Polar Journey
This is about deep music. Every week, dive into mixes, from ambient to downtempo, from chill music to deep house. Hosted by Le Code
Polar Journey #14
June 11, 2021 • 52 MIN
An atmospheric ambient mix with Lauge, Spacecraft, Grandbruit, Astropilot...
Polar Journey #013
June 5, 2021 • 61 MIN
An atmospheric ambient mix with Lauge, Spacecraft, Remi Solati, Broken Peak...
Nova - Polar Journey #012
May 14, 2021 • 56 MIN
An ambient mix with Brian Eno, Hammock, Suntapes, Voyager...
Beyond Horizon - Polar Journey #011
May 7, 2021 • 57 MIN
Look at the horizon, you know you can catch it and go beyond to discover a new world.
Awakening - Polar Journey #010
April 16, 2021 • 55 MIN
The sun gently caresses your cheek while outside, nature gently awakens at the first light of the day. A new day begins...
Flying - Polar Journey #009
April 9, 2021 • 39 MIN
Feel the wind whip across your face and join the birds as they fly high above the clouds and seem to touch the skies with their delicate wings.
River - Polar Journey #008
April 2, 2021 • 57 MIN
To follow the river, you have to walk on stony paths, sometimes forking in the high grass and getting lost in the forests that border its course. To get lost in nature, quite simply.
Cotton - Polar Journey #007
March 24, 2021 • 59 MIN
Before being transformed into clothing, the cotton grows in large fields where all the scents of nature are mixed. Choose this privileged moment far from civilization to run in the middle of the fields and find the simplicity of things.
Waves - Polar Journey #006
March 18, 2021 • 56 MIN
When the waves of emotion overwhelm you, what choice do you have but to surrender to your feelings ?
Comet - Polar Journey #005
March 12, 2021 • 59 MIN
Just follow the comet with your eyes to see it fly through the sky and disappear a few minutes later behind the horizon. It's time to make a wish.
Cloud - Polar Journey #004
March 5, 2021 • 58 MIN
Raise your head and push hard on your legs to touch the fluffy white of the clouds. In this space of silence, only the wind sweeps your face as you cross the cumulus clouds to the slow rhythm of this melodic ambient mix.  You may well get lost in it......
Glacier - Polar Journey #003
February 26, 2021 • 60 MIN
Set out to conquer the world's largest glaciers, contemplate their imposing silhouettes and get lost in the maze of ice. It's icy, blue and white, but it feels good.
Midnight Stars - Polar Journey #002
February 19, 2021 • 58 MIN
It is late at night. The streets are empty, no one walks under the lampposts, and despite the calm wind that can be heard outside, sleep does not come. It's time to take a break and unplug your brain to forget the thoughts of the day that invade us. This mix is dedicated to people who wake up during the night thinking about the long insomnia that awaits them. Close your eyes and slowly slide into a deep and restful sleep.
Moon - Polar Journey #001
February 12, 2021 • 71 MIN
Have you ever woken up at night when you couldn't sleep and looked at the moon and thought it was watching over you? I hope you will like this mix and that it will allow you to go back to sleep with the moon above you.