Hunt Quietly
The future of hunting is imperiled. More and more hunters are competing for limited numbers of licenses. Public land hunting is overcrowded, and private land hunting is increasingly unavailable to those unable or unwilling to pay for it. These are the dominant problems facing hunters today, and nobody in the hunting industry and hunting entertainment is talking about them. That is because they cause and even benefit from these problems, as do some hunting nonprofits. Join Matt Rinella and his guests as they rethink the future of hunting and implement steps to save our cherished pastime. Visit to learn more.
Episode 48. Sharing hunting opportunity
March 23, 2023 • 110 MIN
Matt talks with David Blas and Michael Miller about their willingness to share their land with fellow hunters.
Hanging Tree Redacted
March 22, 2023 • 97 MIN
Until recently being disabled by Instagram, Hanging Tree Redacted was an account that critiqued hunting influencers.
Episode 46. Andrew Schoch
March 16, 2023 • 125 MIN
Matt talks with New York Hunter Andrew Schoch.
Episode 45. Eastern Elk with Jeremy Banfield
March 12, 2023 • 84 MIN
In this week's episode, Jim talks with Pa Game Commission Elk Biologist Jeremy Banfield. Their discussion topics include the elk restoration program's history, its success, and drawing a coveted bull elk tag. They also discuss access issues for hunters and the roadblocks to expanding elk populations in the East.
Episode 44. In South Dakota, public lands are overcrowded, and private lands are pay-to-play
March 6, 2023 • 63 MIN
Matt and David Fontenot speak with Justin Broughton, president of South Dakota Bowhunters Inc., about decreasing hunt quality and Justin's ideas for addressing it.
Episode 43. Proposed legislation in Montana
February 28, 2023 • 109 MIN
Matt discusses legislative issues facing resident and nonresident Montana hunters with friend, hunting issue sparing partner, and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers employee Kevin Farron.
Episode 42. Turkey Promotion
February 26, 2023 • 83 MIN
Matt talks about the impacts of turkey hunting promotion with southeastern U.S. wildlife biologist Nathan Anonymous.
Episode 41. Adam Eichenwald
February 19, 2023 • 76 MIN
Adam Eichenwald is a Ph.D. candidate at Tufts University. He completed his undergraduate degree at Bowdoin College and received a master’s degree in Environmental Science from Yale University. Jim Durkin and Adam discuss his research paper "US imperiled species are most vulnerable to habitat loss on private lands", and how this potentially relates to big game species.
Episode 40. Public access to private land
February 12, 2023 • 81 MIN
Matt talks with dear friend and Montana Hunters for Access president John Kuntz, head Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks warden Todd Anderson, and rancher Brendon Jerky about hunter behavior and improving public access to private land.
Episode 39. Surviving the hunting industry
February 5, 2023 • 71 MIN
Matt talks with Jeremiah Goin about Jeremiah's involvement with the industry and how it impacted the enjoyment he derives from hunting.
Episode 38. HOWL for Wildlife
January 29, 2023 • 117 MIN
In this week’s episode, Jim talks with the folks from HOWL For Wildlife, Charles Whitwam, and Mike Costello. HOWL is a nonprofit corporation with the mission to give people the tools to act on hunting, fishing, and conservation issues. Their discussion includes a variety of anti-hunting legislation that various states have faced, more recently, the bear hunting ban in Washington State.
Episode 37. Joseph von Benedikt
January 22, 2023 • 88 MIN
In this week's episode, Jim talks with Joseph von Benedikt. JVB is a writer and field editor for various magazines and the host of the Backcountry Hunting Podcast. They discuss the ethics behind long-range hunting, why the 6.5 Creedmoor is not a wise choice for elk, and a little gun and shooting history.
Episode 36. The data
January 15, 2023 • 105 MIN
Ben Loss and Matt discuss wildlife and hunter participation data.
Episode 35. Rangeland Habitat
January 8, 2023 • 77 MIN
Scott Heidebrink, the Director of Bison Restoration with the American Prairie, and Rangeland Wildlife Biologist Kent Undlin are on the podcast this week talking about rangeland ecology. This topic is of the utmost importance to Matt since he works as a Rangeland Plant Ecologist.
Episode 34. 4PROGENY
January 1, 2023 • 100 MIN
Skyler Watkins is an outfitter who has started 4Progeny, a nascent non-profit attempting to crowd-source fund the purchase of land for public hunting. Check them out at 4PROGENY.ORG.
Episode 33. Montana Block Management
December 25, 2022 • 103 MIN
Matt and Jim talk Block Management with Matt's better half and ranch owner, Juanita Vero, MFWP Access Bureau Chief Jason Kool, and podcast regular and public land advocate John Kuntz. With this group, every perspective is covered in the conversation.
Aron Snyder
December 18, 2022 • 176 MIN
Matt and Aron practice the lost art of agreeably disagreeing and discover a surprising amount of common ground.
Episode 31. Adam Nelson
December 11, 2022 • 86 MIN
Fellow hunter Adam Nelson joins the podcast to discuss a project he's working on. His project involves purchasing private property in hopes of making it it publicly accessible hunting land. Adam shares what he's learned from this experience as well as some of the roadblocks he's faced. Jim and Adam also chat about other topics like bird dogs and bird hunting, farm subsidies, and corn production in southern Minnesota.
Episode 30. Baxter Byrd and Chase Kokojan
December 4, 2022 • 113 MIN
Matt talks with Hunt Quietly architect Baxter Byrd and concerned citizen Chase Kokojan.
Episode 29. HUSH
November 27, 2022 • 110 MIN
Jim Durkin is flying solo on this podcast episode with the boys from Hunters United for Sunday Hunting (HUSH). Kevin Askew and Doug Lapp discuss antiquated blue laws in Pennsylvania that severely restrict Sunday hunting and how HUSH is fighting those outdated laws.
Episode 28. BUY GULCH GEAR!!!!!
November 20, 2022 • 124 MIN
Matt is joined by Brian Tindall, Pixar animator and owner/operator of the hunting clothing company Gulch Gear. Gulch Gear manufactures high-quality hunting apparel right here in the good ole U.S. of A. What's more, they don't use dead wildlife as marketing instruments! If you want to lavish your loved ones with bad-ass camo this holiday season without feeding the f***ing beast, screw Sitka, Kuiu, and Kifaru. Buy Gulch Gear!
Episode 27. Jimmy Ditraglia and David Strickland
November 13, 2022 • 133 MIN
Matt talks turkey (and many other topics) with Jimmy Ditraglia and David Strickland of the Carolina Wildlife Syndicate.
Episode 26. Ron Spomer
November 6, 2022 • 130 MIN
Matt is joined by renowned outdoor writer and TV personality, Ron Spomer along with Jim Durkin. They cover a variety of different topics from conservation, hunting TV, and media, to rewriting the hunting "rule book."
Episode 25. Rico Latone, John Kuntz, and Jim Durkin
October 23, 2022 • 141 MIN
Hunt Quietly podcast regulars John Kuntz and Jim Durkin talk with airline captain Rico Latone about hunting celebrities blowing up people's spots.
Episode 24. David Stagliano and Bradley anonymous
October 16, 2022 • 78 MIN
David and Bradley, two fans of the podcast, happen to come through Matt's neighborhood on the same evening. They hit record and have a fascinating conversation about impacts of hunting media.
Episode 23. David Fontenot
October 11, 2022 • 141 MIN
David and Matt talk east coast duck hunting, fist-fighting people that shoot big game at 1000 yards on TV, the potential for taking Hunt Quietly on to social media, and many other topics.
Episode 22. Lee James McGuigan
October 2, 2022 • 81 MIN
Jim Durkin and Matt talk with sociologist Lee James McGuigan about his 2019 research article entitled This kill shot is brought to you by...:An analysis of hunting television in the United States.
Episode 21. Bob Bourland
September 25, 2022 • 111 MIN
Matt and Bob discuss the potential for improving hunting through traditional archery units and seasons.
Episode 20. Richard Prideaux
September 18, 2022 • 150 MIN
Matt and Richard Prideaux discuss hunting in Great Britain.
Episode 19. Ken Madson
September 11, 2022 • 97 MIN
Matt talks with Ken Madson, a newish hunter that was drawn afield by hunting media.
Episode 18. Mental health and hunting social media
September 4, 2022 • 114 MIN
Matt talks mental health and hunting social media with therapist and hunter Matt Feinauer.
Episode 17. Jared Oakleaf
August 28, 2022 • 106 MIN
Matt talks with lifelong hunter and Bureau of Land Management outdoor recreation planner Jared Oakleaf.
Episode 16. T & K Hunting Gear!!!
August 21, 2022 • 50 MIN
In this episode, Matt talks with Tyler Kath of T & K Hunting Gear. If you're sick of the hype and gross commodification of our pastime, support this veteran-owned company! They make quality hunting products without all the b.s. right here in the good ole U.S. of A. No sponsored hunting heroes, no hunting TV advertising.
Episode 15. Keiran Bangs
August 14, 2022 • 148 MIN
Keiran Bangs is a commercial fisherman that splits his time between Alaska and Norway. Keiran and Matt discuss hunting in Norway.
Episode 14. Tom Venesky
August 7, 2022 • 124 MIN
Tom Venesky is an outdoor writer and farmer.
Episode 13. Bo Schumacher
July 31, 2022 • 106 MIN
Matt talks with hunting social media influencer Bo Schumacher.
Episode 12. Todd Anderson
July 24, 2022 • 103 MIN
Matt is joined in conversation with friend and Montana game warden Todd Anderson to talk hunter behavior and a range of related topics.
Episode 11. Danielle Nagle
July 18, 2022 • 102 MIN
Matt talks with Danielle Nagle, State University of New York professor, about her article "Conservation dressed in camouflage: Neoliberal environmentality and the hunting industry" which was published in the May 2022 issue of the journal Geoforum.
Episode 10. Randy Newberg
July 10, 2022 • 142 MIN
Matt talks with hunting personality Randy Newberg.
Episode 9. R3
July 4, 2022 • 87 MIN
Matt Discusses the R3 movement to recruit, retain, and reactivate hunters with Trey Curtis and Tim Brass from Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.
Episode 8. Johnny Sain
June 26, 2022 • 103 MIN
Johnny Sain is a naturalist, hunter, outdoor writer, and editor. He's also quite obviously one of the more thoughtful hunters in America today.
Episode 7. Hunting TV with Jim Durkin
June 19, 2022 • 120 MIN
Matt speaks with his new friend Jim Durkin about hunting TV and the push by the hunting industry and nonprofits to lease you out of your hunting grounds. The threats are real!
Episode 6. The ethics of hunting media and related topics, Part 2
June 12, 2022 • 117 MIN
Matt continues exploring moral conduct in hunting media with Alaska Pacific University ethicist Dr. Alex Lee.
Episode 5. The ethics of hunting media and related topics, Part 1
June 6, 2022 • 107 MIN
Matt believes hunting media and leasing hunting lands to exclude others is clearly lacking in taste, selfish, and rude. But are these things downright unethical? In the first of a two-part series exploring what's right and wrong about how hunters treat other hunters, Matt quizzes University of Montana ethicist Christopher Preston and Missoula, Montana county commissioner David Strohmaier.
Episode 4. Mark Norquist
May 29, 2022 • 87 MIN
In this episode, Matt and Mark Norquist work toward resurrecting the lost art of agreeably disagreeing. Mark is the founder of Modern Carnivore, a company focused on drawing more people into hunting, which is the LAST thing Matt wants. That said, if the hunters Mark brings into the fold are half as delightful as he is, it'll be hard to be too terribly upset about it...As long as they hunt far, far away from Matt.
Episode 3. Hunting leases and hunter behavior
May 18, 2022 • 51 MIN
Matt talks with outfitter Rod Paschke and friend John Kuntz about something Matt hates (hunting leases) and something they all hate (poor hunter behavior).
Episode 2. Mountain Pursuit
April 30, 2022 • 124 MIN
Matt Talks with Rob Shaul, founder of Mountain Pursuit. Mountain Pursuit is devoted to combating all the b.s. in hunting. It's Matt's favorite non-profit.
Episode 1. The playing field
February 12, 2022 • 7 MIN
In this introductory episode Matt describes the themes underpinning the Hunt Quietly podcast.