FinOps on Azure
The podcast that discusses all things financial optimization in Microsoft's Azure cloud. Tune in for insightful episodes covering the essentials of balancing innovation and cost efficiency.
Azure Cost Management and FinOps: Lessons from the frontlines
February 15, 2024 • 29 MIN
Azure Cost Management and FinOps: Lessons from the Frontlines This episode of "FinOps on Azure" dives into the crucial issue of managing Azure costs effectively. It addresses the common challenges faced by organizations in controlling their Azure spending and offers insights and strategies to prevent unexpected overspending. Through real-world experiences shared by Saravana Kumar, CEO of, viewers can gain valuable lessons on optimizing Azure consumption and establishing robust cost governance practices.
Azure cost management and FinOps: Real-World Cost Scenarios
March 13, 2024 • 49 MIN
This episode of "FinOps on Azure" highlights the pitfalls of the "migration mindset" and the challenge of aligning agile development with traditional finance processes. Rik and Mike explore the emergence of FinOps as a solution, emphasizing the importance of a cloud-native mindset, architectural considerations, and empowering teams with cost ownership. The conversation stresses the cultural shift required for effective cost management, supported by tools and automation for ongoing optimization in Azure. Read more at: Follow us on: Apple podcast - Spotify - YouTube - #FinOpsonAzure #azurecostmanagement #finops
The Azure Cost Management Journey
March 28, 2024 • 40 MIN
Episode 3 of #FinOpsonAzure takes you on journey through Azure cost management and FinOps as industry experts Michael Stephenson and Ahmed Bayoumy delve into the nuances of optimizing cloud spend. Also, Ahmed illustrates a compelling real-world case where a client struggled with an unexpected surge in expenses, underscoring the significance of reliable cost tracking and reporting mechanisms. Discover how third-party solutions help enterprises with detailed analytics, empowering them to pinpoint areas for improvement and help with ways to cut down on unnecessary Azure spending. Learn practical strategies and tools to optimize your Azure cloud spending and maximize efficiency.
Azure FinOps: Optimizing Costs and Best Practices
April 9, 2024 • 34 MIN
Azure FinOps: Optimizing Costs and Best Practices In episode 4 of "FinOps on Azure," discover expert insights on Azure FinOps along with its best practices featuring Azure MVP - Gregor Suttie Dive deep into cost management best practices, from leveraging Azure Advisor to optimizing resource usage. Discover who to involve in cost reviews, how often to conduct them, and common pitfalls to avoid. Get top tips for Azure cost management and strategies for staying up to date. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, master Azure cost optimization for maximum value from your cloud investments. ➢Listen to other episodes at: ➢ Check out the #1 platform to supercharge your Microsoft Azure monitoring and Azure cost management: #finops #azurecostmanagement #FinOpsonAzure