Listen, Think & Learn! (LTL)
Life can be hard, we all have our troubles but, we can all laugh and learn from our and other people's mistakes, can't we? I will tell you how my days go and you can share yours with me as well... I'm sure we will have a LOT of fun together! Let's try and see! I'm here to talk but most importantly, to listen! I will see you soon, don't forget to get comfortable and your cuppa!!!
The ME – naked and raw! ...
August 1, 2023 • 10 MIN
Key Points: 1. The author describes herself as a regular person with both positive and negative traits. She is often labelled as someone without filters, but she also possesses qualities like humour and kindness. 2. The author reflects on her past, recalling childhood experiences, school life, and the influence of various people, both positive and negative, on her development. 3. As the author transitioned into adulthood, she faced challenges, responsibilities, and expectations, but also embraced her strong personality and non-conformist attitude. 4. The author cherishes unique experiences and opportunities she has had, which have shaped her into who she is today. She believes that both the good and less positive aspects of life have contributed to her personal growth and character. 5. The author expresses gratitude for the important relationships in her life and believes that everything happens for a reason, appreciating the lessons learned from both positive and challenging experiences.