Best Seller lists on Amazon: Hot New Release, Free Will & Determinism, Women Writers, Holistic, Reference.
299. BUM on 2 Wheels: 1yr USA & Europe Cycle Tour | Alex Calcedo
December 12, 2022 • 66 MIN
Back interviewing Alex after spending the last year's cycle touring across the USA and Europe. Check out Ep. 56 where I spoke with him as he was getting ready to set off on his year tour.
300. Celebrating 300 Episodes RECAPING the Year | Sylvie D'Aoust
December 19, 2022 • 32 MIN
It's hard to believe that 2yrs ago I made the leap and launched my podcast, sharing stories from people around the world who LOVE Cycling as much as I do. I have interviewed men & women from all across the globe, who are new to cycling, pro riders, Non binary cyclist, sharting events, health tips, hormones, amazing stories that anyone can appreciate.
301. Michigan's Best GRAVEL Events: Ride to Hell, The Dirty Mitten, Ugly Dog, and the Waterloo G&G meet Event Organizer John Mosey
December 19, 2022 • 45 MIN
John Mosey and his partner Jon Conkling will be organizing over 9 cycling events this summer of 2023. WOW. This story is pretty amazing how they came to acquire some of these gravel events.
302. Tame the Flame of INFLAMMATION with the Right Foods | Coach Sylvie
December 24, 2022 • 43 MIN
It's never fun feeling the aches and pain caused by inflammation. Here's how to Fight Inflammation with the Right Foods. Learn about healthy inflammation vs unhealthy inflammation. Here's your healthy eating cheat sheet, for fighting inflammation the right way.
303. Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life | Joe Friel
January 2, 2023 • 131 MIN
I thought this would be a great episode with Joe Friel, to kick off the 2023 Cycling training season. Talking more about how to properly train as we age, is so important. Enjoy and please share!
304. Entered the UNBOUND XL LOTTERY and Got IN - OMG | Sylvie D'Aoust
January 8, 2023 • 22 MIN
Last year I added UNBOUND Gravel Event. In my excitement, I ended up entering the UNBOUND XL lottery - AND GOT IN.....ahhhhhhhh. Make sure to follow the story here on my preparation for the event. I'm super pumped.
305. Humphrey's Gravel Adventure - Smithville, Missouri | Major Damien Boley
January 9, 2023 • 61 MIN
2023 Race Series Episodes Check it out: Humphrey's Gravel Adventure May 6, 2023. Smithville, Missouri An event for everyone. 25% OFF PROMO for everyone with code: ILOVEGRAVEL
306. 8 TIPS: How to Prepare for your FIRST 100km on ZWIFT | Coach Sylvie
January 13, 2023 • 16 MIN
8 TIPS to use when preparing your first 100km ride on Zwift. Enjoy and I hope this helps.
307. Tips on how to survive an ENDURANCE GRAVEL Event like UNBOUND XL or CANNONBALL with Peggy Waite Bradley & Damien Boley
January 16, 2023 • 90 MIN
Got some great tips on Gear, Food, Clothing, Protection and Training for UNBOUND XL with Peggy and Damien. Get your pen and paper, ready peeps, you'll need them!
308. How to Plan your Bike Maintenance for the Year Ahead | Coach Sylvie
January 20, 2023 • 22 MIN
We love riding our bikes, but how often do we get them Tuned-Up or simply do a once-over inspection for safety purposes? Here are a ton of great tips to think about during every season! If you are riding inside, checking for corrosion on your handlebars would be #1, Second is chain wear and stretch. Hope this episode helps.
309. Meet one of the FASTEST WOMEN on the LIFETIME Grand Prix Start Line | JULIE MOMBER
January 23, 2023 • 54 MIN
Meet JULIE MOMBER one of the fastest women on the LIFETIME Grand Prix start line. Racing with Team Brissel, Julie will be competing in all of the Lifetime Grand Prix events in hopes to with top points and the $25,000 prize.
310. Why Bicycle Trainers are SKILL KILLERS and the ROLLERS improve performance | Coach Sylvie
January 27, 2023 • 20 MIN
One thing we need to watch out for while we train for months inside over the winter months is keeping our cycling skills from deteriorating and starting the spring with poor form and technique. Implementing a couple of training sessions on the ROLLERS can really make a difference and here's why.
311. FAST FITTY Gravel Road Race & Custer's Last Stand MTN Time Trial | Dale Lundberg
January 30, 2023 • 56 MIN
2023 Event Race Series Episode takes us back to Michigan where all things Gravel & MTN BIking seem to happen. Meet Dale Lundberg this guy has a coupe of really cool events happening this summer Fast Fitty Gravel Road Race & Custer's Last Stand MTN TT. Check them out. Add to your calendar.
312. RANDOM Thoughts: Unbound XL, Training, Body Image, Menopause and more | Sylvie D'Aoust
February 6, 2023 • 20 MIN
This is what happens when we think out loud. Maybe you can relate. I love when I get together with my training group and we talk about all kinds of things.
313. UNBOUND How LIFETIME Fitness Created the GRAND PRIX with Kristi Mohn
February 6, 2023 • 64 MIN
I was finally able to catch up with this amazing woman Gravel Hall of Famer Kristi Mohn to talk about UNBOUND XL and how LIFETIME Fitness took over the gravel race Unbound and started LIFETIME GRAND PRIX.
314. Are you letting ZWIFT DATA get to you? Bromont Velodrome Road Trip | Sylvie D'Aoust
February 10, 2023 • 20 MIN
So I completed my 3rd MAP(maximum aerobic power) test and the numbers aren't as great as I wish they were OR am I just not as strong as hope to be? Sometimes we let the data get to our heads, when we are being consistent in our training. Would you agree? Trying to get out of my head and make my training count. PLUS a Road Trip to the NEW Bromont Velodrome.
February 14, 2023 • 75 MIN
2023 Race Event Series: Use the discount CODE: SYLVIE when you register for any of the events. I just hit the mother load of gravel events coordinated by Dan Marshall based out of Ontario. His events are held in multiple different locations around the Toronto area. He has Gravel, Fatbike and some Mountain bike events.
316. 6 Tips to BUST BOREDOM While Training Indoors | Coach Sylvie
February 20, 2023 • 19 MIN
Training inside when it's cold outside can be boring enough. Here are 6 Tips to help change things up or make it interesting.
February 22, 2023 • 37 MIN
When you bike across the country naturally your write a book about it called LAUNCHING YOUR DREAMS: Making WILD Ideas Happen. Meet book author Donna Price. She also created a Facebook page BikeWomenBike to help bring women together to ride bikes. Here's her story
318. TOP 3 Supplements that can BOOST your Training | Coach Sylvie
March 1, 2023 • 40 MIN
Getting real about what whole foods can do and the need to fill in the gaps with powder supplements. Something I've been doing for the past couple of decades, but I got more seriously into supplementing in the past 10yrs and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the supplements i decided to use have been the key factor to being able to stay as active as I have been in the last 10yrs and looking forward to the next 10yrs.
319. How Albanian Triathlete Shares Passion for Cycling with Youth | Entjol Monka
March 8, 2023 • 43 MIN
You know how I really enjoy sharing the stories of cyclists from around the world. Meet Entjol who is from Albania. Entjol moved from Volleyball to Cycling and Triathlon. In doing so he has started working with the youth in his town to help them with bikes, bike parts and setting up group rides. He is a true leader in his community.
320. When LIFE Throws you Curve Balls | Sylvie D'Aoust
March 10, 2023 • 17 MIN
They say that every 4-6mo a person's life changes. I would have to agree and this is what's happening to me. In order to save this podcast, I've had to make some shifts to 1 EPISODE a week, I know this will hurt the ratings and consistency of launching fewer episodes a week, but I had to make a change to roll with life changes. It's not forever, but for right now. I hope you understand.
321. YEAH GRAVEL WORLDS with Corey Godfrey & Jason Strohbehn
March 13, 2023 • 80 MIN
It's always exciting to learn the history behind some of the iconic gravel races in the USA and Gravel Worlds would be one of them, celebrating over a decade of Grass-Roots gravel love. Thanks, Cory Godrey & Jason Stohbehn for a great conversation.
322. 24 HOURS SUMMER SOLSTICE: 25Yr Anniversary - Chico Racing with Adam Ruppel
March 20, 2023 • 64 MIN
Meet Adam Rupell a serial entrepreneur, who has owned some pretty cool like MUD HERO and his current automotive project Drive Festival. Adam celebrates 25 yr with Chico Racing - 24HR Summer Solstice Mountain Bike race.
323. MORE EVENTS in MICHIGAN: Grand Rapids FONDO, BRAINY Day Trail Run, Michigan Titanium, GR Triathlon | Jon Conkling
March 27, 2023 • 43 MIN
Michigan seems to be the USA GRAVEL HUB for the USA with hosting 11 Gravel, Triathlon and running events this season. They have it all covered. And here's the story behind how John Mosey & Jon Conkling came to own 11 race events. Don't forget to use this Discount CODE: sylvie10 to get 10% OFF ANY of their 11 race events
324. 2 Weeks-2 Events- Riding over 750KM to Raise Money for Cancer Research | Sylvie D'Aoust
March 31, 2023 • 19 MIN
Yes, it's true. I enjoyed the Ride to Conquer Cancer charity event so much last year, that I'm bringing friends this year and putting a much larger effort into the fundraising component. My fundraising goal is $5000 this year. I'm committed to riding 2 events, over 2 weeks for a total of 750km. I will be riding for my mom who is a breast cancer survivor, my daughter who has a brain tumour and for all who have survived cancer and have lost a loved one to cancer. I am with you 100%. To donate go to Every little bit helps.
325. MYVELOFIT - Worlds First AI Powered Online BIKEFIT tool | Jesse Jarjour
April 3, 2023 • 62 MIN
One of the best inventions ever - My Velo Fit - AI-powered ONLINE BIKE FIT. Download the app and conduct your own Bike Fit from home. Great if you have multiple bikes, and no more waiting to book a Bike Fit. Great for anyone, anywhere. PLUS an amazing tool that coaches can use with clients as a cool add-on to their services. Meet the founder Jesse Jarjour.
326. CycleFitCHICKS Women's Only Cycling Club Celebrate 15yrs | Sylvie D'Aoust, Founder
April 7, 2023 • 34 MIN
Can't believe we are celebrating 15yrs, where has the time gone? All those 15yrs weren't that awesome and here's what happened. This club has been a place where I've met some extraordinary ladies and led tons of great rides and grown as a cycling coach. I have been blessed to have coached over 1000 women since the club started in 2008. It has been the most amazing feeling watching women grow to love cycling as I have.
327. Young Rider with some BIG CYCLING Goals | MARTIN NIKOLENK from Dubai
April 17, 2023 • 39 MIN
Signing on with his first official race team in Dubai: Alshafar Jumeirah Team Martin is taking some very important steps toward his cycling career. So proud of him for having the ability to watch his progress. Keep up the great work!! Ride ON.
328. Barry-Roubaix 2023 PSYCHO KILLER 100 Mile RACE REPORT | Coach Sylvie
April 21, 2023 • 55 MIN
Nothing like a good race report.
329. Meet the face behind I RACE LIKE A GIRL & Girls Get Gritty | Angela Naeth
April 24, 2023 • 56 MIN
From IM Triathlons to being invited to participate in the Lifetime Grand Prix, meet fellow Canadian Angela Naeth. Angela is also the woman behind the brands and teams I Race Like a Girl & her now passion of Gravel racing and the creation of Girls Get Gritty. How she makes it all work while having a ton of fun.
331. MALE MENOPAUSE, Viagra and Hormones | Camille Lawson, Sex Therapist
May 8, 2023 • 31 MIN
Did you know that MEN have hormones and go through a form of Male Menopause or Andropause? It's true and Camille Lawson, Sex Therapist will be talking about it. If you want to hear and learn more about Menopause, PLEASE comment in the review section of your favourite podcast platform.
332. Are you Gritty Enough | Sylvie D'Aoust
May 12, 2023 • 20 MIN
How gritty are you?
333. Achieving the Impossible- Cycle 5 To Survive: 5 years, 5 Rides, over 5 Continents to raise money for 5 CHARITIES | Kristen & P.L. Meindertsma
May 16, 2023 • 67 MIN
Meet Kristen & PL a couple with a passion so great that they decided to ride the globe over 5 years to support 5 charities. They get started this June conquering the Great Divide from BC to Mexico. Follow and support the cause.
334. Get the lowdown on all things JAKROO Cycling Clothing | Claire Sayle
May 22, 2023 • 35 MIN
There are a lot of cycling clothing companies out there. Meet Claire the National Sales Manager for the popular JAKROO : Custome Apparel for Cycling. If you are an individual or small group looking to create a cycling kit, have a listen Jakroo has some pretty amazing custom small order options.
335. Why INFINIT NUTRITION is the #1 choice for Endurance Athletes | Michael Folan
May 29, 2023 • 60 MIN
If you've been to an event the odds of you trying INFINIT NUTRITION are pretty good. Event or not, this amazing nutritional system is sweeping the NATION and you need to know why. I will be using INFINIT nutrition for UNBOUND XL and I can't wait!
336. UNBOUND XL 2023 - Race Report - A disappointing finish that should have happened | Sylvie D'Aoust
June 16, 2023 • 77 MIN
Hope you enjoy my Race Report, sharing my gear and the whole story of how it went down, to the point where I missed the time cutoff and didn't finish. After finishing 504km of the XL course, it was the hardest and most physically painful experience, ever. Have a listen.
330. Premier BELT DRIVEN bike fleet by PRIORITY BIKES | Connor Swegle
June 19, 2023 • 58 MIN
Said to be one of the best bicycles in the world, Priority Bikes created their bikes with an INTERNAL hub and removed the hassle of having a chain, by adding a belt. Just an amazing story of how this small bike company got started with KICKSTARTER.
337. 2023 RIDE TO CONQUER Cancer 5 Star Charity Event Report | Sylvie D'Aoust
June 27, 2023 • 41 MIN
Yup I went back for a second year. This time with a couple of great friends and I was able to achieve my fundraising goal of $2500, finishing with $2900 thanks to so many friends and family believing in me. The Princess Margaret Cancer Research Center - Ride to Conquer Cancer raised over $17 million one million more than last year, absolutely astounding and I am proud to be part of it. This year my small group joined a much bigger corporate team: Scotia Bank, which was pretty cool to be part of a team of over 100 cyclists....all from Toronto mind you. We need an Ottawa Division of Scotia for next year for sure.
338. HOW Homestretch Foundation helped over 80 TOP PRO Female Cyclists | Kathryn Bertine
July 3, 2023 • 73 MIN
Kathryn created the Homestretch Foundation, which is nestled in Tucson, Arizona to help female cyclists who are not being paid to race, but need a place to stay during the off-season to train while seeking a PRO contract. In addition, Kathyrns book STAND will be launched on July 4, 2023 as an Audio book through Spotify. Check it out
339. How BLACK OX created a SUPERIOR Tubeless Tire Sealant with Carbon Fiber particles | John Dispennette
July 12, 2023 • 60 MIN
Learn how an Aerospace company takes a chunk of the Tubeless tire sealant market by adding recycled carbon fibres to the sealant to create a super effective hole sealing product for gravel, road and Mountain bike tubeless tires.
340.Conquering Boundaries: Karl Vorndran's Unforgettable 200MILER Adventure at Michigan Coast2Coast
July 24, 2023 • 84 MIN
It was Karl's first 200 miler Gravel Race at Coast 2 Coast in Michigan. How he trained, prepared and finished. Enjoy an exciting race report.
341. Breaking Barriers: Non-Binary Pro Athlete Takes on UNBOUND Gravel 200miler | Rach McBride
August 9, 2023 • 69 MIN
I had the pleasure of having Canadian Pro Athlete - Rach McBride back on the podcast to talk about competing in the Non-Binary 200mile category. How was the experience at the front of the pak. Check out EP 199. my first interview with Rach.
342. Random Thoughts & 2024 Goals | Sylvie D'Aoust
August 12, 2023 • 27 MIN
When you have lots on your mind it's time to share some RANDOM Thoughts & Your 2024 Goals.
343. LADIES DON'T DO THAT: Inspirational Book What was it like for Women in Sport from 1940-1960 | Jackie MacDonald
August 16, 2023 • 54 MIN
We thank Jackie MacDonald for putting together a bio on her life experience as a Hi-Level and Olympic Athlete back when there were very few women in sports. Enjoy a great read as she shares her story, and how she was able to progress in sports as a woman.
344. Talking About Non-Binary Athletes & Gravel Events. How the Category is Growing | Sam Hansen
August 31, 2023 • 69 MIN
Super excited to have Sam on the podcast explaining the new changes in the cycling world for non-binary folks. How the category is being embraced and is growing within the Gravel World of events.
345. Time to Assess Your Summer - How did you do? | Coach Sylvie
September 18, 2023 • 20 MIN
SORRY FOR THE AUDIO- it wasn't the best in this episode. Happy September. This is the best time to start asking yourself - How was my summer? Did I achieve my goals? If not what happened? What can I do over the winter to get better? It's the BIG SUMMER Assessment TIme.
346. Discover the Surprising Connection Between a LAUF SUSPENSION FORK and a Prosthetic Running Leg | Benedikt Skúlason
September 25, 2023 • 52 MIN
LAUF Seigla is ranked as one of the TOP Gravel bikes, and here's why. You will be amazed at how the Lauf - Suspension fork was created.
347. Coach Sylvie's Foolproof Indoor Winter Cycling Training Blueprint
October 11, 2023 • 31 MIN
Follow along on YT or go to the website as you are listening. Full explanation of some winter training options, for all levels and all budgets. The best way to get to achieving your 2024 goals through winter training with ME ;o)
348. How to Make your Cycling Event MULTI-CULTURAL - CESCO Linguistic Services
October 20, 2023 • 42 MIN
Have you ever wondered how you could bring more of your community together to build an event? Cesco isn't just about translation services, they help organizers reach out to Diverse communities to help build a Multi-Cultural Event.
349. From Motorcycles to Speed Machines: Felt Bicycles' Unbelievable Connection | Jenna Hewitt
November 1, 2023 • 59 MIN
Did you know that Felt bicycle company originated from Moto sports - Motorcycles? This story is pretty cool!
350. Let the COFFEE TALK | Sylvie D'Aoust
November 8, 2023 • 24 MIN
For so many athletes COFFEE is a staple part of the day or training routine, performance output or is it just part of the ride? I want to hear from you, what do you think?
351. Exclusive Interview with Sylvie D'Aoust by Farah Foster-Manning
November 8, 2023 • 60 MIN
GREAT QUESTIONS. This exclusive interview was held by Farah Foster-Manning who interviewed me as a guest for her Women's Triathlon club in the Toronto Area. I asked her if I could use the interview for the podcast.
352. 7 Essential TIPS. How to avoid BURNOUT while Training Inside | Coach Sylvie
November 13, 2023 • 26 MIN
If you are NEW to the world of Indoor training, this episode is for you. If you have friends who are new to online training, PLEASE SHARE. Everyone is so eager to get started, no one wants to go through BURNOUT before the summer season starts.
353. HED Cycling - The Love Story | Anne Hed
November 23, 2023 • 39 MIN
40yrs HED Cycling has been a dominator in the wheel aerodynamic technology. Did you know the HED brand was launched as a result of Anne winning a car at a triathlon.
354. FEMME Cyclist & Rascal Rides What They Have in Common | Kristen Bonkoski
November 30, 2023 • 29 MIN
Kristen is the founder and owner of Femme Cyclist The Rascals are a bike-obsessed family of three: Blair (dad), Kristen (mom), and P (kiddo). While Blair and I (Kristen) have always been avid cyclists, we started biking with our son just before his first birthday. At the time (way back in 2012), there wasn’t a ton of information about how to bike with young kids. So we started learning and sharing as we went. Over time, we began testing and reviewing all the products we tested along the way. Our son is 11 now and an amazing rider. While he prefers downhill racing and BMX, we’ve always encouraged all types of riding.
355. We are going to AUSTRALIA & New Zealand | Sylvie D'Aoust
December 7, 2023 • 13 MIN
Full-on family trip to Australia and New Zealand. Follow the trip on my Socials.
356. HEINI Canada Sportswear - Premier Cycling Clothing Company | Sabaree Thangavel
December 13, 2023 • 51 MIN
Every club needs a great cycling kit. And Heini, has some of the best new high-tech cycling jerseys and NEW SEAMLESS Cycling BIB Shorts. The best thing is they customize and can personalize a cycling kit for you, with an unreal turnaround. The prices are right. Check them out.
357. The Velomobile - The Fastest ENCLOSED Recumbent Trikes | Ben Parke
December 20, 2023 • 52 MIN
With the start of the Velomobile World Ambassador program, he became deeply involved in promoting Velomobiles as an alternative form of transportation. Have a listen to the podcast episode 104 with the Visionary himself Jan Wijnen, how this cool Carbon Covered TRIKE is making waves all over the world.
358. Mom, Actress, Energy Guru, IM Athlete, Amazing Human | Farah Foster-Manning
December 27, 2023 • 66 MIN
Meet this amazing human, Mom, Actress, Energy Guru, IM Athlete. Farah has had the opportunity to be asked to participate in some pretty cool Cycling events. Have a listen, she might inspire you to try something epic.
359. What is RANDONNEURING you might ask? Let's hear all about it from Lisa Charlebois
January 3, 2024 • 62 MIN
Randonneuring is the mecca of all Endurance riding. Lisa doesn't just go for a 4 hr ride, she goes for 6-8hr rides. Learn all about the World of Randonneuring.
360. ASS-SAVERS Mudguard, The HOSTEST Bike Accessory on the Market| Staffan Widell
January 10, 2024 • 58 MIN
Another brilliant invention made from scraps. Everyone needs one of these when riding in wet muddy conditions
361. Alina Jager | Adventure Cyclist, Content Creator, Photographer and YouTuber
January 17, 2024 • 56 MIN
Enjoy this small glimpse into the life of an amazing human who is living her best life on a bike, creating content, and documenting her adventures on YouTube. Why Alina creates the kinds of adventures she does. Women Supporting Women
362.Lifetime Grand Prix PRO Jessica Mullins: Leadville vs Unbound xl - Which one is on your Bucket List?
February 7, 2024 • 95 MIN
It all started with a reachout on IG about Unbound XL and we went from there. Jessica spent last year 2023 racing as one of the Lifetime Grand Prix Pro ladies, touring the USA racing, just for fun...I love it. Jessica is also a huge advocate for the Junior Kids MTN bike program, which is so amazing.
364. Expert Tips for Women Choosing Bikes from Brandon Davis at BikefitRVA
February 21, 2024 • 88 MIN
This was an incredible interview with Brandon from BikefitRVA. He shared numerous tips for women who are buying bikes, whether new or used. Before making a purchase, consider Bikefit first, and buy later. We also discussed the best handlebars. It was mind-blowing!
365. How to Train and Prepare for UNBOUND GRAVEL | Sylvie D'Aoust
March 1, 2024 • 13 MIN
One of the best presentations you'll experience, to prepare for UNBOUND Gravel 200mile and 350 mile XL. Based on my 2023 Unbound XL race experience.
366. Defeating Osteosarcoma: Inspiring Journey of Cyclist Amputee | Kai Luan
March 20, 2024 • 49 MIN
I met Kai at the Campground in Emporia Kansas at UNBOUND Gravel 2023. We had tents beside each other. I knew I needed to have Kai on the podcast after we got talking. At a young age, he was diagnosed with a bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. His journey on the bike is pretty amazing.
367. Diving into UNBOUND GRAVEL and the 2024 NORTH Route with Gravel Guru | Neil Taylor
April 19, 2024 • 68 MIN
Another great connection with an amazing human Minister Neil Taylor of Emporia, Kansas. I got to meet him on the start line of Unbound Gravel XL and I never saw him again, until this interview where he shared his XL experience and gave some tips about this year's routes heading NORTH.
368. Someone Has to Be LAST - Clarence Rockland Race Report | Sylvie D'Aoust
May 15, 2024 • 19 MIN
In every race or event, someone finishes LAST and this time it was ME. Enjoy the race report from the local Clarence Rockland Gravel Classic Event.
369. Preparing & Travel to Emporia, Kansas UNBOUND XL GRAVEL | Sylvie D'Aoust
July 3, 2024 • 17 MIN
Here are some of the things I've been doing to get ready for this years UNBOUND XL. Make sure to watch for my Unbound XL Race Report
370. I DID IT - I completed UNBOUND XL 350miles in 34hrs | Sylvie D'Aoust
July 5, 2024 • 76 MIN
That's right I DID IT. I returned and completed 350miles / 562km Unbound xl the hardest gravel race in North America. Sit back and enjoy the story