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SCORE San Diego and Sally Broff: Episode 11
April 18, 2016
Let's talk about SCORE with Sally Broff. You can listen to the show at the bottom of this page or on your smartphone. Raised in the Pittsburgh area, she left for college in 1967 attending Brandeis University. She followed that with a master’s degree at Boston University. Sally lived in Boston until 1993, working for some very small manufacturing companies. In 1986, she and her partner founded a manufacturer's representative company specializing in selling power sources to manufacturers. Then in 1993 she sold her portion of the business to her partner and moved to Southern California where she and her life partner founded a company. They ran that company for 10 years and sold it in 2007.  This is where her retirement began.  After that, Sally joined SCORE, a national organization that serves small businesses. Score San Diego: SOCIAL AND FAMILY * Sally and her partner Bob have a 12-year age difference and age has not been an issue for them. * Sally does a variety of activities with friends in the community she lives in. ADVENTURE AND TRAVEL * Sally likes to take one big trip each year and has been to some fascinating places such as; a trip to the Middle East last year, a cruise around South America, a land tour in China, and the Greek Islands. VOLUNTEER AND PHILANTHROPY: SCORE San Diego * She is the very first female president of the SCORE San Diego chapter. Learn what SCORE is and how she helps people through her volunteer work. * Once she steps down from SCORE as president in October 2016, she is not settling down! Sally plans to look into more volunteering opportunities including American Association of University Women (AAUW) and she would like to work with kids who are aging out of the foster care program. SCORE San Diego: HEALTH Sally and Bob, along with two other couples in their community, exercise every other day. Their ages range from 60 to 80 years old. Exercising helps keep her healthy, helps with balance and her core strength. She wishes she knew that in retirement she could stay so busy. Sally was worried she would end up being a couch potato with nothing to do.  She recommends that you find something that gives you the feeling that you are still making a contribution to society.  This can be a hobby, volunteer work, or even a new business venture. If you would like to contact the San Diego SCORE chapter you can go to and the National SCORE website is: This article on Retirement Lifestyle first appeared on ©2016-2017SCORE San Diego