Does Jeff Bezos’s wife deserve half his net worth?
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Does Jeff Bezos’s wife deserve half his net worth?
April 28, 2021
In this episode, we talk about Jeff Bezos' divorce.
I noticed in the previous episode, I mentioned how Elon musk looks devastated and I made a guess that is probably because of some of the women that he's dated. And listening to that episode, I think it sounds, it can definitely sound a little sexist. So I figured I would make this episode to kind of clarify what my thoughts are when it comes to these issues. Because I've been in this situation before and I feel like it's, I'm easily misunderstood, at least what my values are and it's understandable, totally understandable where these other people are coming from because they might not have all the facts. So I think I'm going to use this episode to come up with all the facts. 

So there's definitely been times when I posted things that can seem a little chauvinist or you know, it doesn't really have too much awareness, but the way that I feel actually do feel that men and women are equal. Um, and the reason I say this is because I don't have a religious view on what a relationship between a man and a woman is. I don't believe in family units and because I don't believe in family units like I don't believe in any kind of fuck family hierarchy either. So for me, a man is an independent being and a woman is an independent being. 

And I mention this because I'm reminded by this one time that I was on Clubhouse, and there was this, it was like a joke pitch competition where we were supposed to come up with the worst pitches and we would get judged based on how bad our pitch was. So when I was up there, I was essentially pitching that, you know, here's why, or here's an example of how everyone can have their own amazon. We are building the Amazon of Amazon's and it will allow everyone to be their own Jeff Bezos. So everyone in the world can be a billionaire and they can all enjoy the joy of or they can all feel the joy of getting divorced and giving up half their network. 

So obviously I'm joking. Obviously, not everyone in the world can be a billionaire and if everyone had an Amazon of Amazon's that whole system wouldn't work. But more importantly, when I also mentioned that you know he enjoys or I would sarcastically saying he shares the joy or you can share in the joy of giving up billions of dollars in their divorce. But the way that I honestly feel because I know that sounds like okay, the woman doesn't do anything because they're a familiar unit and the way that women want to portray themselves I suppose is that women add a lot of value to the marriage and because they had a lot of value to the marriage, that's Jeff Bezos's company. But that's not how I feel at all. 

I feel like no, that has nothing to do with Jeff Bezos, his wife. I'm pretty sure she helped Jeff Bezos as a confidant as a partner or something like that. But more maybe as a therapist or a coach, something like that. But if you had a therapist or a coach for your business, do they get half your company? Does that make sense to you? And the way that I feel is it doesn't matter what the gender of Jeff Bezos is. Jeff Bezos could be, it doesn't matter what the sex or gender is. Jeff Bezos could be male or female or a man or a woman or something in between. It doesn't matter if he's the CEO of the company, he's the face, he's the one that everyone, you know, refers to when the company, like legally it's his company, he makes the decisions, then it's his company. What does, what does it, you know, it doesn't matter if he was dating a man or a woman or if he had a wife or a tree, I don't know, that's Jeff's money. 

And if Jeff was a woman, it would still be his money. If Jeff was a woman and Jeff was dating another woman. Yeah, that wouldn't be the other woman's money. It would just be Jeff the woman, Jeff's money. So I think people get, they like to jump to conclusions um without getting all the facts because not many people think differently and they assume that everyone kind of thinks the same and that there's really just two different kinds of people. There are people that are woke, quote-unquote woke or people that are not etcetera, and they don't see like, oh there's like people out there in the world to have all these different viewpoints and as a visionary, I'm positive that you can relate because you probably think differently and you have your own different values and you get that a lot like you get misunderstood because people don't take the time to actually get the background, you know what you're saying? 

And it's one thing where you're maybe you're having a tough time describing your values in a proper way, well where the other person is actually giving you ample opportunity, opportunity to do it, I'm having trouble pronouncing these words, so bear with me all. But the opportunity to do so, but if they haven't, it's their fault. But if they're giving you the opportunity, you know, obviously like you can do better to clarify yourselves, but many times people don't give you the opportunity, right? They just jump to conclusions and they will start attacking you based on what they think without getting all the facts and for this situation, maybe I should do a different podcast on this earlier. But what I usually do is I like to slow that situation down by asking questions such as what makes you think that or what makes you feel that way and then basically get them to argue with themselves on why they're jumping to conclusions. I hope this helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom. Bam, I'm out. 

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