A channel through which efforts centered around Internet Marketing, Mentoring, & Coaching are promoted on behalf of The iMarket Network, LLC. Acronym: (IMMC) - Internet Marketing Mentoring & Coaching. Host Marvin Cummings - iMarket Marvin Cummings. URL: | |
What is IMMC?
June 23, 2021 • 14 MIN
Overview This session walks you thru the process of defining a new standard designed to help introduce consumers to Entrepreneurship. What is The iMarket Network, LLC? The corporate definition: A suite of services focused on the design, development, marketing, amplifying, and supporting of individual ideas centered on personal wellness, brand development & business growth. What is IMMC? A new undertaking of efforts to encourage hands-on & relevant learning experiences in disciplines of Internet Marketing, Mentoring, & Coaching.