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Profit First – How To Run A Profitable Amazon Business with Cyndi Thomason (Part 2)
October 22, 2019
We talked to Cyndi to share how we can take our Amazon businesses to the next level using the profit first methodology by Mike Michalowicz.
Things we discussed in this episode:

Clip 1 Cyndi Thomason Introduction
Clip 2 Starting Amazon
Clip 3 Roadblock for Seller
Clip 4 Cash Flow
Clip 5 Profitability
Clip 6 Process to Success
Clip 7 Organize Cash Flow
Clip 8 Tools for Cash Flow
Clip 9 Handling Profit
Clip 10 Range of Sales
Clip 11 Borrowing Money Q4
Clip 12 Tips for New Seller
Clip 13 Business Taxes
Clip 14 Paying Taxes
Clip 15 Seasonal Profit Tips
Clip 16 Motivational Materials
Clip 17 Plans for Future
Clip 18 Contact Details

Things we mention in episode 31 of SRT:
Amazon Project Zero:
Bookskeep Blog:
Bookskeep Info:
Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz:
Profit First By Mike Michalowicz:
Quickbooks Online:
Scale: Seven Prove Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back:

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