Pulse News Podcast
On This Episode , (PART 2) “PLANET LOCK DOWN: Globalist Takeover”,Continuation of The Documentary Series. The True Globalist Plans To Grab Every Area Of Our Lives And Changing It To A Global Slave Technocracy. The Few Rich And Powerful People Controll
July 6, 2021
1. Welcome to The Pulse Editorial Commentary News Podcast With Dave Anthony. This Episode we will be continuing with Part 2 in the series of podcasts entitled, PLANET LOCK DOWN: Globalist Take Over and Covid”.On today's show will be taking an objective overview looking at several subjects correlating to PLANET LOCK DOWN: Globalist Take over. First, a brief look back to Joe Biden at the G7 summit and his America in decline globalist comments,conveyed to the press pool, at his meeting and approach with China concerning Covid, his future Covid globalist plans ,and his verbal warning of a new Pandemic“ that is going to happen”. Second, we will be listening to a startling and enlightening audio documentary interview recorded several years ago from Dr Rema Labo discussing pandemics. Followed by an a short documentary segment “Nuremberg Code 2.0 “Crimes Against Humanity. Followed by a interview from PLANET LOCK DOWN's Reiner Fuelmich having an in depth objective conversational interview with Dr Peter McCullough, discussing the many areas, correlations of Covid combined with the pandemic emergency and the global Agenda 21 governmental technocracy's few rich and powerful, managed to control global populations, and managed by means of the pandemic emergency to "heard the global human sheep population with out them realizing", and use a psychological grab to control every area of our lives.