Dating Kinky
The Dirty Dozen: A look into the first 12 of Nookie’s private messages on a Monday morning.
June 28, 2021
People wonder why it's hard to connect online. I would guess it's because so many people get messages like this, and they begin to shut down their hope for real authentic connection, unless someone really stands out.
I started off my morning at about 4 am. By 5 am, I was checking FetMail that came in over the weekend. 

I was also on our Discord server saying good morning, and as I checked messages, I started sharing a few screen shot gems. 

As I got deeper into my messages, I read one from someone who is following my writings, but has never written before, asking why it’s so difficult to get a response to their messages online. 

So I was inspired to write this today, instead of what I originally had planned. Here’s a look at the first 12 messages I read this morning: 

### 1. Friend asking advice. 

### 2. Presenter asking for access to our Discord server. 

### 3. This one:

> Hi there. I was wondering by any chance you would enjoy getting your sweet little pussy ate for hours with nothing in return

My reply: 

> Thank you for the offer.

> However, not only do I have someone who is perfectly suited to that job as a live-in, I don't connect with people who don't even bother introducing themselves before offering sexual favors.

> Best of luck to you.

### 4. Someone asking after a continuation of a story.