SaaS Judgement
SaaS (Software as Service) is an essential part of an entrepreneur workflow. SaaS Judgement is focused on sharing the best & worst of SaaS. Our episodes will showcase SaaS marketing, SaaS insights, SaaS founder interviews, SaaS talks, SaaS reviews, SaaS comparisons, and more. I am Alston, and this is my first podcasting experience, so if you want to experience the SaaS industry professionally and podcast with a lot of mistakes & fumbles ;) then make sure to tune in. I will help you explore the SaaS world, and you can help me explore the podcasting world. Cheers Alston Antony
MeetFox Review, Tutorial & Live Call Demo – Scheduling and Meeting Software
October 9, 2021 • 12 MIN
MeetFox is a scheduling and meeting software that lets you easily create and host your meetings. In this MeetFox review, we will learn its features and how a live call works. Article guide: Video:
14 Cheapest & Best Places to Buy a Domain Name (Copy)
September 24, 2021 • 40 MIN
14 Cheap & Best Places to Buy a Domain Name - By 250+ People: Find out the top 14 cheapest & best places to buy a domain. These are best domain registrars based on 250+ people. You can also learn best way to buy a domain name & more. Video link: Article guide:
Jarvis Boss Mode – My 22 Tips in Long-Form Editor For Best AI Content Writing (
September 24, 2021 • 26 MIN
In this audio episode, I will show 22 tips on how to use Jarvis Boss mode to write better long-form articles using AI. Video: Article:
Scalenut Review: SEO Content Research & AI Writing Assistant Software
September 24, 2021 • 6 MIN
In this audio review I am going to review Scalenut, I will test Scalenut for writing blog posts and articles with it, how to do full content SEO research with NLP data. Will show how to use Scalenut AI copywriter for blog intro and social media posts. Finally I will explain their managed marketplace to outsource content work. Youtube video review: Article review:
WP Social Ninja Review & Lifetime Deal – Social Feed, Reviews & Chat
September 24, 2021 • 8 MIN
In this audio we will look into WP social ninja review and explore WP social ninja lifetime deal offer. I will also go through the WP social ninja tutorial of it's features such social chat, social feeds & social reviews. In the final section of the video we will learn WP social ninja's pros and cons. To watch WP Social ninja video review go to To read WP Social ninja article review go to
How to be safe when buying SaaS lifetime deals
June 1, 2021 • 67 MIN
SaaSPirate's mini-course on how to be safe when buying SaaS lifetime deals and tips & tricks to reduce your risks.
Ubersuggest PRO Review - Easy All-in-one SEO Tool
October 7, 2020 • 37 MIN
In this audio review we are going to look into Ubersuggest. I will cover what is Ubersuggest, Free vs Pro, Lifetime Deal & Monthly Pricing, Alternatives & Comparisons, Functions & Features, FAQ, Pros & Cons & Conclusion. Read full guide/review/comparison:
Morningscore Review – All in One SEO Software
August 25, 2020 • 16 MIN
Morningscore is a tool for SEO, which helps website's ranking in Google. It includes rank tracker, competitor analysis, backlinks, SEO audit, traffic, SEO goals & etc.
Debounce Review – Email Verification & Validation Service Tool
August 8, 2020 • 6 MIN
Email Validation and Verification, Email Checker and Bulk Verify Tool. DeBounce helps you to remove invalid, disposable, spam-trap, syntax, misspelled, bad domains, invalid MX & DNS, duplicate and deactivated emails.
Wincher Rank Tracker Review - Affordable SERP Tracking for Google
August 4, 2020 • 8 MIN
Alston's Wincher rank tracker review in writing, audio and video. It's an affordable SERP tracking tool for Google. Find your website's webpage rank positions.
Group Leads - Automate & Download Leads From Facebook Groups
August 3, 2020 • 11 MIN
Group Leads audio review of Chrome and Firefox extension - Learn how to download & extract leads from Facebook & group scraper to create group email list.
GetKeywords Review – Most Accurate Keyword Research Software?
July 24, 2020 • 24 MIN keyword research software audio review - I will cover what makes it different, features & functions, pros & cons, roadmap and my conclusion on it.