Rock Your Retirement Show
Alternative Treatments for Pain – Episode 183
July 15, 2019
This is the last episode of our 4-part series where we talk about the article on, Real Pain Relief, Now! In our first episode, we have talked about How Pain Affects People. The second part talked about the Therapies that Ease Pain while the third episode dwells into the Different Pain Medications. Here on our last episode, we will discuss the alternative treatments for pain and why steroids and surgeries can help. Self-Preservation Pain is the body's mechanism to protect yourself from harm. It acts as a signal to our body that harm is about to happen to tissues in our bodies. It is well known to everybody and yet it is so compounded and subjective that it cannot be easily treated. There is also the emotional component when it comes to pain and that is called suffering. Alternative Treatments for Pain There are therapies that will help you ease pain, there are also medications for your pain but if these remedies don't work for you there are other alternatives such as steroids and surgeries. I have known people who have done both steroids and surgeries and it does provide relief for them, that is why they are also good alternative treatments for pain. But the article still states that “You can’t overuse steroids.” The consumer reports article also talked about when this particular gentleman went to go see a surgeon, the surgeon said that this gentleman got to have surgery. Luckily, they went and got a second opinion and wound up they didn’t really need the surgery. Surgery In surgery, you always have to have a second opinion. More people are seeking second opinions in orthopedic surgery than any other specialty. They want to make sure that those alternative treatments for pain are their only hope. The body has the capability to heal itself over time and that is why you don’t need to add surgery to heal the problem. Doctors these days get paid for doing what they normally do and that’s surgery must get paid for the surgery. We know somebody who had surgery and he wound up with MRSA. Now, he has a lifetime problem. That is why, in any case, it just says that you should always try to get a second opinion when you have chronic pain and see if you can avoid having surgery. But sometimes surgery is what you really need. Anytime you go under the anesthesia, anytime you go to the hospital, you run the risk of having complications. Stress and Pain Stress can definitely cause pain. When I get my shoulder pain it’s usually because I’m under a lot of stress. It causes inflammation and the inflammation causes pain. Les has the same issue. If he’s under a lot of pressure, his neck will hurt. Steroids Another alternative treatment for pain is steroids. Before you get surgery, a lot of people will get cortisone shots. Those people had great relief from cortisone but after a while, it stops working. Steroid injections. When going through chemo they give you steroids right at the beginning of the treatment. But in Les’ case their not giving him shots, they’re just giving him pills so that he could keep up with his energy. From a positive standpoint, it did help him have more energy and overcome what could have been a lot worse from the chemo. With direct injections of steroids, it depends on where the injection goes. You could also actually cause a person to die if you're putting it in the wrong space in your back. It’s much safer to put it in your buttocks. Those people that have chronic pain and had shots of pain relievers can’t really function between shots. Also,