A friendly reminder to review the fundamentals
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A friendly reminder to review the fundamentals
June 9, 2021
In this episode, we talk about reviewing the fundamentals, and getting those fundamentals down to make a sharper practitioner.
How often do you go back to review the fundamentals? I think this is a very important thing for entrepreneurs and founders to do because we're always learning new things. And as we acquire new skills, what happens is when we go back to review the fundamentals, we are doing it with a different type of perspective, and we're doing it with an increased skillset and this increased skill set can be improved by going back and reviewing the fundamental. So here's kind of what I mean by this. 

I have been boxing for about several years. I can't even put a number on it because I travel a lot. So sometimes we'll have gaps in my boxing practice. But right now, for the past couple of months, I've been doing it at least once a week and I wish I could do it more, but resources are a little constrained for me to put that much time into it. However, with the thing, the thing about boxing that I love so much is boxing is a science and they call it the sweet science. And when you're boxing, you're pretty much trying to make all of your reactions automatic. 

So you practice different combinations, you practice different skills and you're trying to get your reaction to be automatic. So, for example, if I feel someone trying to punch me in the ribs and I'm able to block it and I feel that punch on my elbow, then that's an automatic signal for my brain to do an uppercut with the same hand, because this is something that we've practiced, right, if someone is punching my ribs, then their arms are down and their chin is exposed. So the immediate counterpunch move would be to do an uppercut and hit him in the chin while that part is exposed. 

And what happens is when you start picking up these new skills and you go back to the fundamentals, the fundamentals help you enhance these skills. So, for example, in boxing, one of the fundamental things that people have to learn is how to step properly. And when you're stepping, for example, let's say that you are right-handed, you will step with your left foot out and as soon as your left foot makes contact with the ground, that's when you make contact with your job and this is kind of difficult to do if you don't know what you're doing. It's a skill set that you have to kind of practice over and over and over. And what happens is when you start picking up these brand new skills, then you go back and you start reviewing the fundamentals, you're able to enhance the fundamentals that you already know by adding these new skills and I hope that makes sense. I know it's a little convoluted, but I think you get it. 

Going back to the basics reviewing the fundamentals. It's so important. And one of the ways that I've been learning how important it is is actually from reading books. I was introduced to this idea of the annual read stack from and actually listens to the podcast. His name is Ethan and he made the sonic ID be for this podcast. But he introduced me to the idea of this annual read stack. And what he has is he has books that he reads every single year because he goes back to read the fundamentals and I thought this was such a good idea because you typically forget what is in books. And not only that, sometimes you misinterpret things. Sometimes there's a lot of things that you, you leave on the table where you don't pick it up the first time, but when you go back and review the fundamentals, you kind of learn something new, even though it's something that's fundamental, you go back and you actually learn something new. 

So I think one of the mistakes that a lot of founders and entrepreneurs make is they will pick up a new skill set, they're learning new skill set, but they won't practice it, they won't go back to review the fundamentals, will kind of assume that they already know something. So they might have read the book Zero to One by Peter Thiel, for example, and they assume that they know it, but then they're going and reading maybe 15 other books, 20 other books, and that new gain knowledge is going to add so much color to that very first book that they read. So when they go back to reading Zero to One by Peter Thiel, they will have different perspectives and different thoughts that they can add to it. And reviewing the fundamentals and getting those fundamentals down will just make them a sharper practitioner. 

So I think it's incredibly important to review the fundamentals. Always go back to the fundamentals. It doesn't matter what you're doing, it could be boxing, it could be entrepreneurship, it could be being an economics professor going back to the fundamentals is super important. So you truly understand what you're doing and you're able to explain it in a way where other people can understand it and you do it in a way where you're also taking all your extra knowledge that you're gaining and you're adding more color to the fundamental. So you execute in a much better way. I hope this episode helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out.

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